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  1. Hi all. I posted my 4 star review of PYL Perrin’s Terra’s Call: TetraSphere – Book 1.It begins, Author PTL Perrin creates a fascinating world with a foundation of Terra, planet earth, with humans on the brink of fulfilling Cherokee prophecy. The four teenagers targeted to save the world, Jewel, Sky, Pax, and Storm, possess extraordinary powers to help them. At…


  2. BRAVURA by Lisa Kirazian is an entertaining novel that follows Kate and Neil from childhood, through college, and into adulthood. As children, their mother instilled a passion for music in both of them which served, in part, as a refuge from interactions with an abusive father. Their love of music also led the siblings to the Royal School of Music.

    This well-written novel takes the reader on a journey with Kate and Neil and explores relationships among friends and associates from their school days through later years. The characters are believable. Some are caring and loyal; others, Terrance in particular, are mean-spirited and hateful. But throughout this engaging novel, the reader will get to know Neil, Kate, Anne, Jeremy, Colin, and Maggie and will feel the emotion as their friendships intertwine. Happiness, sorrow, love, loss, fear and bravery are all apparent in this engaging story. With believable characters, who display palpable emotions, this is a must read.

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  3. Hello Everyone

    I left a 5-star review of “Unhinged: A Micro-Read” by John Podlaski at Amazon:

    The quote by President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to mind when I read the short story Unhinged: A Micro-Read by John Podlaski: “The only fear that we have to fear is fear … fear itself — nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert into advance.” This is a short story about 14-year-old boys who accept a manager’s offer to clean up the trash at a drive-in in exchange for complimentary food and soda. The movie showing that night is Night of the Living Dead, featuring cannibalistic corpses. Shrieks from the various cars as the movie projects on the screen add to the boys’ terror. Fear paralyzes them on their long walk home when an ominous car unexpectedly appears out of the dark.

    Author John Podlaski takes you back to the 1970s when high school boys brought their dates to the drive-in. The characters are engaging, and I could sense the paralyzing fear of one boy walking through a dark park to get home. The pacing for the build-up of tension is masterfully done in this short piece. It is what you can’t see but can imagine that elicits the most terror.

    Unhinged is an entertaining micro-read with elements of horror that will make your pulse race. Highly recommended.


  4. Hello Everyone!
    I posted a 5 star review on Amazon for Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl. Marian Longenecker Beaman’s memoirs of her life growing up within the Pennsylvania Mennonite Community are beautifully descriptive with a level of detail that is breathtakingly authentic. I was instantly immersed into the strict and rigid lifestyle of her family and community, who could also be loving and giving. I could smell the well-oiled wood floors, the fresh laundry on the line, or the steaming starch wafting from the iron. I could almost feel the sweltering summer heat as Marian sat on the planting machine being pulled by the Massey-Harris tractor placing tomato plants while she wore a conservative long-sleeved dress and a ruffled sunbonnet. Or imagine the taste of the peanut butter cookies or sizzling sweet potatoes. I could hear her father joyfully singing hymns in the evening and the next day harshly punishing her for her willful nature. All my senses were stirred and heightened with every page I turned. I was totally engaged as I followed the transformation of a child who knew she was different as she navigates her family relationships and her faith community to ultimately find a balance that brings her happiness and contentment. This coming of age story is eloquent and vividly written.

    My knowledge of the Mennonite Community was limited, but I was amazed in the similarities of doctrines to my grandmother’s strict Primitive Baptist religion and farm life routines. It was a wonderful trip back in time that evoked so may memories. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

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    1. My heart is bursting with joy reading your Amazon review of my memoir. At the end of a long day of struggle it was the perfect tonic. Huge Thanks! Two books are in my writing queue and yours is next. If your writing sounds anything like the review, I know it will be tops!


  5. Hi All. I posted my 4 star review for The Bloody Shoe Affair, by Joy York. It begins, Author Joy York expertly combines 1968, small-town southern Mississippi, and two cousins sharing a summer vacation. Lily, daughter to the sheriff, and Christi, her visiting cousin are of comparable age. Lily lives above the jail. She’s cultivated a nosey nature with a record of taking her imagination to the highest levels. Christi is a little less affluent as well as risk-averse yet admires Lily’s spunk.

