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  1. Hello Everyone–Here’s my four-star review for The Jewel by Rox Burkey and Charles Breakfield. I just posted it on Amazon.

    This short story is about Otto and Haddy, a wealthy couple who are overjoyed to have a daughter but depressed when they discover they cannot have more children. Haddy, especially, wants to have more children, but alas, it’s not in the cards.

    Otto decides he wants to cheer up his wife for her birthday. He takes her for a lavish date to a replicate the times when they were dating, to an opera house. Because they leave late, they cannot find a parking place, and they park in an alleyway. Two thugs appear and figure they’ll rob Otto and Haddy, but Otto has a knife with him and scares them away. They hear a cry and discover something that will change their lives.

    I enjoyed reading this short story. It’s well conceived, but I would have liked it to go on for slightly longer. I’m not sure what I would like to have learned, but I would like to know more about this couple and their discovery. It’s a sweet story indeed. I recommend that others read this one.


  2. I left a 4-star on Amazon for “Treacherous Love” by Karen Black today. The short story sheds light on domestic violence from a man’s perspective–a twist that readers may find enlightening. What I liked most about the story is how the author captures Ethan’s angst about his wife’s angry outburst: “Like a burglar, Ethan crept through the hall. When he pushed the door open, a hinge squeaked, which promoted him to mutter an uncharacteristic, under-the-breath curse.” Even though Ethan knows he should leave his wife, Rochelle, he longs for the passion he once felt for her: “Ethan then shivered at the memory of what those lips had done just days before. The woman was as sensual as she was volatile.” Some of the metaphoric descriptions effectively highlight the fracture in the couple’s relationship. “The orange reflection danced across the glass and created a kaleidoscope effect that flashed across Ethan’s face and coaxed his eyes open.” The couple’s relationship reaches a crisis when their son is hurt during one of Rochelle’s outbursts and culminates in a heart-wrenching twist. So that I could better understand the characters’ actions, the story could have expanded on their internal thoughts, reactions, and backstories.

    The following is a link for the full review:

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  3. Here is my 5 star review of Turn the Light On by Pat Garcia.

    Della Cartwright is in a mess, someone has been depositing large sums of money into her bank account for months and now she thinks the mysterious man she has been flirting with from afar may be using her to launder money. As Della pours out her anxiety about this strange situation to her boss, she wonders what this is going to mean for her future. Della is a top dealer at her company where she works in Foreign Exchange Settlements. How could she have let this happen?

    As with many things in life, this situation is not what it seems and as this fascinating short story unravels the reader gets to understand more about Della’s past life and current circumstances, and how her unusual romance came about. You also get to meet Della’s romantic interest and to understand how he feels about Della and their intriguing relationship.

    I really enjoyed this story which is different with both the age group of it’s characters [middle aged] and its story line, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a unique and well written short story that keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

    Amazon link:

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  4. Here is my FIVE STAR review of, Breathless, A Short Story, by Yvette Calleiro.

    I must admit that the romance genre is not typically my thing, but after a glimpse of this blurb, I thought, why not?

    Needless to say, I was glad I did. This quick read story was entertaining. The main protagonist was likeable, and easy to sympathize, while the antagonist was self-indulgent.

    However, by the end of the story, I felt an ounce of sympathy for the antagonist, as well. I’ll not say any more about the matter, to avoid a spoiler.

    What I enjoyed most about this story, was the fact that it didn’t follow the typical “Happily ever after,” of all those Disney cartoons I grew up watching. This was raw, with bitter consequences of wise advice not heeded, and a few of the seven deadly sins committed.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to read other material written by this author. Well done, Yvette! I throw you, FIVE STARS!

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  5. Hello all. Here’s my second short story review for the day. I just completed my 3* review for THE AGENT OF DEATH by Joy Nwosu Lo Bamijoko on Amazon and have included the review here:

    AGENT OF DEATH by Joy Nwosu Lo Bamijoko was a story that confused me – I had to read it twice to understand. First, the protagonist, I don’t know her name or anything about her other than being a female in the village. The story opens with her dreaming that a family member dies. She introduced the AGENT OF DEATH and indicated that she finally got it to move on after taking her two brothers, a sister, and then her mother. She then moved on to speak with spiritualists, sayseers, occultists, and divinations for help. Reading more, I thought this was all taking place because of the dream, but actually, it was the protagonist sharing everything she did to find out why those mentioned earlier had died and did not let us know that she was doing this. I knew that was resolved when she said they had a time of peace and tranquility.

    Later in the story, the protagonist talks about new deaths in her family and that she was going to side with God this time to help redirect the Agent of Death. She ends up battling with a family member over her father’s property and again, I got conf
    used because and didn’t understand what caused this fallout and why they were fueding to begin with.

    I had a difficult time following this tale because of the many names of characters introduced into the story and the jumping around. There were also terms used that I was not familiar with: ‘killed by his Batman’? and ‘young boy with wrappers up to his chest’.

    I’m sure that if the author spent time in reworking this story and ‘fleshing’ it out more, it would be a great tale about culture, legends, beliefs, and ancient practices used in a foreign country.


