She authored #SonOfMyFather and the twist at the end, showcased her #writing talent! Meet #RWISAAuthor @PeggyHattendorf! #Novels @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA

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Peggy is a 6-year member of RRBC and one of the initial authors to be invited to join RWISA when it was established.  Her first novel “Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty” was a 2017 KCT International Literary Award ‘Top Finalist’ BLUE ‘TREAT’ award winner. In addition, she featured a short story, “The Day I Lost My Grandmother” under the “Childhood Memories” section of “Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul – an Anthology,” 2nd Edition.

Peggy was born and raised in Los Angeles and met her husband, Mark, while they were in college and they married shortly after graduation.  She enhanced her first career with a master’s degree in Human Services and served as a senior executive in a number of name-recognized non-profit organizations where among other duties she created and composed technical and operational handbooks for staff and volunteers. This started her interest in writing. 

A career change brought her to the travel industry and an occupation that has spanned more than thirty-six years, including ownership of a number of travel management companies. This led to the co-founding of a marketing consortium for small full service and cruise-only travel agencies as well as independent contractors – with annual sales over $180 million. She negotiated the travel product contracts with the major suppliers for the nationwide network of more than 5000 sellers of travel. In addition, she wrote daily travel advisories and supplier updates. Her bi-weekly e-news column called Peggy’s Own Perspectives (POP) encompassed general travel information, personal travel choices and news on the industry.

Southern California remained home while they raised their family and today are blessed with four grandchildren. But once they were empty-nesters her husband pursued business ventures which afforded them opportunities to live in New York, San Francisco and environs (three different times), Texas and San Diego before returning to Los Angeles ten years ago.

Peggy remains true to her life-long passion for travel and when she’s not out exploring her “ATMS,” a term she coined for “Absolute Travel Must Sees,” she’s planning cruises and tours for a discerning clientele as an Independent Travel Advisor affiliated with Signature Travel Network.  Her extensive experience in the travel industry provided her a solid platform as a Travel Editor for a nationwide digital magazine for four years and she continues that travel writing interest, now as a freelance travel writer.

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Twitter:  @PeggyHattendorf


Peggy Hattendorf

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Son of My Father by Peggy Hattendorf

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  1. Hi Peggy. It was lovely to learn about you and your start as an author. I started in technical writing too and find it interesting how many of us eventually find our way to more creative endeavors. Congrats on your debut novel. Be well.


    1. Thanks, Wendy and a special thanks to Nonnie for this beautiful showcase page. This is a lovely honor.


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