    Enjoy this story.


    1. Hi Rox,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and review The Bloody Shoe Affair. This is a story near and dear to my heart. Although the characters and story are fictional, they were modeled after my cousin and me. She was actually the outgoing and foolhardy jailer’s daughter who lived in a house connected to the jail that was run by my uncle, a deputy sheriff and my aunt, who fed the prisoners. She grew up sneaking into the jail to take candy and cigarettes and play checker with the prisoners. I was the terrified cousin who shook in my shoes every time she dared me to go with her. I always ended up regretting it, but kept going along with her schemes. I have a sequel that I have been trying to finish for a few years called The Jailer’s Daughter’s Revenge. Hopefully, this will be the year. That’s again for your review!


  6. Happy Sunday to all! I just finished my 4-star review of MOUNTAIN JUSTICE BY KAREN BLACK and posted on Amazon. Here is the review:

    A complete short story in fifteen pages…! Annie lived alone on a mountain – her former husband was sent to prison for spousal abuse. Her two closest friends were a stallion that she raised from a colt and a neighboring veterinarian, whom she secretly developed a crush on.

    Annie was sure to die when her former husband returned seeking revenge and began beating her. Who will come to her aid? Mountain justice is the only way to put an end to this abuse.

    The story was engaging and flowed nicely…I wish it was longer. I did note two typos in the story which are easy to fix. Highly recommend this short tale for a quick vacation during your busy daily schedule. Nice job, Karen!


  7. Hi all. Post my 5 start review of Long Stories Short by Karen Black. It begins…Author Karen Black provides a collection of suspenseful stories filled with thrills and paranormal situations in realistic settings. Each tale contains unique twists and turns that set the reader on edge as the pages fly. Each story in this anthology is imaginative, scary, and yet, compelling. Enjoy the entire review on Amazon or my blog


  8. I posted my 5 star review of …And the Music Played by Nonnie Jules. It begins … Author Nonnie Jules sets up a story of broken vows, lies, and abuse. In their third year of marital bliss, Giani finds Lena is cheating on him and refusing to start the family they discussed before marriage. He is disillusioned and seeks solace online. Finding Christine.

    A good one..


  9. Happy Sunday! I just completed a 5-star review for CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY by Randy Overbeck on Amazon. Here it is in its entirety:

    I thoroughly enjoyed CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY by Randy Overbeck. This is the first book I read from this author as ghosts and paranormal type books are not on the top of my reading list. However, this one grabbed me from the very beginning and didn’t let up until the end. It is also the second book in a series.

    I thought this book was fine as a stand-alone even though portions of the first book are discussed. Darrell Henshaw lost his job and girlfriend at the end of the first book. Darrell has a keen ability to see ghosts who leave hints to help him solve mysteries.

    Taking on a part-time job in Cape May to help run a summer football camp, Darrell witnesses a ghost wearing a white wedding gown with red blood along the side. She asks for his help and tells him that by helping her, he will also help others who are alive and suffering. One of the kids at the camp recently had a teen sister who went missing; she may hold the answer to part of the mystery.

    At a local restaurant, Darrell meets Cassie, who also has the ability to see ghosts. When he wins back his former girlfriend, the three join up in an attempt to solve the mystery. However, those getting involved are at great risk of getting themselves killed – some escaped death, others did not.

    The story is full of surprises and had me analyzing every clue as it became known. Who was this haunting bride? Why was she so persistent? What did she want? Who are the others? There were some slow parts in the middle of the story, but the last 25% took off with a roar and didn’t stop until the end.

    CRIMSON AT CAPE MAY is not a ghost story…it’s more of an adventure to solve a mystery with the help of a ghost. Highly recommended.

