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Welcome to RRBC Member Reviews!  We know you’ve probably shared it on Amazon (or, maybe Amazon took your review down and are refusing to put it back up for whatever reason), but we’d also love to know what you thought of the RRBC books you’ve read.

Please leave the title of your book, the author of the book and your review (along with your star-rating) down below in the comments section.  Before you leave, we’d also appreciate you clicking the share buttons on this page and sending it to all your social media platforms!  Members who have had reviews removed from Amazon will get credit if they share their reviews here.

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930 thoughts on “Member Book Reviews – #RRBC”

  1. Hi all. Posted my Amazon 5 star review of Meet me in Maine by Susanne Leist. It begins…Author Susanne Leist begins The Blue Harbor Series with a bang. Elizabeth Reading’s boyfriend, Martin, moves out. This gives Scarlett Harding, Elizabeth’s best friend, the chance to move to a small town. She announces a serious relocation to Blue Harbor, Maine. The…

    And yes, I did grab it because the cover called to me.

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  2. Here’s the four-star review I just posted on Amazon for Maura Beth Brenna’s “The Edge of Fear”:

    This is the story of Hattie (once called Harriet), who has transformed her once unhappy life into a new beginning. She had gone to Maine to work for a wealthy woman as her companion. That turned into a wise decision, because Agnes became much more to her–a companion, certainly, but a confidante, a friend, a mentor and much more. Hattie met and married the love of her life while working for Agnes, and they had a child.

    Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Hattie starts noticing things that trouble her. Then the unthinkable happens. Her entire world turns upside down. She and Celine set off on an adventure that must be read to be believed. The women go through some harrowing experiences.

    That’s all I will say about the plot. The writing in this novel is descriptive, forthright and provides just the right amount of suspense. In some parts, I could feel the cool breezes of Maine; in others, I could sense the tension of a mother whose only child has been ripped out of her arms. In yet others, I felt hope and despair at the same time.

    This writer is talented and careful to keep her characters alive and resourceful while navigating the plot twists simultaneously. I read her previous book, and this one is meant to be a sequel. Writing a sequel to a previous book is not always easy. I think this writer has succeeded in making Hattie a character whose attributes fare well in this sequel. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense and women who make things happen.

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  3. I read THE CHOSEN ONE, by Yvette Calleiro. Magic, fantasy, romance and drama are combined in this delightful short story of two 17th century Diasodz warriors, a student and her mentor. The characters come to life, as Valerie and Nolan find each other in a battle of wills. The action continues, when Valerie sustains a life threatening injury, and Nolan finds himself in a battle that could be his last. THE CHOSEN ONE was my introduction to the world of Diasodz, and it is a wonderful place to escape.


  4. Hey, again! Here is my 4-star review of Pat Garcia’s book, “A Shared Dream.”

    After Chance and Gavino are married, he introduces her to a new sexual lifestyle that she comes to love. He wants a family and she discovers soon after that she’s unable to conceive. Guilty, she runs away. Neither divorces the other. Three years later, Gavino reenters her life and offers her new information about their former dreams; she didn’t have to conceive to have a large family.

    Chance also realizes that she still loved Gavino and missed their sexual lifestyle. The absence of love makes the heart grow fonder. Chance and Gavino fall right back into that sexual lifestyle; the built-up lust and need exploded as both celebrated getting back together again. Their dreams can still come true.

    Warning: there are explicit sex scenes and descriptions of their sexual lifestyle. If this bothers you, stay away. If not, it’s a great short story about love and relationships.

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  5. Here is my 5-star review of Karen Black’s short story: “Close your eyes and they’re gone” had me spellbound to every word. The author did such a great job, I felt as if I were there in every scene…whispering to Lily not to go…trying to hold her back, but my arms passed through hers like an apparition. When the car pulled away, I was heartbroken.

    Since I have a 3-year old granddaughter, I thought OMG, what would I do if this happened to us. What would be going through her head during the brain-washing sessions? I knew exactly how the parents felt.

    The author offers readers a look into human trafficking and the kind of alluring techniques used to kidnap toddlers and young children. I was amazed at how deeply I was engaged in this short story…it didn’t miss a beat and contained every aspect of a full-length novel. Great job, Karen Black!

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    1. John, thank you so much for reading my story and for your review. I am thrilled that the story affected you in the way I hoped it would come across to readers. Human trafficking is very real, and children can be gone in a heartbeat.


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