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Looking for #Inspiration #Inspirational books? Ck out the #RRBC Catalog today! #RRBC_Community

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To learn more about John and his other books, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!


REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Quotes & Interpretations by [Fioravanti, John]

What do YOU think?

Does this question engage you or take you out of your comfort zone? Does it put you on the spot? REFLECTIONS is award-winning author and former educator John Fioravanti’s answer.

Offering his interpretations of fifty quotes by contemporary and ancient thinkers alike, John dives deep below the surface of words and explores the deeper meanings that shape his view of the world.

Deeply personal and presented in a self-effacing manner, these self-aware reflections will encourage you to dig deep within yourself and to discover more about the underlying truths that guide you.



To learn more about Nonnie and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

Untitled – The Quotes Diary:  “Life in Quotes”


The search for inspiration is common to most people who long for words, images and deeds, which will uplift them from their daily cares, worries and routines. They seek out that which is fresh and admirable and can be applied to their own lives. Inspiration is a highly prized commodity because it enriches our lives in ways that material acquisitions cannot. ~Author, John Fioravanti

In UNTITLED: THE QUOTES DIARY – “Life In Quotes,” you will find a plethora of wisdom that you can apply to any and all areas of this journey we call life. The quotes are uplifting, inspirational, motivational, funny, and some are even sassy, because let’s face it, there are times in our lives when we need to shell out doses of those anecdotes, too.

If you know her, you know that Author, Nonnie Jules never pulls any punches. She gives it to you straight with no chasers. She calls it like she sees it, and what you’ll get between the covers of this treat, will be no different. In fact, you’ll get more!

Ever found yourself at a loss for words just when you needed to stand up for yourself? Keep UNTITLED: THE QUOTES DIARY – “Life In Quotes” in your back pocket… and you’ll never be faced with that problem again.



To learn more about P. T. L. and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Reflections of a Misfit”

Reflections of a Misfit by PTL Perrin

As a new Christian, Patty questioned everything. What is or isn’t acceptable? What would she have to give up? What happens when she messes up? What are the rules?

The Bible is full of misfits, from Abraham to the prophets. Jesus was the ultimate misfit. The religious leaders of the day considered him a dangerous radical because he didn’t follow or preach their religious dogma. Fun, serious, heartwarming, surprising, and always honest, Patty invites you along on her very personal life as a misfit and believer. If you’re human, if you aren’t perfect, then you may be a misfit too.

“Upbeat and full of great insight. From the vast cosmos to the teeniest parts of the atom, from Greece to the Caribbean, through hardship and victory, from the perspective of an army “brat” growing up in Europe, a mom, and a grandmother, Patty tells of her life experience and her faith in Jesus Christ with a lot of energy.”

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