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  10. I reviewed TIME’S PENDULUM SWINGS AGAIN by Joy M. Lilley. The title of this book perfectly describes the storyline. A young registered nurse, with limited social life, Jenny, falls in love with Seb, a surgeon from Nepal, whose feelings mirror hers. When Seb abruptly distances himself from what appears to be the beginning of a whirlwind romance, Jenny is confused, but soon after the separation, Seb rekindles their passionate relationship. Then, once again, he walks away from Jenny. He leaves Jenny, in the midst of personal tragedy, and returns to Nepal, with a selfish last request before his departure. As Jenny and Seb move on with their lives, neither can fully let go of the love they shared, or the lies that allowed it.

    Passion, deceit, tragedy, and loyalty combine to create the story of a romance between two people of different races and different cultures that, over time, swings like a pendulum. The story is told in the first person, from both Jenny’s and Seb’s points of view. Jenny and Seb are memorable characters, as is Jenny’s mother, who plays an important role throughout the novella.


  11. Good morning all. My 3 star review for Lost Time: Family Ties by Maretha Botha is posted. It begins… Author Maretha Botha creates a touching story of twin sisters, Magdalene and Nelle, who haven’t seen each other in years. They are different, like light versus dark in both temperament and love. Nelle lets her jealousy rule her actions as she secures her victory.

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  12. I tried to post a review of Cherries on Amazon but they rejected it by saying, ” It appears your review had inappropriate content.” I have not idea what that was about. Here is the review …
    Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel 2nd Edition
    by John Podlaski

    A Riveting War Story

    When I say this was a good story, that’s saying a lot coming from me. I was drawn into the story right at the beginning. I wasn’t expecting that since I am not a war story kind of girl. Even the terms and language used to describe situations didn’t deter me from the enjoyment I got out of reading this novel. That’s a testament to the author’s skilled depiction of events.

    The author was reliving the story which is so evident in his writing style. I felt like I was there with him, getting a birds-eye view of what my brother must have gone through. I cheered on the Polack, which was his nickname and a term of endearment, through the fighting and felt relieved at his troops’ safe return to the base. I was glad that he was a quick learner because it saved him on so many tours. I felt so close to him because he’s from Detroit, my hometown. Not everyone can tell a story, but this author was able to capture everything and bring the reader into it with him.

    Viet Nam was a hellish war that was not popular, and soldiers died for what seemed like no reason at all. I personally lost a brother and friends in my circle. Others found ways to avoid enlisting at any cost. It felt so good to find out what went on over there. I deeply appreciate getting the opportunity to learn what really happened. This author did this country a service by telling us the truth.
    I’m glad my experience reading this tale turned out to be a good one. There were no editing issues to deal with. It was a smooth reading experience, and I got a real understanding of what a war was like. I came from a family of soldiers including my father who was in the Navy, my brother who was a Marine and my husband who was in the Air Force.

    Thank you, John Podlaski, for giving me a real appreciation of what you had to go through and giving all of us a better understanding of what it was like for a young boy to have to grow up and become a man under such stressful conditions.
    I give this book 5 Stars.
    Now, somebody please explain to me how this review is inappropriate. I resubmitted it right away and still waiting to hear back from Amazon.

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    1. Great review, Shirley.Thank you. Your rejection is probably due to the Polack comment at the beginning. Might want to either change to John Kowalski or delete the sentence all together. Amazon is finicky and I’ve had to alter and modify reviews in the past because of the same reason. Even their explanation is flaky and doesn’t answer the question of why. I’m also glad that you learned something from my story.

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      1. I never would have thought that they would use that as an excuse to reject. Obviously they are using bots and nobody is reading the review at all. They are not even pretending they care. I sent it again and haven’t heard anything. I’ll make the changes and try again if they let me.

        John, are you following my website? Because you are missing something that you should have seen. Also are you on the whatsapp channel? I tried communicating with you over there but no response either. Did you experience the power outage in our area a week ago? I did and I was trying to communicate with you when our power went out. We were using a generator and that helped us get through 5 days.

