Dear RRBC Members!

If you missed joining us today **LIVE**, you missed out on such an amazing treat! 

We had a FUN and successful MEET & GREET via LIVE video/audio!  This event was scheduled so that we could all spend a little time together, getting to know one another better, and simply taking our thoughts to someplace other than all the ugly, the loneliness and the sadness surrounding us right now. 

Yvette Calleiro
Joy Gerken
Nonnie Jules
Shirley Harris-Slaughter
Nina Norstrom
Linda Mims
Peggy Hattendorf
and John Fioravanti

…were all there to join in the fun, laughter, and camaraderie!  We saw beautiful smiles and faces, heard voices that were music to our ears, but most of all, we were blessed with the opportunity to “feel” as if we were physically in the company of close friends.  If you ask any of the members above if they enjoyed it, you’ll get an earful of how exciting and special our time together was!

We are planning our next MEET & GREET on Wednesday, April 8 @ 4 PM Central Time and Saturday, April 25th @ 1 PM Central Time Why don’t you put these dates and times on your calendars now so that you can plan to join us?  You will also receive a reminder via email the day before each event.

We do hope to see you at one or both of these upcoming special events!


  1. Yeah. It’s interesting seeing members for the first time in ages. We tried other outlets in the past. And there is no effort to joining in and that is what I really like about it.


  2. I was wondering why on the two occasions of MEET & GREET we had only one male present. I hope we will see more of our male members next time. Hi, guys, that problem is great! I will like to see all your faces. 😍


  3. How awesome that so many were able to show up. As you already know, Nonnie, I was taking care of grandbabies. Unless something changes, as it can on a dime, I won’t be able to attend the April 8th at 4, but can make the 25th date! I keep the grandbabies every afternoon from 2:30 to 7:30. But, this is such a great way for the community to connect!!


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