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#RRBC We’ll Weather This Storm Together … #Coronavirus #RRBC_Community

Hello, RRBC!

We are living through what has already promised to be one of the most trying times in the history of the world.

This pandemic (the Coronavirus) is not affecting only me, it’s affecting my brothers and sisters next door, those around the corner, in the next city, the adjoining states and my extended, chosen family … those of you across the waters.

RRBC cares about its members.  And although our hands may never touch, and our eyes may never see, we support one another.  We are here for each other.

Many of us are now confined to our homes – some willfully and others out of health compliance, so as not to even potentially spread this awful disease.  The good thing (if there is one to be found in all of this) is that unlike awful situations of our past, we now have the world wide web to keep us company and entertained.  It is the blessing (that I’m so thankful for) connecting us all.

Here at RRBC, we are going to carry on as best we can – continuing to offer the normalcy to your lives that you have become accustomed to with us.  You need not worry that we are going anywhere (unless of course, something happens to me, which I’m not planning on). You will awake each morning, fully confident in knowing that when you’re bored or need something to do or someone to talk to, RRBC will be here.

I am willfully staying inside of my home, allowing my dear husband to take care of those frequent market runs I like to make, in my stead.  I know that many of you rely on RRBC all day every day, and I’ve no intention of letting you down, especially during this time.  Our supportive members can always be found on social media, spreading your name and pushing your books around the ‘net, and that always makes us feel good, doesn’t it?

We encourage you to gather here in the RRBC forum via our MEMBER CHAT, or on our WhatsApp channels (via your smartphones), to discuss any and everything you’d like.  We are an international group so we’re open around the clock!  Our PEER SUPPORT forum is also open, should you find yourself in the spirit to write and you have questions or need help with something.  Listen, if ever there was a time to create, now would be it.

If you haven’t taken the time to submit a MEMBER EMERGENCY CONTACT form for us, please take the time to do so.  This is the way that we’re able to check in on you should you become noticeably quiet on social media.

RRBC, stay safe, stay inside if you can, and let’s take care of one another, beginning with kindness.

Always listening and caring…

~Nonnie Jules, President & Founder

30 thoughts on “#RRBC We’ll Weather This Storm Together … #Coronavirus #RRBC_Community”

  1. Working from home has been interesting. Last Sunday, the company I work for decided to have everyone that could work from home, which is a huge step to keeping everyone healthy; we have close to 2000 people at the location where I work. The cats and husband keep staring at me like I’m an alien. Thanks for everything you do, Nonnie and team. We’ll get through this!


  2. Thanks for the positive message, Nonnie. It seems the only thing on people’s minds these days is the COVID pandemic. This too, shall pass. Wishing you and ALL of my fellow members health and safety.


  3. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, Nonnie! Our individual situations may be different, yet we have others’ interests at heart and share the responsibility to what is correct and best for all. Mom reads her Kindle daily, and I have contacted the talking book program who will soon be sending a greatly anticipated order for a new recipient here! Why am I sharing this? We do not realize how important it is for those to read who cannot do hardly anything else. Thank you RRBC for the book club, and for having a super organization for writers! Try to use this time to write, and write often! Your efforts are well received here!


  4. Nonnie, thank you for your heartfelt comments. It feels like being part of a wider family, even for a newbe. This first day of spring is time to remember that new beginnings happen if we are patient. The same is true of this dip in the road. Together is better and I am grateful that RRBC is here anytime, via any avenue.

    The customers I support are trying to get their people home to work to reduce the risk for more people as a whole. Today our team is helping set up a remote clinic to help with various treatments using university volunteers. Flexibility is the word of the day for Breakfield and Burkey.

    The impact to others who cannot work from home who will be laid off in the coming days need some help too. Our collective households are setting aside chores and tasks to those without a job to get paid and retain their dignity for completing them.

    Be safe-be healthy-be kind, this will make you feel better!


  5. Thanks for the post, Nonnie! As you said, we’re all going through this together, hoping for the best for everyone around the world and especially within our RRBC community. We will get through this. Have no doubt about that.


  6. Thanks Nonnie for the reminder that we can stay in touch with each other here in our forums. I was thinking about this very thing.

    Stay well everybody and peace.

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  7. Thanks, Nonnie. As a teacher, I’m trying to figure out the new norm of teaching 4th graders online. On a positive note, I’m getting more writing in.


  8. Hope is always smiling at the edges. Wishing everyone hope and healthy family time. Together we’ll vanquish this monster too. ( There is a superstitious belief that we don’t name those who bring disasters) 🙂 🙂


  9. Thanks, Nonnie:) It’s reassuring to have RRBC still here providing a normal. Plus, this now provides the time to read all those books we’ve been meaning to.

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  10. Thanks, Nonnie! My husband and I were just saying we have no idea how anyone managed social distancing/quarantine before the internet. It’s great to be able to still connect. Strange times we are living in. My husband is a healthcare worker so he is trudging along. With his increased exposure risk our family were early settlers into strict social distancing in our area, but now the schools are closed and the streets are almost as empty as the grocery store shelves. Trying to write with the kids around is a little bit of a challenge, but I am grateful for your encouragement!


  11. Well said, Nonnie. It truly is comforting knowing I’m able to stay connected with my RRBC family. I’m one of the unfortunates that are still having to work, despite how much I wish I could stay home. We’re living in such a scary time, but it’s important to focus on the positivity, even as little as there seems to be. Sending you all well wishes. 🖤


  12. Thank you, Nonnie. I feel comforted to have my RRBC family and some normalcy. Until school resumes (and Lord only knows when that will be), I am out of the house every day taking care of the children. I am doing everything I can to protect myself and them from this craziness. It’s good to know we all have each other!


    1. Please be safe, Jan. Things are only going to get crazier. We are blessed in that we have our amazing network of RRBC members to ride this thing out with us – right here, whenever we need them.

      Thanks, for dropping in!


  13. Well said, Nonnie! I’m glad you’re staying safe in your home during this crisis. Anne and I are doing the same unless we have a medical appointment. Fortunately, we have a son living close by who keeps tabs on us daily. Stay safe, everyone!


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