Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community, #Support, Pt. 1 #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community

During our 4th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo, I was scheduled to present a session on my “15 Pearls” of Literature on Marketing, Blogging, Community, and Support.  As it has worked out in the past (but won’t be the case anymore), I wasn’t able to get this session up in time but did get it done eventually – just not published.  Those who registered for that session will be getting 3 new sessions FREE during our upcoming WC&BE in August! 

This session on my “PEARLS…” will be shared here for all our members, in hopes that it will help in our quest to become successful in these areas.  These will be posted under our posting schedule of Mondays & Thursdays each week, in separate parts.  

Often times we think that to become a successful author, all we need to do is publish a book, but, that is so far from the truth.  To be successful in this business, you must learn and master the tricks of the trade in the marketing arena, blogging arena, support arena, and you must be aligned with, and have a strong sense of community – self, and others.

All of the pearls that I will be sharing are integral to our success.  I believe so strongly in these pearls, that I’m happy to share them with you!

Welcome to Part 1!

When you became an author, did you imagine that you would have everything in common with all the other folks who wore the same title? Did you think it would be easy simply because you were in the company (virtually, so to speak) of other writers?
When I became a published author, I was initially met with more resistance than offers to connect or offers of assistance.  These people were clearly only out for their own best interests and had absolutely no desire to help a newbie author who was just getting started in this business.

Then, I met a friend, and as we connected, we not only felt that we were walking the same road, experiencing the same challenges and successes equally, but it became apparent to us that we were also headed in the very same direction. She and I began referring to each other as “SUCCESS PARTNERS.” We emailed each other daily our top 5 things that we needed to get done that day, and we encouraged each other to stay the course of our goals.  It was clear early on that we were of like-mind. We were two moms, both published authors, who battled daily the challenges of our personal lives as well as the struggles of getting our books marketed and sold. I understood her highs and lows and she understood mine.

It’s so important to align yourself with people you have shared values with and those who share your ideals on success and support, you know…the ones who are going to lift you up and not try to tear you down. The ones that you’re able to call on, lean on and garner support from when you need it most, are the kinds of individuals you want to be aligned with and always in the company of.

There are tons of communities all around the world and thanks to the World Wide Web, we’re all just a keystroke away.  Just make sure that you are aligned with the ones that feel like the right fit for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  Just because they appear to be “sweet” via their tweets, doesn’t mean they are, so be careful, and just as is true in the real world, choose your friends carefully and wisely – we are always judged by the company we keep … even online.

Are you aligning yourself with like-minded individuals online and off?  Have you found a community that builds you up?  We’d love to hear about it!


17 thoughts on “Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community, #Support, Pt. 1 #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community”

    1. I know what you mean, Wendy! RRBC is our home. You know, so many of us often reflect back on what RRBC was to Kathryn Treat. Kathryn could no longer work outside of her home so each day, when she came to work as our 1st Membership Director, this was her job and it was a job that she loved! Kathryn and I spoke quite often as we worked so closely for quite some time and she would constantly tell me just how much the club meant to her – as we feel, she felt the very same way, and I could say, even more deeply.

      I’m not a huge fan of the net because of the ugly that runs rampant in some parts but there is an aspect that I love about it, and it is the connections that I make with the “real” people online who I care so much about and who I treasure as my family.


    1. I so agree with you there, Yvette! There’s no place like home and for many of us, RRBC is home! We’re all truly blessed to have this medium in our lives. If not for RRBC, we wouldn’t have connected on the levels that we have and I truly believe our name recognition as authors wouldn’t be so prominent and our books would definitely not be getting the attention that they get. Thank you, RRBC!


  1. I’m so grateful to be a part of RRBC and for it to be more than a community, but a family. 🖤 Thank you for sharing your Pearls with us, Non. I look forward to the next!!


  2. Words of wisdom, Nonnie. Everything is not always as it appears on the surface. When I first published my books, I was a member of a literary organization in Texas. It was the first and only one I knew about and I was thrilled. I did learn a lot through this organization, but it could not offer any real support. Then I found RRBC. That is where I found the acceptance, challenges, and friendships that I craved. It’s so wonderful to feel a part of the RRBC family and to realize we are all in this together, not separate and not in competition (well, except for the KCT ILA and 90 Day Beginning to End/Alpha Omega contest.) 🙂 I am thankful to have found this home!


  3. Thank you, Nonnie, for this blog. I had the same experience as you did when I published my first book. My good friend, who was an English major, told me that I was stepping into her turf. The literary community in Nigeria is very exclusive. They will not let a newbie in until they have made a name for themselves. Thank God I found RRBC.


  4. Good post, Nonnie. I want to thank you for doing the heavy lifting that created two international literary communities, RRBC and RWISA. In doing so, you helped provide those of us who are members with friends and colleagues who are like-minded enough to buy into your vision of mutual support. Bravo!


    1. Well stated, John and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Nonnie has created two signature international literary communities of “liked minded” members who have become colleagues and friends. I like Nonnie’s term, “Success Partners.”

      Great post, Nonnie!


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