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        1. Hi Shirley. I do follow your website…what did I miss? Additionally, I’ve been posting on our chats. In fact, I’ve responded to you about the power and the recent storm we experienced. Apparently, we continue to miss one another in the thread.


    2. Hi Shirley, good review. It could also be the term hellish as these days terms like that can be considered inapproriate for young readers.


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  13. Hi everyone, my 4-star review of Unhinged: A Micro-Read by John Podlaski:
    Unhinged is a quick read about two boys who help out cleaning up at the drive in one afternoon and, in return, get provided with a good supply of takeaway food and watch the movie of that evening for free. The movie is a horror movie about zombies and the two teenagers discover how unnerving it is to sit in the near dark watching something designed to scare them silly. Everyone around them is safe and secure in their cars but they are exposed sitting outside on the grass. After the movie the pair walk home and discover something or someone is following them. Is it a murderer or a zombie? Is it real or just their imagination? An entertaining short story that will bring back memories to anyone who ever watched something really scary with a mate in the dark.

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  14. Good morning, my 5-star review for The One Chosen: A Diasodz Short Story by Yvette M. Calleiro:
    I have read the first book, The One Discovered, in the greater series to which this short story belongs and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed this short story even more than the longer book and thought the author did an excellent job of developing an interesting and emotional love story within the short word count of this book.

    Valarie has recently experienced her death day and is embarking on her first training camp to become a Diosodz warrior. Her older sister is a trainer at the camp Valarie will be attending and she is unsure whether that is an advantage or not. Two men, Alo and Nolan, comprise the trio of trainers and Valarie is immediately attracted to the handsome but distant Nolan.

    During her time spent under Nolan’s tutelage, Valarie can sense Nolan’s interest in her but he is determined to push his attraction to her aside, even when Valarie makes her own interest obvious. Hurt and puzzled by his rebuff, Valarie becomes friendly with Drake, a master trainer who is visiting the camp. Valarie passes her training with flying colours and goes on to attain her first assignment. Valarie is rather taken aback when she is paired with Nolen for her first venture into enemy territory but she undertakes to make the most of it, despite her reservations. Adverse circumstances led to changes in Valarie and Nolan’s relationship that they never anticipated.

    I enjoyed the character of Valarie. She is intelligent and determined as well as confident enough to speak her mind. She is also able to cope with rejection and difficult situations, both emotionally and physically.

    Nolan is a complex character and his back story is not revealed in this short book so I will have to wait for it to be unpacked in the greater series. He has obviously experience some sort of loss and pain that has resulted in his barricading himself against a potential romance, but his softer and more appealing side is gradually unveiled as the story progresses.

    A well written and enjoyable short story.

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  15. Good morning Here is my 5-star review of Apollo’s Raven by Linnea Tanner:
    Apollo’s Raven is a beautifully written book about life in the time of the Celtic kings and the Roman conquerors. I am a huge fan of historical books and this is not a time period I know a lot about. Ms Tanner’s research was excellent and I appreciated her attention to detail with regards the everyday lives of her characters.

    The history is interwoven with a mystical element that suits the storyline and the time period as it includes druid magic, shape shifting, visions and curses, as well as the ability to change the future.

    The story opens with Catrin, the youngest daughter of King Amren, melding with the spirit of her pet raven and watching the arrival of a party of Romans through its eyes. Princess Catrin intuitively knows that the arrival of these Romans means trouble for her father and her people especially since her brother, Marrock, is with them. Marrock was cast out by her father years before after his mother, the Queen, was beheaded by King Amren for plotting against him.

    When Catrin arrives back at her village the Romans are already there. They have come to investigate claims by Marrock that he is the rightful heir to King Amren’s thrown. It’s quickly revealed that a neighbouring rival king is backing Marrocks claim in order to diminish King Amren’s power and authority in the region. The leader of the Roman’s has brought his young son, Marcellus with him, and when negotiations between King Ameron and the Roman leader turn sour, it is agreed that hostages will be traded until an agreement between King Ameron and his Celtic rival is reached. Catrin’s sister goes with the Roman’s and Marcellus is left with the Celts.

