Welcome to the World of #Micro #Reads! #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community

Micro read (as defined by someplace on the internet):  The micro read process involves manually viewing and interpreting data seen on the memory chip. The examiner uses an electron microscope and analyzes the physical gates on the chip and then translates the gate status to 0s and 1s to determine the resulting ASCII characters.


Unless you’re some kind of programmer, then like me, you probably don’t know what any of that means.

So, let me introduce you to something you can understand – welcome to the Micro Read (as defined by me):
-A Micro Read is a story, shorter than a short story (standard:  up to 7500 words) but longer than a blog post (standard:  around 300 – 600 words);
-Its word count ranges from 1200 to 3000 words;
-It’s a story that feels so good to you, you could put it on your blog as a post, but you want its reach to go farther than your blog, therefore, it is publishable;
-A Micro Read can include one story or up to three stories, and they don’t have to all fall under the same genre.  (If you’re a multi-genre writer, this is a great way to introduce all areas of your talent in one quick read);
-A Micro Read can be read in the span of 5 – 10 minutes;
-A Micro Read is only in e-book format;
-A Micro Read must have Micro Read displayed prominently on the cover;

-A Micro Read should be priced no higher than $.99 cents.  Actually, I would suggest that when you first publish a Micro Read, you do so on a 5 day FREE promo with Amazon, allowing readers to download it as a sample of your work, which would encourage them to purchase longer versions of your other books (that’s if the Micro Read was a well-written good story).

Is this Micro Read concept real?  You bet your bottom dollar it is! We’ve had a few clients come to us at 4WillsPublishing in recent months with stories that they wanted to publish, but felt they were much too short.  I’ve had this idea brewing in my head to publish a few independent blog posts of my own (unlike the collection of posts I published in “SUGARCOATIN…” back in 2014) that I feel are so entertaining, I want the masses to have the opportunity to read them.  So, what did I do?  I am NONNIE “new-ideas” JULES – what do you think I did?  I created a new genre of reads, of course!

Some of our members have published books already that would certainly fall under this category.  And, some of our members have published reads, calling them ‘Excerpts’ from their full-length books.  Well, I don’t want to purchase an ‘excerpt’ if there’s a full-length version of the material floating around.  I want to get an ‘excerpt’ from your blog;  and, I want you to give it to me … FREE.

Just recently we had a member to send us a message saying that she had purchased a fellow member’s book from the catalog, only to find as she began the read, that it was an ‘excerpt’ from another book by this same author  … which she had also purchased and read.  Now, from my own personal experience, I want to know before I spend my money on a book that I’ll only be getting a taste and not the entire meal.  I, along with many others would be more apt to pick up a copy, if we’re armed with that bit of knowledge in advance.

So, that’s when a Micro Read walks in! And whether or not you’ll find a Micro Read anywhere else, you will definitely be able to find them in the RRBC catalog under our MICRO READS genre.

Is this a real genre?  It is now and as far as my research can tell, it is only within RRBC!  Who says we aren’t trendsetters?  (Well, nobody actually – because we are!!!)

I’m going to leave you with this thought – if you have ideas for blog posts or shorter shorts that you’d like more than just your blog followers to read, think about publishing some Micro Reads.

It’s clear that short stories are gaining momentum and have become a solid and highly-sought after market of reads.  We’re going to make the industry a tad bit more exciting with our introduction of Micro Reads(Don’t you just love RRBC/RWISA? What will we come up with next?)

If you have questions about your own ideas for some Micro Reads, just ask me.  I’d love to help you get some into our catalog!


When in fact you’re in a hurry
no time to write long
no need to worry
flex your fingers or pick up your pen 
then write a micro, you’ll be proud at the end.

Thanks for dropping by!

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the World of #Micro #Reads! #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community”

  1. I’m just getting used to short stories, and now there are shorter stories! Lol! I am a lover of long series, so reading a stand alone novel was difficult for me because I always wanted more. Then, I opened myself up to reading short stories. I dealt with same “I-want-more” feeling but eventually learned to enjoy them. So, here I go again, trying something new. Luckily, I already know these micro reads are written by amazing authors, so I’m sure I will enjoy the stories. Just don’t be surprised if I want more! 😜😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew you would, Jan! So, let’s go! Want to see yours in the catalog soon. The good thing about this is, although they have to be well-written, edited and proofed just like a full-length book or short, it shouldn’t take you long to produce a micro. We all have something just lying around that we know would be better published than just lying in a pile of paper on our desk.


    1. Hi, Linda! Those are the wrong emojis for “I LOVE IT!” Thank you, by the way, and yes, I’m not functioning properly if i’m not dreaming up new ideas and better ways to move around the world!


    1. CONGRATS, Joy! You’re the first! Joy published her micro read to Amazon today and once it’s there, it will be the first added to the catalog so everyone, once you see it, run out and spend .99 cents for a copy.

      Thanks, Joy, you little trendsetter! I’m right behind you!


    1. Robbie, then our micro read category will be a great place for you!

      This is an awesome way to get a taste of someone’s writing before you decide to dig deep into one of their full length books.


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