  6. Happy St. Pat’s Day. I just completed my 4* review for TREACHEROUS LOVE: A SHORT STORY OF MISDIRECTED PASSION by Karen Black. Here it is in its entirety:

    TREACHEROUS LOVE: A SHORT STORY OF MISDIRECTED PASSION by Karen Black is a tale of domestic violence fueled by jealousy. Except in this case, the wife, Rochelle, is the abuser. Her husband, Ethan, is a professional and must work with females in his job. Rochelle accuses Ethan of having an affair then mentally and physically abuses him. He does everything in his power to not retaliate or file an abuse claim against her. They have been married for over 10 yrs. and both feel the marriage can be saved so they enlist the help of a therapist. The couple soon enjoys a happy marriage and adores one another until Ethan gets a phone call at home with a picnic invitation from a female, a new partner at his firm. Rochelle, upon hearing this reverts back to her former self and the jealousy makes her go ballistic. A switch is flipped and she attacked!

    The author abruptly ends the story when readers are expecting more… as I did. However, as in any kind of story, the ending can proceed in a number of different ways. In this story, Karen Black is leaving it up to the reader to determine the next course of action. I wonder how many would agree with me.

    It’s a great story. Highly recommended.

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    1. Thank you for reading “Treacherous Love,” and for taking the time to write a much appreciated review. You are one of several readers who said they wanted more. I may need to do something about that. Best wishes!


  7. Hi and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you are all wearing green and celebrating the little bit of Irish in all of us
    I wanted to alert you that I posted by 4 star review for Saint Harry by Maura Beth Brennan today. It begins Author Maura Beth Brennan has a delightful writing style of grabbing ahold of her readers. The interplay between the characters is simply fun. In this case, Angie, Evangelina, is sharing her perspective on a family crisis. Each of the characters are well-developed …
    Happy day.

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    1. Rox, saw your review on Amazon, and it made my St. Paddy’s day! Thank you for taking the time to read and review my story. I appreciate how supportive you are of your fellow authors and club members! Thanks again!!


  8. Good day and please tell me spring is coming. I posted my 4 star review for Treacherous Love by Karen Black. good story, but I wanted more… It begins …Author Karen Black delivers a twisted love and insanity relationship in this fast-paced short story. Ethan is the target of domestic violence by his wife of ten years, Rochelle….

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    1. Thank you so much for reading “Treacherous Love,” and for the much appreciated review. You aren’t the first person who has said it wasn’t enough. I think this story might be the introduction to “the rest of the story.” Your encouragement is appreciated!

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  9. Hi and happy Saturday all. I posted my 4 star review of Open Shut by Nonnie Jules on Amazon. It begins,
    Author Nonnie Jules crafts a story around the dramatic shift of family dynamics with a single event. The parents are atheists and dictate that the Bible, prayer, and belief in God are prohibited in the home. Lola, Darci, and Bud (short for Bobbie) are good kids and close siblings. Darci Lynn, the middle child, tells this story from her perspective at milestones in her life….
    I invite you to view the rest at your leisure. Take care.

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  10. Hi, people. I have read the following books and posted my reviews on Amazon.Com, and on other online sites:
    1. Turn The Light On by Pat Garcia
    2. Mennonite Daughter The Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman

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  11. Good Morning Everyone,
    I have received Amazon Germany’s approval of my last two reviews.
    Out of Poland by Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey – 5 stars -

    No pedigree by Nonnie Jules – 5 stars. –

    Shalom aleichem

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  12. Hi People,
    I can’t believe it but Amazon Germany has already approved Treacherous Love by Karen Black. I am jumping for joy because it takes a long time here for them to approve reviews. I am smiling. So now I have two reviews outstanding. 🙂
    Shalom aleichem

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  13. Hello Everyone,
    Here are my three reviews posted below. I am waiting on Amazon Germany to approve them.

    I enjoyed all three. Karen’s story had me feeling sad. The ending wasn’t a shocker. It was that I expected someone to die. We have so many situations like that here, but usually, it is the woman who pays with her life. Karen, I love the way you revealed Ethan’s loyalty.

    Charles and Rox’s Out of Poland had me reliving a part of history that I have heard a few polish people talk about. It must have been frightening and I wanted to know more.

    Nonnie’s No Pedigree reminded me of a corner of Augusta, Georgia where the “poor white trash” was living as most people would say when I was a child. I knew a girl from that section and we became friends. No one else wanted her around even though none of us had much.

    I gave each story five stars because I feel they deserved it. They held my attention, were well written, and most important they touched my heart.

    Treacherous Love by Karen Black

    Treacherous Love is a tragic love story about a man that puts his trust in the wrong person, his wife.
    His love was strong but not strong enough to heal her, and in the end, he pays a high price. I was fascinated by his patience and willingness to continue with his marriage, not because he felt he had to but because he truly loved her.
    The ending made me ask myself how many relationship situations end up like his.
    Treacherous Love is a short story that had my complete attention and held it until the end.

    No Pedigree by Nonnie Jules
    Baylee Pierre. A mixed racial kid from the wrong side of the track going to a high school located in the affluent section of town. Not only is she mixed, but she doesn’t even know her father and refers to him as the sperm donor. Being the one and only in such a high school, she couldn’t help but stick out, and unfortunately, the teenagers let her know that she didn’t belong. They taunted and abused her. I was happy that she had one true friend, Carson, who cared about her from the heart.
    Baylee is a fighter. When the unexpected attack takes place, she doesn’t give up She fights back, and she doesn’t run away. She stays in that school and unexpected doors open for her.
    For me, No Pedigree reveals the strength of a young woman who is not afraid to kick butts.

