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Member Book Reviews – #RRBC

Welcome to RRBC Member Reviews!  We know you’ve probably shared it on Amazon (or, maybe Amazon took your review down and are refusing to put it back up for whatever reason), but we’d also love to know what you thought of the RRBC books you’ve read.

Please leave the title of your book, the author of the book and your review (along with your star-rating) down below in the comments section.  Before you leave, we’d also appreciate you clicking the share buttons on this page and sending it to all your social media platforms!  Members who have had reviews removed from Amazon will get credit if they share their reviews here.

Happy Reviewing!

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1,342 thoughts on “Member Book Reviews – #RRBC”

  1. Hi, everyone! Here is my review for Janie B by Pat Garcia:

    This micro-read was another fabulous story by Pat Garcia! It amazes me how she can put so much into such a short read, but she did. The story starts with Janie reminiscing on being kidnapped. The author gives us just the right amount of details to make us feel her despair. And then, her savior, Paolo, comes and rescues her. The story focuses on her road to healing.

    The author did a wonderful job in describing this healing journey and Janie’s hesitancy to take that final step to heal. The author’s characters are always so rich, and Janie and Paolo definitely fit that description. I would have loved to have a bit more to the story because I loved the characters so much, but then it wouldn’t have been a micro-read.

    If you don’t have a lot of time to read, but you want to immerse yourself in a great story, I would recommend this one! 🙂

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  2. JANIE B, by Pat Garcia weaves a tale of terror, redemption,
    encouragement and adoration. A story that will take the reader a long time to forget, Janie B is a graphic portrait of the power of unconditional love. I would have liked a bit more character development, though I realize that is limited in a micro read. Overall, well done!
    1-4-23 REF


  3. I’m catching up on my reviews and posted a four-star review for The Audition by Wanda Fischer. I thoroughly enjoyed this story about the experience of a talented young girl and her ambitions. In pursuing those ambitions, she wins a prize, but not the one she intended. It’s an expertly told and heartwarming story that is well worth a read!


  4. Hi, everyone. Just posted my four-star review of Janie B on Amazon, but doubt it is “up” yet. This was a grown-up romance by Pat Garcia, about a woman with past horrific trauma and many issues who finds happiness. Worth a read!


  5. I have just reviewed Pat Garcia’s book ‘Contemplations of a woman turning sixty Five.’
    I gave a five star rating.
    A most enjoyable read. A lady who is turning sixty five,contemplates her own demise after many of her contemporaries have left this world.
    She has been a long time friend of a neighbour who is single as she is; and has adopted children from across the globe.
    She often visits and gets along well with them all.
    This short story talks of the fears almost all women likely consider at some time in their lives. And her troubled existence is well portrayed by excellent prose.
    A happy short story eventually.


  6. A five star review
    from Joy M.Lilley on January 10, 2023
    A delightful micro read.
    Paranormal fiction is not usually my cup of tea. However I really enjoyed this micro read by Karen Black.
    The bird and animal concept is delightful along with the romance.
    Most enjoyable very short story.
    See your full review


  7. Good evening, all! I just completed my 4-star review of EMPTY SEATS by Wanda Fischer. Here it is:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading EMPTY SEATS by Wanda Fischer. The book is about three hometown high-school baseball heroes from different states, Jimmy, Bobby, and Bud, who find that life will not be as easy as they thought after being drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 1970s. They are pitchers who joined others playing for a Single-A ball club in Jamestown, New York. They were all starters back home, but here, they found others better qualified and joined others with the same aspirations as them. The road to the big leagues was going to be way more difficult than they imagined.

    The story continued through their first season and then followed them individually through the off-season. The characters are well-developed and likable. Each goes his own way and encounters life-altering events. Their decisions will pave the way for their future.

    I thought the story was compelling and entertaining, pulling me in from the very first page. There are twists and turns within this story of male bonding and friendship.

    I thought the story was well-written but would have liked to see Jimmy’s story continue to see where his path finally led him. I’d highly recommend EMPTY SEATS for readers 12 and up.


