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#RRBC 2022 Holiday Pop-Up Bookshop ‘BELIEVABLE OR NOT Game’ Winners Announced!

Hello, friends!

I know, you thought this day would never come!  But, boy, am I surprising you today!

The winners from our 2022 HOLIDAY POP-UP BOOKSHOP’S Believable or Not Game are about to be announced!  Below, you will find the actual statement, which you had to determine whether TRUE or FALSE.  Out of 13 statements, the first person to get 8 correct, would be our winner!  But, today, we’re going to announce the 1st place winner, AND two 2nd place winners!  Each will receive an Amazon gift card, donated by our amazing HOLIDAY PUBS SPONSORS (of course!)

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Here are the statements and the truth about each:

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter won First Prize in the Annual Free Press Runner Marathon in Detroit in. (FALSE)
  2. Nonnie once punched a woman for being rude to one of her daughters.  (FALSE)
  3. Pat Garcia loves Soccer.  (TRUE)
  4. Wanda Fischer is an excellent quilt maker.  (FALSE)
  5. Karen Black was once a Black Jack dealer.  (FALSE)
  6. Yvette M. Calleiro ran her first marathon this year! Go, Yvette!  (FALSE)
  7. Patty Perrin was hitchhiking in Europe on a rainy day wearing a smelly sheepskin coat when a man in a Rolls Royce stopped to offer me a ride because his sheepdog in the back seat was lonely.  (TRUE)
  8. Maura Beth’s Grandfather’s home was a funeral home with a morgue in the basement.  (TRUE)
  9.  John Podlaski spent 22 months in Vietnam.  (FALSE)
  10. Lisa Kirazian loves olives!  (FALSE)
  11. Pamela S. Canepa was once a singer in an all-girls band.  (FALSE)
  12. Susanne Leist is an extrovert who loves large social gatherings and making public speeches.  (FALSE)
  13. John Fioravanti and his wife Anne have been having the same breakfast of eggs and bacon every day for over 40 years. Yikes!  (TRUE)


1st Place Winner:  Patty Perrin w/9 correct!

2nd Place Winners:  Shirley Harris-Slaughter & Pat Garcia, both w/8 correct!

If you played the game and would like to know many you got right and which ones you got right, reach out to Paula at!

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9 thoughts on “#RRBC 2022 Holiday Pop-Up Bookshop ‘BELIEVABLE OR NOT Game’ Winners Announced!”

  1. Wow! Thank you! Congrats, Shirley and Pat Garcia!

    I’ll have to trust my intuition more from now on, since I guessed at 99% of them. Now if we’d had that blogging challenge before the game, it would have been easier to guess at the answers. Great game! Fun details! And thank you, Holiday Pubs Sponsors, for the gift card!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Y’all,
    Thank you. I didn’t even think I had a chance. This is amazing. I have to repeat what Shirley said. I never win anything so I didn’t expect to even be anywhere close in the race.
    Shalom aleichem

    Liked by 2 people

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