    There is a strong attraction between Catrin and Marcellus and romance soon starts to blossom.

    Catrin was a wonderful and strong female character who could not be intimidated or broken, but who knew her duty and where her loyalties had to lie for the good of her family and people. She is an interesting mixture of soft and strong, reflective and determined, and is loyal and trustworthy. It was an eye opener to learn the different attitudes towards women demonstrated by the Romans and the Celts. King Ameron treats his wife as his equal which shocks and dismays the Roman leader.

    This book will appeal to lovers of historical romance who appreciate reliable and solid research and good writing.

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    1. Thank you, Robbie, for your in-depth 5-star review and overview of Apollo’s Raven. You’ve eloquently captured the overview of the story and I greatly appreciate your feedback.


  16. Hi all, I posted my 4 star review for Crossroads Diner #205, by Pamela Schloesser Canepa – It begins Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa delivers an exciting twist in stopping in a diner for a quick meal. Janie, or as the short-order cook refers to her, Juanita, has her hands full serving the diverse customers. The diner is a world of its own—in-between.

    I posted my 5 star review for Two Faces of Janu, by Linnea Tammer. It begins Author Linnea Tanner’s short story of ancient Rome focuses on Augustus Caesar and his manipulative family dynamics. The character of Lucius, a young man of eighteen, dealt with his father’s disgrace from the point of duty and his mother’s anguish from the point of love. The historical detail Linnea provides of this event immediately brings the reader into the story.

    Both recomended reads.

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  17. Greetings, everyone. PTL Perrin’s YA novel, TERRA’S CALL, is a science fiction tale will entertain all ages. The story is told in the first person, and the reader needs to pay attention to the chapter titles to understand who is speaking. Each of the four main characters has a special gift, and all of them are well-described with individual personalities that make them come alive throughout the novel. I enjoyed the storyline of this first book of a series, and look forward to reading book two.

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  18. Hi all, I posted my 5 star review for The One Chosen by Yvette Calleiro. A stellar prequel It begins…I have enjoyed several stories written by Author Yvette Calleiro. Her world-building of Diasodz fascinates me. I found this short story interesting as it shares the warrior training of Valerie—coming of age.

    I also posted my 3 star review of My Aunt Peggy, by Joy M Lilley. Great photos. It begins … I have enjoyed several stories written by Author Yvette Calleiro. Her world-building of Diasodz fascinates me. I found this short story interesting as it shares the warrior training of Valerie—coming of age.

    Both stories worth grabbing. Grab them before the conference loses. Lots of fun books on my list. Take care

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  19. Hello all! I just completed my 5-star review for THE CHOSEN ONE: A Diasodz short story by Yvette Calleiro . Here it is:

    A wonderful short story within the world of Diasodz. Valarie is transported to a special school where all the children that reached their death date go to become Warriors. All have special gifts that determine their place in this new order. Valerie has already practiced her Warrior specialty which calls forth a bow and arrows which materialize in her hands on a whim. Her friend, Hannah, can determine changes in the body and helps her when she develops a crush for the lead instructor, Nolan.

    Upon graduation, as Valarie is no longer a student, Nolan feels comfortable in reciprocating those special feelings exhibited by Valarie. However, A third person, Drake, who heads the training programs, also has his eye on Valarie and wants her for himself.

    In the Warriors’ first task, Valarie is paired with Nolan on a special mission. Will their feelings for one another cause them to lose their focus and get killed in the battle? The pair are soon ambushed by the enemy and fight valiantly – Valarie is seriously injured. Can Nolan save her?

    At 65-pages, this story reads like a full-length novel. THE ONE CHOSEN is the prequel to the Diasodz series. I have already read the first book in the series and look forward to getting back into the series. Highly recommended!

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  20. Hi All,

    I posted a 5 star review on Amazon for Breathless: A Short Story by Yvette M Calliero. It was a delightfully wicked fairytale set in the 1920’s. It is beautifully written story that kept me engaged until the last page. Be careful what you wish for !