    Out of Poland by Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey
    Reading Out of Poland threw me back into a period in Europe where many injustices happened because governments were either afraid or underestimated the German government. The invasion of Poland was taking place. The Polish government had been seeking help from the Russians against the German Regime. Three men and one woman began a journey that would change their lives forever. As the Polish Ambassador Watcowski dictated a letter to his secretary and daughter, Patrycja, that needed to be transported to Switzerland, he was also saying goodbye to his children and the governance of a nation he loved. He chose them to get the letter to its destination. Ferdek, his son, and Tavius, and Wolfgang are also Ferdek’s best friends and well-trained soldiers. It is a dangerous mission for them. Poland had already been betrayed by the country they sought an alliance with. However, they didn’t know this as they started out to Switzerland. They take Patrycja, Ferdek’s sister with them.
    Out of Poland is a compelling short story about the heroism of a small group of Polish people and their fight for their country’s freedom as Warsaw was being surrounded by the Germans.

    Shalom aleichem

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  14. Hi Everyone, I left a 4-star review of “The Altar Boy” by Phil Stevens at various sites including Amazon. “The Altar Boy” is a coming-of-age tale of a boy whose perspective dramatically changes from the innocence of his childhood into the dark realities of his teen years when he questions the power of the Catholic church and its dark secrets. This is a thought-provoking story with some humorous moments of the boys’ antics.

    What I like most about this novel is how the author, Phil Stephens, captures the voice of his main character, Carl, during the various stages of his boyhood. The story is like taking a trip down memory lane in the 1950s and 1960s. It seems a simpler time when boys could roam the neighborhood, stay out late, and get into innocent trouble. The popular songs at the time were interspersed into the narrative, helping to set the mood. The metaphor of Carl’s fear of going into the basement highlights his trepidation about opening dark secrets regarding his mother’s relationship with the priest. Author Collins has a gift for story-telling, but scenes sometimes don’t interconnect with each other or drive the tension in the story. The story left me with an open-ended question on whether Carl and his family ever resolved issues with their father

    This book will particularly resonate with readers who grew up in the 1950s and 1960 and attended the Catholic Church.

    To see the full review at Amazon, click on the following link:

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      1. Hi Phil–I’m not a Catholic girl, but I had friends who were Catholic. Some of your descriptions in your book, though, brought back memories from the 1950s and 1960s. I was also very frightened of going into my home’s basement as a child.


  15. Hi all, I posted my 4 star review for Daughter of Illusion by Charles W Jones. It is the first time I have read his work. It begins, Author Charles W Jones is new to me, yet I delighted in his wild imagination. He grabs the reader’s attention immediately with vivid descriptions that set the stage for this paranormal horror tale. Even though Pablo is a minor character, the setup for the mystery, fantasy, and illusion begin here. …

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  16. I’m on a reading roll! Over the weekend, I reviewed three short stories. We certainly have some talented authors in this club!

    “And the Music Played,” by Nonnie Jules. Greed, betrayal, romance, and detective work are successfully combined to create a short story that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. We meet each character, as he or she tells the story through his or her own point of view, and what a story it is. Giani is married to Lena but loves Christine. Christine is in love with Giani, but married to an abusive older man. Lena, loves Giani’s money, and also loves the attention of other men. Felons, hit men and a couple of cool detectives complete the cast of characters. Although predictable, the end is satisfying and justice triumphs, which always makes me smile.

    “Turn the Light On” by Pat Garcia. “Turn the Light on” is a well-written short story that creates an unusual twist within an unusual romance. Della spends a year of her life involved in a relationship with a man to whom she’s never spoken, never met and whose name she doesn’t know. She thinks of it as a game. Dinners at different tables, within view of each other, but without conversation are the highlight of their unique relationship. However, when Della discovers that her personal bank account has been accessed, she becomes worried. Is her elusive friend responsible? When, by accident, she discovers the identity of her dinner companion, it frightens her, and she wonders if she will be able to escape from the game. The answer becomes clear, when he finally confronts her, and I was gripped by the escalating tension during that confrontation, and cheered the ultimate result.

    “Unhinged,” by John Podlasky. I remember drive-in movie theaters and I also remember the release of “Night of the Living Dead.” The author did an excellent job setting the stage for a five star story that brought back some five star memories. Those grainy old films, with the tinny outdoor speakers could turn the fright level up high, as it did for two teenage boys, who became “Unhinged” in this must-read short story.

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  17. Good day all. I posted my 5 star review on Pat Garcia’s first book Turn the Light on and wished I had more stars I could add as an option. Simply Superb Pat. It is now on Amazon and begins… Author Pat Garcia creates a compelling short story in her first book release! Della Cartwright is an ideal, believable character who finds herself in the middle of a strange situation born of loneliness and a chance at a relationship…

    Everyone grab a copy of a unique story; Take, care

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  18. Hi all, hope things are going well. Reading is an area I enjoy, but it takes time to write and post reviews. Today was my date to get caught up on three posts.

    First up I posted a 4 star for Trails and Trials by Maretha Both. It begins… uthor Maretha Botha places the reader inside with both the humans and the animals on their journey. The four different stories captivated me, along with charming illustrations.
    I liked the character development of Larita, …

    Next I posted a 5 star for Blood on the Chesapeake by Randy Overbeck. It begins…Author Randy Overbeck knows how to raise the goosebumps from head to toe on the reader. Darrell Henshaw arrives at the new school set on the Chesapeake Bay to teach and coach the students. Darrell has a gift that manifested initially at 13; he sees and senses ghosts. ..