  8. from Joy M.Lilley on 11 January 2023
    Most enjoyable.
    A great easy to read tale.It brought back memories of my own fears and terrors experienced as a child.I enjoy the author’s writing style and look for to reading more of his work.Thanks John.
    See your full review


  9. Greetings, all! My review of Susanne Leist’s DEAD GAME has finally been published on Amazon. It doesn’t take long to get involved in this engrossing fantasy. I don’t usually recommend prologues, but will make an exception. Read the prologue! In Leist’s delightfully chilling novel, all vampires are not created equal and all of them aren’t as wicked as most folklore has led us to believe. The author weaves a page turning story that will satisfy current fans of vampire tales and will undoubtedly create new vampire enthusiasts, with emphasis on the memorable characters in the Dead Game. I’m looking forward to Book Two.

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  10. My review for REFLECTIONS, by John Fioravanti has been published on Amazon. The author compiled an impressive collection of quotes, some notable and others obscure. With each, he delves into the meaning and its affect on, not only his life, but society in general. Fioravanti’s reflections are thought provoking and inspirational. The beautifully written contemplations in this collection should be read again and again.

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  11. Hi, Everyone! I just posted a 5-star review of Pat Garcia’s CONTEMPLATIONS OF A WOMAN TURNING SIXTY FIVE. Here’s the link:

    And here’s the review:

    In “Contemplations of a Woman Turning Sixty-Five” by Pat Garcia, when 64-year-old Tessie returns from the funeral of her friend, she contemplates what’s in store for her as she approaches 65. Never married and childless, she wonders if she should be preparing to follow her friend to the great beyond. She dismisses a recent dream of a big house and kids as a fantasy. Everything changes when she’s given an option she never dreamed would be offered to her. Author Pat Garcia has crafted a beautiful short story around a remarkable character many readers will identify with. Sometimes, we only have a brief pause in our busy days. This story is perfect for that moment.

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  12. Hi everyone. I posted my 3 star review of Strawberry Moon by Joy M Lilley on Amazon and a couple of other places including my blog. Thanks Joy.

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  13. Hi, Everyone!

    I posted my 5-star review of Karen Black’s For Eternity on Amazon today, 1/2/23. Here’s the link:

    Here’s the review:

    What a treat of a story! Despite its brief length, it flows in rich imagery and captivates the emotions as Monique still grieves the loss of her beloved Lucius, gone 50 years. Out of respect for the raven, her steadfast companion, she follows his advice and accepts an invitation for her 700th birthday. The author has crafted a well-structured story interwoven with magic, evil, justice, and an ending as satisfying as a decadent chocolate melting on the tongue. I highly recommend it for any busy reader craving a great short read.

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  14. Hi Everyone–I’ve posted my 4-star review of Wanda Fischer’s “The Audition” on Amazon today, Dec 31, at the following link:

    The complete review is provided below:

    “The Audition” by Wanda Adams Fischer is a short story that takes place in the 1960s when “The Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour” was a predecessor for “America’s Got Talent.” Like all bright-eyed participants, Jean Sullivan’s dream is to be showcased in her rendition of singing “Oklahoma.” Unlike many participants, she has no formal training and begins to doubt herself. How can she stand out from so many talented competitors?

    Author Fisher has written a poignant short story about a young girl who dares to reach for her dream. And in doing so, she learns about the gift of friendship and support from her family, friends, and strangers. Jean is a relatable, determined character who must overcome doubts about herself and muster the courage to audition. That courage, in itself, makes her a winner.

    You are pulled immediately into the story with dialogue, which carries the story to a heartfelt ending. A quote from the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life sums up the story: “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings.”

    “The Audition” is recommended for readers who enjoy reading inspiring short stories about a young girl reaching for the stars and finding unexpected friendship and support from those around her.

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  15. Hi Everyone–I’m finishing my year-end book reviews for 2022. I posted a 4-star review for Karen Black’s “For Eternity” on Amazon today, Dec 31, at the following link:

    Below is the complete review:

    “For Eternity” by Karen Black is a wicked, fun micro read with paranormal and romantic elements. The story begins when a raven delivers a message to Monique, a witch. She has been invited to her birthday celebration, where a special gift awaits her at Nightingale’s Hideout. Should she go? That is where she met Lucius— her true love, a werewolf who had abandoned her. But that is also where she had to face her worst terror.

