Have u met #RRBCAuthor @DennisCardiff? A tireless advocate for the #homeless #streetpeople. Want to know more “About” him? Drop by #RRBC! #RRBC_Community

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In his own words:  My proudest achievements are the relations I have built with the homeless community, which resulted in the four Gotta Find a Home books.

Writing about the homeless and helping the homeless, has given my life a purpose that it didn’t have before. Documenting their stories will, I hope, introduce them to the public in a non-threatening way. Some panhandlers look intimidating, but that disappears when one sees them laugh.

When I met Joy, the main character in my books, I was going through an emotional crisis. Meeting her and her friends – worrying whether or not they would have enough to eat and find a place to sleep – took my mind off my problems, which then seemed insignificant. It was – is – truly a life-changing experience.

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20 thoughts on “Have u met #RRBCAuthor @DennisCardiff? A tireless advocate for the #homeless #streetpeople. Want to know more “About” him? Drop by #RRBC! #RRBC_Community”

  1. Hi Dennis. After being a guest on your show, I purchased a copy of your book: Gotta Find a Home 2: More Conversations with Street People. Congratulations!


  2. I admire your work and involvement with this most vulnerable population – the homeless. Congratulations, on your author page, Dennis.

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  3. I love the premise of your books and your introduction was touching. I agree that when we help others, we discover a well of strength and purpose. I look forward to reading the stories. Be well.


  4. Its depressing to see so many homeless people, especially during this time of the pandemic. Its an accident waiting to happen if something isn’t done soon. Now is the time before we miss the moment.

    Thank you Dennis and congratulations on your new Author Page.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. The pandemic has kept me housebound like so many others who have houses. The death toll among the homeless has always been very high. Most don’t live beyond the age of 47 when conditions are ideal. I have written about my meetings with those who had become close friends. Sadly, I have attended many funerals and their stories are all I have left.


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