    Imagination, mystery, and intrigue start at page one and …

    Thank you for RRBC the readers paradise. Have a nice weekend!

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  19. Hello Everyone,
    Happy Saturday and I hope to see you at Raters Not Haters.

    I finally received Amazon approval for Unhinged by John Podlaski. I gave it five stars. Any story that can unhinge me as John’s book has done is fantastic. It was indeed a great read.

    Here is the link on Amazon and I have also copied the review below.

    When I started reading Unhinged, I didn’t know what to expect. It is a horror story presented as a tale being told by an adult reminiscing about an incident in his teenage years. I had forgotten all the scary incidences that had filled me with terror and dread at the age of fourteen. I asked myself what he had experienced that shook him up so that it would remain in the back corner of his mind.

    I began reading the story, and I was immediately drawn into it by the metaphorical descriptions.

    Two boys, Jerry and Nick, were propositioned for a temporary job at the local drive-in theater, their job, cleaning up trash after the night viewing. Their reward, sitting up front and watching the movies with complimentary soda, hot dogs, burgers, and popcorn. Practically like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    I like how this macro story is constructed from the moment that the two boys began their work dressed in blue jeans, colored t-shirts, and tennis shoes to the point of how the drivers parked their cars. All of this adds to building up the tension.

    I really loved the boys’ reactions to seeing the first scary film. But, not wanting to spoil your joy, I will only say fear paralyzed Jerry and Nick as they watched the movie. Screams from the cars all around them made them shake even worse so that by the time it was time for them to go home, Jerry and Nick saw cannibalistic corpses roaming the countryside, turning people into zombies.
    Shalom aleichem

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  20. Happy Friday, all! I just completed a 5* review for Pat Garcia’s new book, TURN THE LIGHT ON. Here it is in its entirety which can found on Amazon and other book-related websites:

    What’s it like to have weekly dinners at fancy restaurants with a man that doesn’t allow you to sit at the same table or even converse? His method of communication is to leave marked passages in different books on your table. This ‘game’ has continued for over a year and Della, a black fifty-something-year-old, heavy-set woman, knew nothing about him. However, he knew quite a lot about her.

    This morning, on the news, Della saw a story about a group of terrorists who were killed by a specialty anti-terrorist government group. The specialists were all hooded, yet Della swears that one of them is her weekly dinner mate because of his unique eye color. Shortly afterward, upon her return home, she finds him sitting in her dark living room, and they speak to each other for the first time. He is still cryptic about his intentions, but all her questions will soon be answered.

    The author does an excellent job at setting up the descriptive scenes, adding sentences such as a plane flying overhead, curtains blowing in the breeze, and many others. One criticism is that at the beginning of the story, the author refers to a parking lot as a ‘car park’ which led me to believe that the story was taking place in Europe, then the rest of the story uses the American equivalent. I would think that the references should all be one or the other. I might be wrong…

    Otherwise, TURN THE LIGHT ON is an intriguing story that keeps readers guessing about her dinner mate’s intentions. It flowed well and was error-free. Great job, Pat. Looking for more of your stories in the future.

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    1. Good Morning John,
      Thank you for the five-star review. I sincerely appreciate it and I loved how you expressed your thoughts.
      Thank you also for the criticism also. I agree with you. I have a hard time staying in the same English language because so many of the people that I deal with here in Germany speak different English languages. My South African girlfriend often laughs about our misunderstandings even though we’re speaking the same language. Then I have a dear Scottish friend where I just seem to get lost. I have to be more watchful about that and I thank you for pointing it out.

      I also got Amazon Germany approval for the review I did on Unhinged. I gave it 5 stars and I have posted it to this blog in a separate post.

      Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you at Raters Not Haters.

      Shalom aleichem

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  21. Treacherous Love by Karen Black

    From the first page, I was tugged into this story, and cared about the characters. The abuse of the husband was painful to read and all too real. As Karen noted in her online interview, the plot came from research and true accounts from friends and others. As I read more of the story, I wanted Karen’s short story to morph into a novel. Karen’s story ended abruptly and I was left hanging. While this may have been her intention, I wanted to know if the authorities investigated the husband’s death, what happened to their child, and what happened to the abusive wife. Was she prosecuted or did she get away with murder? This story is so well written it deserves to continue. Please say you will Karen!

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  22. Amazon posted my review of Karen Black’s story, Treacherous Love: A Short Story of Misdirected Love, Feb. 24, 2021

    Here is the text;
    Author Karen Black has pushed the secrets of domestic violence to the forefront with her work of fiction, Treacherous Love: A Short Story of Misdirected Love. Depicting an insincere love fueled by jealousy, the author challenges the idea that the male rather than the female in a relationship always initiates domestic violence. Told from the husband’s point of view, Black reveals how wife Rochelle wreaks havoc on the home by abusing her husband Ethan.

    The author has put her degree in criminal justice to good use by creating believable characters and a scenario that reveals what happens in some homes behind closed doors. The conclusion is credible, though some readers may be surprised by how the story ends.

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  23. Good Morning,
    I have just read my reviews on, and I am blown away. To be honest, I have been shedding tears every now and then this morning. Not because of sadness, but because of a deep-felt appreciation for the. people in this organization. So thank you all for your time and effort. It makes me want to give my best in all that I do.
    Shalom aleichem

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  24. I reviewed “The Enigma Factor,” by Breakfield and Burkey Murder, romance, cyber crime and international intrigue are combined to create an excellent read. The writing style and realistic situations drew me in from the first pages, but when organized crime entered the story, my enthusiasm increased. The authors do an excellent job of character development, with personalities varied and memorable. As the tension builds, the story explodes. We learn about the family business, and some surprising connections among a few of the major players. I hope Nikkei makes a future appearance or two.