    Author Karen Black has written an enchanting micro read filled with paranormal suspense and black humor, as evidenced by Monique’s thoughts: “I wonder if the hotel has a policy against killing other guests.” Her descriptions of Lucius when they first meet are wickedly delicious: “As always, his dark eyes were wary. His fangs glistened in the candlelight.” It has eerie creatures — a raven, a telepathic cat, and goblins — you would expect in a fantastical world. It highlights a werewolf that makes you tingle as his hands dig into his lover’s shoulders and inches along her body.

    “For Eternity” is a fun-filled micro read full of black humor and paranormal twists for readers who enjoy fantasy with a tinge of romance to make their hearts throb harder.

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    1. Thank you for reading “For Eternity,” Linnea and for your delightful review! It highlighted a couple of my favorite spots and I am pleased they came across the way I intended.

      Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


  16. Here’s my second review of the night – The Audition by Wanda Adams Fischer:

    THE AUDITION by Wanda Adams Fischer is a short story about a seventh-grade girl who wants to try out for the Ted Mack Amateur Hour show in the early fifties. On the night before and the day of the tryouts, Jean Sullivan can’t sleep and was unable to concentrate in her classes, daydreaming for most of the day.

    When she arrived at the studio, her dad wasn’t allowed inside and she had to enter alone. Once inside, she learned that other contestants had taken singing lessons, most wore flashy clothes and make-up, could read music, and carried sheet music. Jean and her family knew she could sing, but it was clear that she was out of her league, lost hope, and thought about leaving.

    A young magician appeared, waved his wand over her head and recited some magic words. A change occurred and Jean had renewed confidence and hope. She doesn’t give up, but her life will no longer be the same.

    Highly recommended for all ages.

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  17. Hello all! Here is my first of two reviews tonight. This first one is for Memories of my Mama by Shirley Harris-Slaughter. I gave it 5 -stars. Here it is in its entirety:

    JOYCE WINIFRED HARRIS-BURKES: HOW I REMEMBER MY MAMA by Shirley Harris Slaughter is a tribute to the author’s mother. Shirley’s mother was an orphan from the age of four who managed to make something of herself. During WWII, she worked at a naval base in Alameda, CA, and was a member of the famed “Rosie the Riveter” crew. She later met and married her husband, furthered her education, and together they raised eight children. Mama was a great storyteller, poet, writer, and gifted speaker. She was also a rabble-rouser and activist, joining groups to right the wrongs.

    In this book, the author shares many of her memories of mama, in addition to some of the short stories, and poems written by her mother. She also entertained her children and grandchildren by telling tales, singing, dancing, and performing skits that she made up This woman lived for her family and raised them to love God and follow His teachings.

    This author shares many of the same traits as her mother bringing to mind a couple of sayings: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, like mother – like daughter. She, too, is a past activist, published author of several books, and dabbles in poetry.

    This tribute is a wonderful read; one from the heart. In fact, many readers might see their own mother in some of the memories shared by this author. Well worth a read! Thank you, Shirley!

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    1. OMG! How nice, John. I’m so happy that you enjoyed my tribute to my mother. It’s what every writer wants to hear. Thank you.

      And kudos to 4WillsPub for taking complete control of all phases of the process for the editing. And the cover which says it all.

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  18. I just completed my Amazon 4-star review of JANIE B by Pat Garcia. Here it is…

    Janie B by Pat Garcia is a short story about love, patience, and freedom. This woman was kidnapped, tortured, and on the verge of death when Paolo Dio Salva rescued her. Alive, her future was destined to be filled with shame, low self-esteem, and flashbacks. Life as a fearful recluse. However, Paolo not only rescued her from the masochist but during the next year, he was also a big influence in helping her overcome her fears of the trauma. What happened? Worth a read.

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  19. Just reviewed SAHARA HEAT by Maura Beth Brennan. Don’t have the Amazon review link back yet, but here’s the scoop:

    Sahara Heat is a well-written, fast-paced short story.
    Sahara is a hard-hearted and manipulating woman, determined to keep her poverty-ridden and nefarious past in the past where it belongs after marrying up. You can take the past out of the woman, but not out of her heart. With a dead husband, a lover, a maid and those uppity townspeople, Sahara is determined to out-wit them all. Lots of twists and turns in store for readers! ~Bette A. Stevens, author of AMAZING MATILDA (Award-winning children’s book) and other books for children and adults of all ages.

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