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Instructions On How to Complete the LIST CATALOG TITLES form

These are instructions as to how you are to complete the LIST CATALOG TITLES form listed on our site.  Please, please, please read through these instructions fully if you are not sure how to properly complete the form.

Thank you!


1)  All of the information being requested on our LIST CATALOG TITLES form is being explained below, very simply for anyone completing the form.  Let’s begin with the most important item:  anytime you complete any form within RRBC, you must list your name in regular name format, not in twitter handle format (@joeblow), not in run-together format (JoeBlow), etc.  It should be listed as your First name then your Last name (Nonnie Jules) and as you are listed on our roster.  Here’s an example:

Author Name as listed on book:   Nonnie Jules

Your name if different from Author Name: N/A


Twitter Handle (if any): @NonnieJules

2)  If you initially have only one title to list in the RRBC catalog, you only need to place information in the space that reads:


*On this line, you should list the title of your  book / and the category taken from the Catalog, where you’d like your title listed.  Your title may be listed under ONE (1) category only;

3)  If you don’t have a 2nd or 3rd title to list, please skip over the spaces that read:

Title #2/Genre:

Title #3/Genre:

If you do have up to 3 titles to list, you will complete each of the 3 spaces.

4)  The line below is asking if you have more than THREE (3) titles to add to the RRBC catalog;  meaning any additional titles past your initial THREE.  If you are only listing up to THREE (3) titles, then you would respond with:

Would you like to list additional titles past 3?: No

5) In the space below, you only need to respond IF you are listing any additional titles past your allotted THREE (3).  If you are not, you would respond with:

There is a $5 per title fee, to list any additional titles. Have you paid the $5?: No

6)  If you already have THREE (3) or more titles listed in the RRBC catalog, this is where you would list your additional titles / genres (but only if the spaces above in section #2 are already filled in on the form you are completing that day):

Additional Title #1/Genre:

Additional Title #2/Genre:

7)  If this is only a book cover change, then you would skip over items #2 thru #7 and just list the title of the book which you’d like the cover changed on, as well as answer the two additional questions.  Please remember that there is a $2.50 cover change charge which will apply and should be made on our PERKS, PROMOS & PAYMENTS page;

Is this a book cover change?: Yes

Book Title in which you’d like to have cover changed:  Name of book which cover change is being requested on

Is the new cover already listed on Amazon? If not, come back to complete this form once your new cover is on Amazon.: Yes

8)  Hit the submit button!

That is how you complete the LIST CATALOG TITLES form.  Simple!  No need to send us book covers as we pull those ourselves, directly from Amazon.


*You must complete a LIST CATALOG TITLES form each time you want to add a new title to the catalog;

*You must complete a LIST CATALOG TITLES form any time you’d like any changes made to your books that are in the RRBC catalog;

*Each time you submit a LIST CATALOG TITLES form, there is no need to list your other titles that are already listed in the catalog, simply list on the line that reads (Title #1/Genre:) the title of the new book which you are adding to the catalog;

*Always refer back to these instructions so that we are able to list your book in a timely manner, without having to go back and forth with you on how you completed the form;

*Please remember that no title will be listed in the RRBC catalog without a LIST CATALOG TITLES form submitted and properly completed!

*Please allow up to a FULL 72 hours after we receive your LIST CATALOG TITLES form for your book(s) to appear in the RRBC catalog.


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