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Does your desk look like this?

Untitled design - 2022-01-10T140330.875

It does?  Well, compared to mine, that looks nice.  But not for long!  Although it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it, I am thankful that today is NATIONAL CLEAN OFF YOUR DESK Day!

I remember my first job ever – my mom bought me a sign that read:  A clean uncluttered desk is the sign of a sick mind.  That was many moons ago, but let me tell you, I bought into that.  I have three desks in my office now and ALL of them are cluttered messes!  Clearly I don’t have a sick mind and I’d like to keep it that way… hence the messes.

My husband sometimes jokes and asks, “So, when are the members posting pictures of their offices?  That’s the only time you seem to tidy yours!” 

How dare he!  Although that’s not the only time, it probably is the time that I dig in really deep.

Guys, listen… I’m busy.   You all know that.  But busy is no excuse.  So, for all of you hardworking professionals, let’s stop what we’re doing and clean our desks and offices today!  Let’s dig deep and tidy our bookshelves, file all those papers away, open all of that un-opened mail waiting in the corner, and wipe down our keyboards and monitors.  And while we’re at it, let’s establish some systems for keeping things organized going forward.  

C’mon, let’s clear out the spaces where we spend so much time physically, so that the spaces in our minds are not cluttered and blocking our creativity.  It’s a new year and we have many, Many, MANY new books to write.

And, not that I don’t trust you… but when you’re done, why don’t you email us pictures to so that we can share the proof.  (I know you’re going to do the right thing.  It’s the rest of the world that doesn’t trust you.)

#Author/#Writer friends, let’s get after it!  I know you can do it!

Before you leave, what kind of office space do you tend to keep?  Do you work better within your clutter?  I don’t, it’s just hard finding the time to keep up with all that’s on my plate, but this year, I am vowing to do better.  (Let me run add that to my vision board!)  I’ll see you back here soon when you’re all done cleaning!


Looking good, Marian Beaman!

“My contribution to Clean Up Your Desk Day: Semi-neat with piles, the best I can do with a manuscript in progress.”

Semi-Messy Desk

Yvette Calleiro, we see your backdrops on your computers!  Way to go, girlie!



8 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Mess! #NationalCleanOffYourDesk Day! @NonnieJules @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA”

  1. I clean off my desk every week. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to know I’ve completed the tasks in front of me. The only things that stay on my desk are my WIP, the road trip plans for this summer, a couple of post it notes with reminders, and a few decorations. I also go through my files every December and shred whatever documents are no longer needed to make room for the docs coming this year. If my desk becomes cluttered, it feeds my anxiety, so I make it a habit to work on keeping my space orderly (not empty, but as orderly as possible…lol!). Great post, Nonnie! 🙂

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  2. Psssst, Marian, here’s a little tip (just between you and me), the next time you’re posing for a photo op, make sure you have the RRBC site pulled up on your monitor’s screen like I do! Hahaha! It shows where my interests rests every time!


  3. Your mom was on the right track, Nonnie! As for cleaning up my cluttered desk, well, no. I do, however, periodically rearrange the clutter and have stacks, rather than piles. I want everything within easy reach, and since I still prefer pieces of paper to computer notes (yes, I’m that old) I am surrounded by pieces of paper, and books, and pencils, and sticky tabs and tablets. . .

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