    I am a technological klutz. This novel, however, provided an education in cyber crime that, while a bit frightening, was quite interesting, and completely understandable. This initial installment of a twelve book series is the first techno thriller I’ve read, yet it may have me hooked on that genre, at least for The Enigma series. Well done!

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  25. Good afternoon! I have posted my 4****Star review of TURN THE LIGHT ON by Pat Garcia. Here is my review which is now on and also has made it to NONNIE’S RAVE REVIEWS forum!!!…

    4****Stars!!  The Light Is On For Me!

    When I opened this cute little read, my lips began to curve into a smile from the first paragraph. I knew then that the rest of the story would hold me until the very end – and I wasn’t wrong.

    Della Cartwright is a top-notch professional in her industry and damned good at what she does. But, when she takes up meeting with a stranger whose name she doesn’t even know, who then pulls her into doing things she would have never done before, she begins to question everything about herself and her life.

    The creation and unfolding development of the characters, Della Cartwright and Alessio Terracina, made me believe that they were real-life strangers, entangled in a weird, yet steamy connection, that left me hot with anticipation of what would happen next between them.

    There was only one teeny portion of the read that I didn’t find plausible which is the reason it doesn’t get 5 stars from me and it’s not even worth me getting into. It could be me and if that is the case, I don’t want anyone else’s review to be based off of my opinion.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a book from a first-time author that was this put together… this well-written… this good!

    TURN THE LIGHT ON by Pat Garcia is a quick little read that will leave you salivating until the publication of her next written work of art!

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    1. Good Morning Nonnie,
      Thank you. It honors me that you took the time to read my book, and it makes me very happy to know that it made it to the Nonnie’s Rare Review Forum. That is a great honor.
      I am so happy to be a part of RRBC and RWISA. I can’t seem to stop shedding tears this morning. They’re tears of gratitude for being a part of this organization. It is good to be here.
      Shalom aleichem

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    2. Good Morning Nonnie,
      The honor of receiving NONNIE JULES’ SEAL OF APPROVAL made my day, yesterday. I think I looked at my iPhone for about fifteen minutes before it registered in my mind, that the seal was for Turn The Light On. I am extremely grateful. It will take time to sink into me. I am still in a daze.
      I know that there is still much to do, but it feels so good to see rays of Sunshine in my life and You and all the people at RRBC and RWISA have been some of the people who have made that happen.
      Take care and have a lovely weekend.
      Shalom aleichem

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  26. Good day all. Amazon accepted my 5 star review of Carnage in Singapore by Randall Krzak. Great story that begins … This is the second novel by Author Randall Krzak I have had the good fortune of reading. This story feels like it is pulled from recent headlines with locations and name changed to protect people and countries.
    The first chapter starts off gripping the reader with the vivid journey of escape

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  27. Good Sunday All, The snow is melted in Dallas and repairs are underway for so many people. Took a pause and finished my 4 star review on Amazon of One Chance Encounter by Joy Lilley. My first time reading her work, thanks Joy. It begins …Author Joy M Lilley crafts this contemporary romance between a woman who has a harsh life and her favorite American movie star.
    Moyra French grew up in a poor family in Britain post World War II. It was a time when illnesses like tuberculosis had a cure that was nearly worse than the disease. She was diagnosed with this as a preteen and underwent therapy and isolation that impeded her educational progress and earnings potential.

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  28. Hi all, Amazon finally accepted my 4 Star review for Lost and Found by Maretha Botha which I was delight to learn was part of a previous RRBC Short Story challenge. It begins… Author Maretha Botha has a flair for fiction that gives a lesson. Miranda and Marisa are sisters, but their personalities and approaches are vastly different. One is caring, and one is self-centered. Marisa and Jonah have their wedding the next day…

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  29. I also completed Unhinged: A Micro-Read by John Podlaski. What starts out as a simple job at a local drive-in movie facility for two teenagers will haunt them for the rest of their lives. I don’t like to do spoilers, and since this is a novella, it won’t take you long to become immersed in this riveting story.

    John shows a brilliant writing style which will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Highly recommended and I look forward to reading more of John’s work!

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  30. The Enigma Factor: A Techno Thriller (The Enigma Series Book 1) by Charles V Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkey is a fantastic blend of romance, drama, crypto-capers, crime, and adventure. With a well-designed plot and plenty of action scenes, this will definitely appeal to those who enjoy the genre. Look forward to reading more of Charles and Roxanne’s work!

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  31. Good morning all, Burrrrr. I posted my Amazon 5 star review for Dream Wide Awake by CJ Zahner . It begins – Author CJ Zahner lays the foundation for a suspenseful book using a creative license of dreams. The Government’s Dream Project is over, but the long-range impact was unknown.
    Character development is powerful and believable, from the six-year-old Mikala discussing her dreams with her father, Detective Jack Daly, to the Monster Man. …

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    1. Thank you so much for the great review, Rox! I so enjoyed being on Eye on the Book. I was honored to be with you and the other Rave authors. So thankful to have found this group. Stay safe, stay warm, and read on, everyone.