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  21. Good Morning Everyone,

    I posted a 5 star review for No Pedigree, a short story by Nonnie Jules. It’s an emotional story about a young teen’s struggle to fit in to a new high school full of racist and entitled white students. The exclusion, demeaning and constant bullying are a poignant reminder of our continued struggles to overcome prejudice, and our need to teach our children respect, inclusion and to celebrating diversity.


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  22. Hi all. I posted my 3 star review for My Aunt Peggy by Joy M Lilley. It begins, Author Joy M. Lilley picked a fun way to immortalize a colorful Aunt. Aunt Peggy’s life included surviving WWII, adapting to difficult times, and crossing paths with fascinating people of the times. I loved the nickname Peggoty, in …
    You need to snag this one and Clouds. Thank you, Joy for sharing your insights.

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  23. MEMOIR OF A MAD WOMAN, by Vashti Quiroz-Vega is not a typical short story. Abandoned by her father and thrust into an orphanage after the death of her mother, Emma didn’t have an easy life. Told in the first person, Emma exhibits the personality traits of a sociopath, who also suffers from a bit of paranoia. But even as her vindictive streak began to surface, I sympathized with her. I wanted to like her. As the story progressed, however, I changed my mind. As the tension builds, so does the horror. Not for the squeamish, this adult story is haunting.

    The characters are easy to picture. Their personalities are apparent in their actions. The plot appears to be predictable, but appearances are deceiving. You will not expect the ending. Well done, Vashti!


  24. Good day, all. I posted my 5 star review of Close Your Eyes and They’re Gone, by Karen Black. on Amazon. It begins… Author Karen Black creates a bond with readers early in each of her stories. This story is no exception. Lily and her mother, Rose, are together making their family life work, waiting for Derek’s tour of duty to end. Lily is …

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  25. I read DEATH IN THE TRIANGLE, by John Podlaski, and it was excellent. In this page-turning story of bravery, fear, anger, and determination, the soldiers come to life. Their emotions are palpable and the environmental descriptions put the reader in the jungle with the memorable characters. The author has successfully woven a realistic story of the brutal circumstances endured by the men who fought in the Vietnam War. In spite of horrific conditions, the soldiers’ perseverance is on display, as well as their loyalty to their country and to each other. This book is a five star read.


    1. Thank you so much, Karen. I’m glad you enjoyed my story and thought highly of it to give it five stars. Not too many people know what these young soldiers experienced during the war, Death in the Triangle is one of the many tools I use to educate the masses. Thank you, again, Karen. I am blessed to have people like you around.

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  26. Today I posted my Amazon review of Murder Me Tomorrow by Keith Wright. I gave this thriller four stars. My review starts, “This is a fast-paced detective/police procedural thriller. The wonderful, noir-ish title and terrific cover art captured my attention and were a great introduction to what followed. Don’t start this book late at night for two reasons: first, you will stay up all night to finish it, and second, some of the descriptions of the murders are extremely graphic. I will admit that I skipped the gory details for all but the first one, but that did not detract from my enjoyment of the story or cause me any confusion. The novel is set in the 1980’s, which adds to the suspense as the detectives and other characters are more isolated than in today’s world and can’t grab their cellphone to call for help or share information.” I won’t post the entire review here, but I tried not to give away too many details, as surprise and tension are crucial to this novel. It is very well written, and the scenes of the detectives interacting and the dialog are all realistic. I did notice that the writer had a habit of editorializing often, saying things about his characters such as that they were dispicable, or pathetic, or such, rather than letting the story and dialog show those characteristics to us. As a reader, I find that distracting and we could certainly figure those things out by ourselves through the action and dialog. Other than that, and the fact that I had to skip the very vivid and graphic descriptions of the murders and rapes, I enjoyed this book very much.


