If It Doesn’t Kill You First … #Coronavirus? #RRBC #RRBC_Community

Hello, RRBC!

Please forgive my sharing lately of news that isn’t writing-related, but there are certain things I feel we need to get the word out about regarding this pandemic we’re living through.  Some things are just too important not to share, so when you happen across information that might be beneficial to us all, I hope that you will also share it with the masses.

I know that we are bombarded daily with news of the Coronavirus – how it’s taking its toll on families, etc.  Today I came across this message from CNN’s Chris Cuomo about how it feels to have this awful virus, and because he is a trusted anchor, in my opinion, I felt his message needed to be shared with you all.

From losing 13 pounds in 3 days to hallucinating having a conversation with his deceased father, this is an absolutely compelling account of what this thing might take you through, should you find yourself with it.

I think this video is about 10 minutes long – please watch/listen to it in its entirety.  And, please, do share it with your family and friends in the event that they might not have seen it.

Be safe…


11 thoughts on “If It Doesn’t Kill You First … #Coronavirus? #RRBC #RRBC_Community”

  1. A sobering and necessary message, no matter where on this damaged planet you live. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, Nonnie.


  2. This video is making the rounds because I saw it. I hope Chris pulls through it. It’s scary.


  3. I saw this on the news. It really hit home. I’m glad you shared it with everybody. I’ve been very impressed with his reporting and the interviews with him and his brother, Mario, the governor of.NY.

    Stay well, friends!


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