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  32. Happy Wednesday to all. I’ve just completed a review for DOG BONE SOUP: A BOOMER’S JOURNEY by Bette Stevens. Here is my 4* review on Amazon:
    DOG BONE SOUP: A Boomer’s Journey by Bette Stevens is about a dysfunctional family trying to survive in the 50’s and 60’s. The father, a self-appointed “King of the castle” is an abusive drunk, the mother tries her best to keep the family clothed and fed, Shawn and Willie are the oldest two boys who along with their two sisters do whatever it takes to etch out a living. They are also a proud bunch, refusing food donations from the Church or handouts.

    The story is told from Shawn’s POV, he is bullied and teased all through school because they are poor and their father is a known drunk. The ramshackle home they live in has no running water, cooking and heating the home also requires firewood. Shawn learned early in life how to fish, chop wood, and bring in water from the stream for washing and cooking. He also witnessed his father striking and beating their mother but was too afraid to get involved. To escape the wrath, the kids would run off and seek out new adventures to entertain themselves. Shawn is a hard worker who takes on odd jobs to help put food on the table. The title of this book is the name of a soup the family eats for days on end (boiled dog bones, onions, carrots and potatoes).

    During his senior year in high school, Shawn finally stands up to his father and the school bullies for the first time. His mother gets a divorce and the family is finally free of the abusive father and husband who only sat around drank beer, and watched TV after work. That is, of course, if he wasn’t in the local bar getting drunk.

    Shawn wants to make a life for himself and pursues joining the military…this is just as the war in Vietnam is beginning. His uncle tries to talk him out of it because of the horrors he’ll witness, confidentially sharing why his father drinks – to forget about the horrors of war that he fought in.

    It’s a tale of a mother’s love & sacrifice and the coming of age story of a young boy in a small town. The story flowed well but I did encounter typos and missing words throughout the book. If you think you have it bad, you should read this story to see how those who do have it bad are able to cope, dream, and hope for a better life.

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  33. I successfully posted a 5-star review for BREAKFIELD & BURKEY’S short story, “The Jewel.”

    “The Jewel” is a masterfully written tale that explores the gamut of emotions of love, sadness, happiness, discovery, and loss. The tale also has a riveting action scene in which Otto must fight off thugs before they make a remarkable discovery that profoundly impacts their lives. Though it is a short read, I was engaged with the couple and could feel the unconditional love that they had for each other and their family.

    I highly recommend “The Jewel” for readers who enjoy reading poignant, heartfelt stories.

    For the full review, see


  34. I posted a review of Marian Longnecker Beaman’s “Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl” on Amazon just now. I will post the link when Amazon posts it. Here’s the text:

    Marian Longnecker Beaman’s book is more than a memoir: It’s the story of patience, perseverance and potential. As a child in the Mennonite faith, Marian knew no other life. She followed what her parents and previous generations had done before her. She wore modest clothing and the prayer cap covering her head, denoting her as a member of the Mennonite faith. The author deftly explains the origins of the Mennonites as a part of the Anabaptist movement, originating from Zurich, Switzerland, in 1535. In 1683, she writes, a “trickle” of them emigrated to Pennsylvania as part of William Penn’s “Holy Experiment,” which offered them greater economic opportunity and religious freedom in the New World. Thus, her own ancestor, Ulrich Langenegger, emigrated from the Netherlands in 1733 on the good ship Hope. Marian includes her family tree and several lovely photos in this memoir as well.

    Marian shares her physical life between two homes–that of her parents and that of her grandmother and her Aunt Ruthie. While at her grandmother’s, she’s able to “be herself”; while at home, she’s always in trouble, it seems, since her father thinks she has “braids, rains and a big mouth.” Marian describes beatings and wonders why she can’t predict when her da will explode. He’s definitely of the “spare of the rod and spoil the child” school of discipline–except he didn’t react to her sisters’ misbehaviors in the same way. She was always puzzled about that.

    But when she’s at her grandmother’s house, life is far more pleasant. She and her sisters play dress-up with red hats and other props they find. They play “wedding” and other terrific childhood make-belief games.

    Throughout all of this, Marian’s inner self is questioning everything. Her mother’s only goal in life was to become a housewife. Would Marian ever be satisfied with that role?

    Tales of encounters with tomatoes, enticing food aromas (yes, I got hungry reading about them), a stinky hobo, the kindness of others, as well as the nastiness of men in power run throughout this memoir. Marian uses these building blocks throughout her life to complete her metamorphosis.

    This delightful memoir is enchanting. I recommend it highly.

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  35. Good afternoon All! I posted my long overdue 5-star review of Mennonite Daughter by Marian Beaman on Amazon. It begins: Author Marian Beaman shares her coming of age story that highlights the support and love of family. From the cover alone, you know this girl is special. Author Beaman provides insights to a child raised within the framework of a Mennonite Community in Lancaster County, PA….

    Hope you are all well and healthy.

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  36. I just reviewed THE EDGE OF MEMORY by Maura Beth Brennan on Amazon. The link isn’t live yet, but I will add it when it is. Here’s the text:

    Harriet’s a survivor living in New Jersey That is, until the lawyer for whom she’s working as a temp dies and she’s left without a job. She’s not sure how she’ll pay the rent or keep her cat in cat food until, by chance, she meets Agnes, a wealthy widow, whose great passion is enjoying and supporting the arts and other important non-profit causes. Agnes asks Harriet if she’ll accompany her–with pay–to the museum. When Harriet agrees, she apologizes for the condition of her car. “Oh, no, dear, we’ll take the Mercedes.” Harriet cannot believe her luck.

