Looking for #Horror #books? Ck out the #RRBC Catalog today! #RRBC_Community

NOTE:  All blurbs posted here are the work of the author and are taken directly from Amazon.  The RRBC team accepts no credit or critiques for these blurbs.




“Amilcar:  The Blythe Valley Chronicles” 

Amilcar by Charles W. Jones

“Darkness Is Coming”

darkness is coming by [Jones, Charles W.]

“Home: A Novel”

HOME: A Novel by [Jones, Charles W]

“Dreamwalker: The Second Plain”

Dreamwalker: The Second Plain by [Jones, Charles W.]

“Circus Tarot”

Circus Tarot by [Jones, Charles W.]


Hunger by [Jones, Charles W.]

“Page of Buckets”

Page of Buckets (Circus Tarot Book 2) by [Jones, Charles W.]

“World Circus”

World Circus (Circus Tarot Book 3) by [Jones, Charles W.]

“Liaisons Macabre”

Liaisons Macabre by [Jones, Charles W]

“Daughter of Illusion” 

Daughter of Illusion: An Eli Thompson Thriller by [Jones, Charles W]

“Master of Ravens”

Master of Ravens by Charles Jones

“An Unnamed Acquaintance”


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