  27. from Joy M.Lilley on 05 August 2021 my 5 star review for Bette Stevens My Maine
    A splendid read.
    Bette, brought this glorious place to life for me.I enjoyed the poetic verses accompanying each season.knowing parts of the United States of America Maine is one not as yet visited.It now sits on my bucket list.Thank you Bette for a most enjoyable literacy journey…
    See your full review

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  28. Close your eyes and their gone by Karen Black.

    from Joy M.Lilley on 03 August 2021 I gave a five star review.
    We all dread such an occurrence.
    This is the story of most women’s nightmares. A four year old goes missing. The characters were believable, and the story fast paced. My only criticism would be the unlikely second abduction.
    Karen has an exceptional way with words. An enjoyable read.

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  29. I posted my 5-star review of Old Mountain Cassie, by Tonya Penrose. It begins…Author Tonya Penrose creates an idyllic world set in the Appalachian Mountains in Divine—a delightful small town. This lovely story provides the perfect setting for a charming and relatable group of characters with witty dialogue, humor, and close-knit friends. Tonya deftly breathes life into thinking about the simple lessons of small towns, mystery, and local lore on living life to the fullest…

    This story is so sweet.

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  30. A shared Dream by Pat Garcia. I gave 4 stars.

    Quite a story, not for the kids though. Tells of dominatrix activity.
    A soul searching tale where the female protagonist fails to be able to bare children.
    It’s sad she felt she had to escape the marital home for three years because of it.
    However, a happy ending prevails eventually, through the patience and understanding of a tolerant husband.

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    1. Hi Joy,
      I am just reading this. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. You are so right, this is adult romance fiction and definitely not for children. It made my day today to see your review.
      Take care.
      Shalom aleichem


  31. Hi everyone. I Just posted an Amazon review for “Destiny’s Dreamer” by Breakfield and Burkey. I wanted to give it 4.5 stars, but Amazon doesn’t do that. Oh, well…

    Set in Ireland, Destiny’s Dreamer begins with the closeness of two brothers, Jamie and Ian, who have to work for everything they have. They’re not wealthy, but they don’t want to live forever on the farm their parents own. They have higher aspirations, dreams of places they’ve never seen. They start putting together a “Franken-bike”–that is, a motorcycle from random parts that are essentially in a bucket. Not all the parts are there, so they take on extra work to pay for those that are missing. This project brings them even closer together. (Just an aside: My own father did this with antique motorcycles, so I have actually watched this being done!)

    They decide they want to take a trip within Ireland, but the Irish weather leads to disaster. Jamie’s life turns upside down in an instant. He can never forgive himself. Neither can his parents forgive him. He goes off on a journey to who knows where, looking for his very soul to redeem.

    I won’t give away the rest of the story; however, I will say that the authors demonstrate their deftness at developing a character in Jamie in a very short time within the pages of this short story. I would like to see a sequel to this story to see where his dreams take him in the future. If I could have, I would have given this a 4.5 stars. but, alas, it’s not possible.


  32. Hello everyone–Here’s my five-star review of Karen Black’s “Mountain Justice.” I submitted it to Amazon; it’s awaiting approval.

    This novella/short story hit me right between the eyes with its action-packed twists and turns–kind of like the mountain roads my father used to drive us through when I was a young child. Annie has been the victim of serious domestic violence at the hands of her husband, George. He is jealous not only of her horse, Annie’s soulmate stallion, but also of Rob, the veterinarian who takes care of the animals on Annie’s farm. George beats Annie mercilessly to the point where a pregnant Annie loses a child. Despite the short length of this story, the reader gets to feel each punch and kick that George delivers, thanks to the writing skills of this author.

    George goes to jail for his crimes and Annie thinks everything will be okay. But will it? And will the crush she’s had on Rob since they were kids in school ever come to fruition? Is George finished with her? Will he come back to haunt her, even kill her, when he’s released from prison? This is what you, as a reader, will have to discover. I’m not going to reveal the clever ending that the author has devised. I will, however, tell you that my late father grew up in the Appalachian mountains, and that there is such a thing as mountain justice. He would be pleased with this story.