    Thus begins the tale of Harriet the paid companion to Agnes, a relationship that develops into much more than a mercenary one. They become close–so close that an outside observer might think that Harriet is Agnes’s granddaughter and not her employee. Agnes has no idea of Harriet’s traumatic past, the one in which her stepfather murdered Harriet’s mother before her eyes. Nothing seems to matter to Agnes, as she invites Harriet to “summer” with her in Maine at her gorgeous seaside home.

    Agnes has only one remaining relative, a nephew, Alex, to whom all her fortune will go upon her death. Harriet has no claim on–no does she want–any of the contents of Agnes’s will; however, when Alex arrives for the weekend with his girlfriend du jour, he becomes immediately becomes suspicious of Harriet’s motives. He’d set up the previous companion by convincing Agnes that the woman last summer was a thief, and had her fired. His goal is to do the same to Harriet.

    Harriet has terrible dreams about her mother’s murder and other traumas in her past life. She says she’s done with men after an abusive relationship in her past. But is she? A chance encounter in the Maine village may change her mind.

    I don’t want to reveal more about this book because I don’t want to give the plot away. I couldn’t put this book down. The author’s writing is solid, with decent character development. She uses the technique of Harriet’s writing in a diary to reveal her past so that Harriet can speak in the first person rather than changing the point of view of the entire novel. I was impressed with that. The author also leaves “breadcrumbs” here and there to provide the reader with clues as to where the story will progress. Harriet’s an eavesdropper in a few occasions, but she only hears a few words here and there and doesn’t get the full story. Her insecurities blow up in her face, which add to the story. This, too, is a strength to this novel.

    I would have liked to have heard more of the actual conversation between Agnes and Harriet on their drive to Maine, which, I think, is where the true bond between them must have formed. Agnes just seemed to know intuitively what Harriet needed at every turn, and vice-versa.

    I wanted to give it four-and-a-half stars, but obviously, Amazon doesn’t allow that. I really enjoyed this book and hope that this author has something new to read. Very soon.

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    1. Wanda, I thought I had left a reply, but it’s not here (can I say my dog ate it?) I want to thank you for reading my book and for your wonderful and detailed review!! Thank you so much!


  37. Hello everyone! I just finished reading Blood on the Chesapeake by Randy Overbeck and completed the following 5-star review on Amazon.
    What a fun ride this was. Wonderful character development, twisty storyline, and great writing made this an enjoyable book.

    New coach and teacher Darrell Henshaw encounters a school ghost, H for Hank. H is trapped between worlds while seeking justice over the circumstances of his death thirty years prior. Darrell becomes enamored with the spirit’s sightings and the school’s history. He isn’t quite sure who in the town or administration to trust, but he motors on, researching H’s death. He finds himself in grave danger after several people involved lose their lives.

    Inspired to take this job because of a breakup with his girlfriend, when Darrel meets the spunky Erin Caveny, this story heats up. Erin jumps on board to investigate Hank’s death.

    Without a spoiler, I’ll say Overbeck masterfully combines a tale of social justice, love, and the paranormal. If you like a good paranormal romance, you’ll love this story because its plot is meatier than most.

    Loved! Five stars. Looking forward to reading Overbeck’s next novel.

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  38. Happy Friday, all! I’ve just completed a review for ACE CARROWAY AND THE HANDSOME DEVIL by Guy Worthey on Amazon and elsewhere. Here’s my 4* review:
    Ace Carroway and the Handsome Devil starts out slow. In the preceding book, Ace disappears when her plane exploded in SE Asia, and there she is, alive, in the first chapter without explanation. She gathers her friends from the first book and convinces them to become a part of her new detective agency, C. Carroway & Associates. It is at that time that Ace divulges what happened after the explosion, her face now showing healed scars on the side. She also hires Mrs. Fiiona Figgins as the secretary, who doesn’t take any bull from anyone. Ace also decides to “come out” and is featured in a local concert, hoping to entice Darko Dor to show himself.

    Two new characters fall upon Ace, a dashing suiter with flowers and dinner invitations and a costumed super-hero who bumbles into the scene and attempts to rescue Ace from this “evil” suiter. There are mixed signals occurring while the team is trying to find Smugglers Crossroads where they hoped to find links to Mr. Dor.

    Inside the dilapidated and closed tunnel system near the docks, the team runs into a giant guard and locates a human rat among other discoveries. Ace barely survives being crushed during her pursuit of a man who tried to take her heart – literally.

    Fast read without a cliff hanger at the end this time. Darko Dor is still out there somewhere, perhaps book four in the series will bring them together again?

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  39. Hi all, posted my 3 star review on Amazon for Carl Prescott and the Riddle of Satan’s Cube by Karl Morgan. Karl Morgan creates a unique story with an intricate world that disrupts space, time, physical and spiritual frameworks. The main character, Carl Sandberg Prescott, is a teenager with magical abilities. ….
    You can read the rest on Amazon. It is my first book of Karl’s and I am looking forward to his next one.

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  40. Happy Sunday all! I finally took the time to complete writing my 5 star review and posting it on Amazon for Bravura by Lisa Kirazian. My comments begin, Lisa Kirazian creates a novel about the passions of youth and the power of music weaving the lives of students attending the Royal School of Music in the late 1950s.

    I was captivated and just sorry it took me so long to finish the review. If you haven’t read it, Put it on your list today.

