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Phil Stephens 2

Phil Stephens is an Indiana native and a graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and of the Dale Carnegie Course. He spent many years working in Fortune 500 America. His writing has appeared in the local newspaper and Pen IT literary magazine. His passions include reading in his favorite genres—history and horror. He also enjoys cooking, exercising, and the environment. Stephens resides in beautiful Brown County in Southern Indiana with his wife Marie and has an adopted granddaughter, Crystal Maiden, in the Philippines.

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Twitter:  @psteph55


Phil Stephens Publications

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You can find Phil’s  books listed under the following category in the RRBC Catalog:

Historical Fiction


The Alter Boy by Phil Stephens

-5/9/20 Interview on RAVE WAVES “EYES ON THE BOOK” Show w/host, Rox Burkey…

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28 thoughts on “Have u met @psteph55? Want to know more “About” #RRBCAuthor Phil Stephens? Drop by #RRBC! #RRBC_Community”

    1. Yvette I am so sorry it took me this long to respond to your comment. You have been very supportive to me and I appreciate that alot. Which book cover are you talking about? The Altar Boy or At The Edge of The Stairs? I am going to get one of your books for my next review. Any particular one you want me to get??


      1. I was talking about The Altar Boy’s cover. I love it! As for my books (thank you!), I would start with The One Discovered since it is the first book in the series (and it’s free). 🙂


        1. Okay Yvette thanks. I will check out The One Discovered. Getting ready to make an Amazon order in next couple days. Hey and CONGRATS on being May Member of the Month!! You did great.


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