  33. Hi all. Posted my Amazon 5 star review of Meet me in Maine by Susanne Leist. It begins…Author Susanne Leist begins The Blue Harbor Series with a bang. Elizabeth Reading’s boyfriend, Martin, moves out. This gives Scarlett Harding, Elizabeth’s best friend, the chance to move to a small town. She announces a serious relocation to Blue Harbor, Maine. The…

    And yes, I did grab it because the cover called to me.

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  34. Here’s the four-star review I just posted on Amazon for Maura Beth Brenna’s “The Edge of Fear”:

    This is the story of Hattie (once called Harriet), who has transformed her once unhappy life into a new beginning. She had gone to Maine to work for a wealthy woman as her companion. That turned into a wise decision, because Agnes became much more to her–a companion, certainly, but a confidante, a friend, a mentor and much more. Hattie met and married the love of her life while working for Agnes, and they had a child.

    Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Hattie starts noticing things that trouble her. Then the unthinkable happens. Her entire world turns upside down. She and Celine set off on an adventure that must be read to be believed. The women go through some harrowing experiences.

    That’s all I will say about the plot. The writing in this novel is descriptive, forthright and provides just the right amount of suspense. In some parts, I could feel the cool breezes of Maine; in others, I could sense the tension of a mother whose only child has been ripped out of her arms. In yet others, I felt hope and despair at the same time.

    This writer is talented and careful to keep her characters alive and resourceful while navigating the plot twists simultaneously. I read her previous book, and this one is meant to be a sequel. Writing a sequel to a previous book is not always easy. I think this writer has succeeded in making Hattie a character whose attributes fare well in this sequel. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense and women who make things happen.

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  35. I read THE CHOSEN ONE, by Yvette Calleiro. Magic, fantasy, romance and drama are combined in this delightful short story of two 17th century Diasodz warriors, a student and her mentor. The characters come to life, as Valerie and Nolan find each other in a battle of wills. The action continues, when Valerie sustains a life threatening injury, and Nolan finds himself in a battle that could be his last. THE CHOSEN ONE was my introduction to the world of Diasodz, and it is a wonderful place to escape.


  36. Hey, again! Here is my 4-star review of Pat Garcia’s book, “A Shared Dream.”

    After Chance and Gavino are married, he introduces her to a new sexual lifestyle that she comes to love. He wants a family and she discovers soon after that she’s unable to conceive. Guilty, she runs away. Neither divorces the other. Three years later, Gavino reenters her life and offers her new information about their former dreams; she didn’t have to conceive to have a large family.

    Chance also realizes that she still loved Gavino and missed their sexual lifestyle. The absence of love makes the heart grow fonder. Chance and Gavino fall right back into that sexual lifestyle; the built-up lust and need exploded as both celebrated getting back together again. Their dreams can still come true.

    Warning: there are explicit sex scenes and descriptions of their sexual lifestyle. If this bothers you, stay away. If not, it’s a great short story about love and relationships.

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    1. Hi John,
      I have just lost my thank you to you. Don’t know where it disappeared to. Thank you so much for your review. I love it and especially the last part with the story being about love and relationships because that is what romance is all about. I couldn’t have said it better.
      Take care.
      Shalom aleichem


  37. Here is my 5-star review of Karen Black’s short story: “Close your eyes and they’re gone” had me spellbound to every word. The author did such a great job, I felt as if I were there in every scene…whispering to Lily not to go…trying to hold her back, but my arms passed through hers like an apparition. When the car pulled away, I was heartbroken.

    Since I have a 3-year old granddaughter, I thought OMG, what would I do if this happened to us. What would be going through her head during the brain-washing sessions? I knew exactly how the parents felt.

    The author offers readers a look into human trafficking and the kind of alluring techniques used to kidnap toddlers and young children. I was amazed at how deeply I was engaged in this short story…it didn’t miss a beat and contained every aspect of a full-length novel. Great job, Karen Black!

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    1. John, thank you so much for reading my story and for your review. I am thrilled that the story affected you in the way I hoped it would come across to readers. Human trafficking is very real, and children can be gone in a heartbeat.


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