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  41. I just posted a 5-star review for Shirley Slaughter’s revision of Ou Lady of Victory Church. You can find the full review here:

    “We do not know our history, and we don’t always know when we are living it until someone writes about it,” asserts Shirley Harris Slaughter in Our Lady of Victory Church (2020). In a saga reminiscent of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s beginnings with a mother thoroughly invested in her children’s education, author Slaughter records the story of Our Lady of Victory Church, originating in 1943, which also birthed a school, a credit union, and a lively congregation in the 1950s and 1960s in which the author participated.

    Author Shirley Slaughter writes as both historian and memoirist, recording historical facts along with her own experience as student and later proponent of the church and school. She often includes personal accounts in the narrative as in the case of Almeta “Dolly” Caruth-White, a young black girl growing up in Detroit in the era. As the interview informs, when Dolly’s mother wanted to send her to a particular school for a good education, the priest asked, “Wouldn’t she be happier with her own kind?” Jim Crow segregation was evident not only in schooling but also in choice of church to attend. The author notes that “the priests perpetrating the racist acts never thought that they were doing anything wrong, so the offenses were never dealt with.” Written with a strong voice, this book seeks to expose the wrongs of racism and entitlement and sets forth a clear vision of “what should have been.”

    The book is divided into four sections: Personal Perspective, the Pioneers, the Catholic Community, and The End of an Era. There is a tone of sadness in the book as when the author laments the demise of a once vibrant church victimized by the demographic, social, and economic forces around it. The book helpfully includes a list of references, glossary of terms and list of organizations. In spite of its demise in 1982, the detailed history of Our Lady of Victory Church: the Saga of an American Catholic Community lives on, thanks to the heroic efforts of this author, Shirley Harris Slaughter.

    I cheer the message of this well-researched book and applaud the author for her courage in writing it.

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  42. Hello again! I just completed my 4* review of ACE CARROWAY AROUND THE WORLD by Guy Worthey. Here’s a copy of what is on Amazon:

    ACE CARROWAY AROUND THE WORLD by Guy Worthey is book 2 in the 5-book series. The story opens with Ace’s father being killed and a new character, Detective Drew Lucy, feeling strongly that Ace either committed the murder or had something to do with it.

    The first book in the series introduced her “teammates” who now lead successful professional lives, only Bert chose to stay near the family after their rescue in the first book. Ace seems to be a guest character in this story, unlike book one where it is told from her POV, here, Drew Lacy tells the story.

    Surprisingly, their nemesis in book one, thought to be killed, might not have died and could be orchestrating this entire event. Darko Dor and Uwe are mentioned, but is it possible they’re back for revenge?

    Compared to the first book, I thought something was missing, mostly because of the change in POV. I was expecting Ace to tell the story and continue with her “Snarkiness”. Instead, it turns into a “who done it” detective story and Ace pops in periodically. Nevertheless, I do recommend ACE CARROWAY AROUND THE WORLD for all ages. I would also suggest that readers read book 1 first to better understand this storyline.

    Mr. Worthey has left us with a cliff hanger at the end of this story, so as expected, I will be downloading book 3 to continue the adventure.

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  43. Happy Sunday! I just completed by 5* review of ACE CALLOWAY AND THE GREAT WAR by Guy Worthey and posted on Amazon. This is it in its entirety:

    Ace Carroway & the Great War by Guy Worthey is an entertaining and fun read. Cecilia Carroway is 16 yrs. old and lies about her age to join the military to fly planes during WWI. She is much smarter than her age suggests, shoots down 10 enemy planes and achieves the status of an “ACE”. She is promoted to captain and takes her squadron for a mission over Germany. Ace is shot down, taken prisoner, and jailed with five other POW’s. Being a young “dame”, she has to prove herself to the other captives, her resourcefulness and cleverness quickly win them over. Ace finds a way to hinder the German war effort by booby-trapping the planes they are forced to build in a factory, develops an escape plan from their prison, and then leads them across the country to freedom. The ultimate goal is to break into a heavily defended and secret airbase that she remembered seeing during her last flight and steal a plane to fly them back to England.

    The author does an excellent job in keeping readers within the era, his technical knowledge of the war makes it more authentic and realistic. There are many twists and turns along the way and readers are forced to continue reading well into the night to see what happens next.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story and quickly downloaded book 2 in the series. Although Ace Carroway and the Great War is classified as YA, I’d recommend it for all ages. Great job Mr. Worthey!

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  44. Hey everybody! I just completed a review of COLUMBIAN BETRAYAL by Randall Krzak on Amazon. Here is my 5* review:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading COLUMBIAN BETRAYAL by Randall Krzak. What’s stronger money or family? I guess it all depends upon who the person is. In this case, Olivia Moreno is the current head of the Barranquilla Cartel in Columbia and to her, family comes first followed by the business. ISIS is looking for a foothold in South America and heading a cartel would be a good place to start. Several people are planning to overthrow Olivia and take over the cartel for themselves. But everybody is double-crossing everybody else. Even the head of a CIA division plans to double-cross Olivia to fatten is own bank account without fulfilling his end of the bargain.

    AJ and her team are searching for a terrorist group that is planning to attack the U.S. Through their actions, they encounter Olivia and take her into protective custody. Leaving her in Cuba while searching for her kidnapped twin girls. There are so many twists and turns in this complex storyline but the author does a marvelous job at bringing everything together at the end. This is my third book by this author and he has not disappointed me. Highly recommended for readers interested in CIA, drug lord, and terrorist type of stories.

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