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 “TERRA’S CALL” by RWISA Author, P. T. L. Perrin

(Teen & YA)

Terra's Call by P. T. L. Perrin

Jewel Adam’s special gifts forced her into a life of solitude as a young child, with only her parents as companions. Things change during her senior year in high school, when she discovers she’s not the only one with enhanced abilities.

Jewel, Sky Fletcher, her twin brother Pax, and Storm Ryder share more than the unusual shape and brilliant colors of their eyes. They have powers, and they share a destiny.

Are their powers enough to save the planet? Terra’s fate hangs in the balance. Will an ancient enmity between two star-systems cause them to fail? Are they willing to take the chance and risk their lives for mankind?



(Children’s Books)

Tails by W J Scott

Sometimes loss is the only thing that saves you.

Last summer during the dreaded hunting season, Kywah lost his tail, his magic, and his value as a silvertail. Now the hunters have returned and he’s terrified. Especially when he recognizes Samsa, the very hunter that cut off his tail, and ruined his life.

But when the pack becomes trapped in the foothills with no escape, Kywah realises he’s their only hope. Without a tail, he’s worthless to the hunters and their wizard masters. If he can escape, he can find help for his pack. All he has to do is locate the Wise One and retrieve the Deep Magic.

Which would be hard enough even if he still had the magical tail sense his kind are born with. But what choice does he have? If he doesn’t take the risk, his pack will lose everything. And because Kywah knows exactly how that feels, he can’t let it happen.



(Teen & YA)

Ace Carroway and the Midnight Scream by Guy Worthey

Crack detective, inventor, and woman of mystery Ace Carroway’s next case turns personal when one of her associates goes missing.It’s summer solstice at Stonehenge, 1922. Archaeologist Sam Biming keeps a midnight vigil to make sure none of the tourists trip into his dig site. A horrible scream rips through the air: the sound of sudden, excruciating death. The crimson splashes on the heel stone tell of grisly bloodletting. But no slashed body lies among the rays of bloodspatter, only a mysterious, solid gold ankh. The ankh comes from ancient Egypt, but crafted recently. Sam chases the paradox, to his undoing. By the time Ace arrives, Sam has vanished.



(Short Story)

Memoir of a Mad Woman by Vashti Q

Who can explain how madness begins?

This is the story of Emma. Reared by a religious fanatic, orphaned at a young age and sent to a mental institution and an orphanage. Molested and betrayed by the people who should be watching over her…

Who can say that madness has no logic?

During a fight, Emma’s best friend punched her in the abdomen. Since then, Emma has believed there’s something damaged inside of her.

Every month… she bleeds.
She tries to fight it all her life, but the pain and the blood return twenty-eight days later… and the cycle begins again.

But Emma, even in her madness, knows how to take care of herself.
She knows how to make things right…

You may not agree…
But, who can reason with insanity?


Each month there will be 3 different genres profiled so that members have a variety of choices to choose from.  There will be an additional book profile for a RWISA member listed here each month, as well.

You may also select a PAST BOOK OF THE MONTH selection to review, which would also count towards your 4 purchase/reads/reviews per year. 

68 thoughts on “#RRBC #July #Books of the Month – #RRBC_Community”

  1. Thank you all so much! What an honor to have Terra’s Call featured as a BOM! I just put Tails, Ace Carroway and Memoir of a Mad Woman at the top of my TBR list. I’m proud to be associated with such great authors.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations to the July books of the month! I’ve read Terra’s Call, Tails, and Memoir of a Mad Woman and highly recommend all of them! I have read one of the Ace Carroway books and really enjoyed it, so I’ve got to check this one out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A huge thanks to our RRBC Team Members – Sam, Joy, Shirley- enjoy the limelight, you all deserve it because of your active support of other RRBC authors all year round!


  4. Congratulations, Joy, Sam, and Shirley! I’ve read Shirley’s book and enjoyed it very much. I have Joy’s book on my kindle and will be moving it up on my TBR list. And I still need to get Sam’s book. This is going to be a great month of reading. 🙂


    1. Thanks Jan. It’s an honor to be selected. Shirley, you know it’s a Joy to share the Hot Seat with two great writers. Sorry, I am a 3rd generation punster.


  5. Congratulations to April’s BOM winners! I read and reviewed ‘A Soldier’s Children’ last year and I can’t say enough good things about it. I love Jan’s style of writing. I have just purchased a copy of ‘The Enigma Factor.’ I’m looking forward to the read!


  6. Congratulations to all the April BOM Authors. I feel honoured to be among you. Thanks to Nonnie and RRBC for their awesome support throughout the years. I can hardly believe that time has flown by so quickly. Next month, on the 16th of May, I will be an RRBC Club Member for four years! Kind regards to all our fabulous members. Don’t forget to stay safe during this time of crisis. 🙂


  7. CONGRATULATIONS to all the February 2020 BOM authors ! Congratulations to Wendy Scott ma’am, Sarah ma’am, Raymond sir & Roberta ma’am – enjoy yourselves in the spotlight ! Looking forward to the next book club meeting on the 13th of February. I am excited !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 – Fiza Pathan

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Nonnie ma’am ! Thank you for the compliment. Means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to the next book club meeting on the 13th of this month, totally excited ! Lots of love to you & happy writing, publishing, reading & reviewing to you too Nonnie ma’am ! 🙂 😀 😀 – Fiza Pathan


  8. Congratulations to these amazing writers! What a great way to start off 2020! I’ve read Watch RWISA Write Anthology in its entirety and loved it! I’m off to check out the other books listed here now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yvette ma’am ! Thank you so much for the good wishes. I too read & loved ‘Watch RWISA Write Anthology’, it’s amazing to see the number of talented writers we have at RWISA. Happy reading & reviewing to you ! 😀 – Fiza Pathan

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi ! Congratulations to all the January BOM authors ! Congratulations to Karen Ingall’s ma’am & Balroop ma’am ! Looking forward to the book club meeting on January 15th 2020 ! I am honored to be a BOM author for January. Happy New Year to all ! 😀 😀 😀 – Fiza Pathan

    Liked by 1 person

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