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Welcome to the RRBC MEMBER REWARDS Program!!!

RRBC has been known for its giving since the very beginning, but now we’re going to give even more!  For those members who go above and beyond in their quest to support their fellow members, we want to REWARD you with our new “Points” System!

Members will receive “points” for various ways that they support RRBC & RWISA via their giving hands.  Each Activity of Support has been assigned a point or points and those points equate into monetary values.  Once a member has collected enough points (otherwise known as reaching his/her “redeeming threshold”) the member may cash in all of his/her points to get certain rewards, which are all listed below.


ACTIVITY OF SUPPORT (AOS)/Ways to earn points:

-Entering general contests, RRBC or RWISA = 5 points per contest (CA)

-Entering the RWISA “RISE-UP” or RWISA “REVOLUTION” tours = 1 point (CA)

-Entering your book(s) into the KCT INT’L LITERARY AWARD Contest = 5 points per title (CA)


Register for Author or Vendor Booth during 2021 WC&BE = 5 points per booth (CA)

-Register for a minimum of 5 sessions during the 2021 WC&BE = 5 points per every 5 sessions (CA)

-Register as a Participant of 2021 HOLIDAY POP-UP BOOKSHOP = 5 points

Register as a Participant of 2021 Block Parties = 3 points per block party entered (CA)

-Register as a Participant of “PAY IT FORWARD” Day = 3 points (CA)

-Register as a Participant of “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS” day/week = 3 points

-Sponsor a RAVE WAVES show w/purchase of commercial = 5 points per commercial

Supporting RAVE WAVES Shows from the #PeanutGallery = 3 points per show (must leave comment(s) on Twitter during LIVE shows or participate in discussion on Zoom shows)

-Reporting a FREE TO REVIEW read = 2 points

-Reading and reporting a review of a short story during MARCH’S READ A SHORT STORY MONTH = 3 points per read

-Joining BOOKS DOWN LOW (BDL) = 2 points

-Joining the BIRTHDAY CLUB = 2 points

-Acceptance into RAVE SOUP or RWISA Anthologies = 3 points

Recruit NEW members = points per member

Donations to club = 1 point per every $1 (donated in cash or gift cards for Sponsorships of WC&BE, Pop-Up Bookshop, Block Parties, etc.)

-Becoming a member of the RRBC “100 Club” = 5 points per each level increase (current members will get 5 points added to their points “bank”)

-Quarterly Reviews = 4 points per every 4 books reviewed each quarter. (That means you would have to review 4 books every 90 days to get 4 points in this category. At the end of 12 months, you would have earned 16 points.  You must list the date and title of book)

-Review of a Current or past BOOK OF THE MONTH title, including RWISA BOMS = 2 points per title

-Posting a review of a BOM during the BOM month = 3 points per title

-Review of a 2021 WC&BE SPONSOR title = 3 points per title

Hosting “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR Blog Tours or other club tours = 5 points per tour

-Hosting 4WillsPub Blog Tours = 5 points per tour

-Leaving a comment ALL 7 days of a “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR’S Blog Tour or 4WillsPub member Blog Tours = 5 points

Serving on Tweet Support Team = 1 point per month (Your Twitter feed must show your TST activity)

Attending monthly book club discussions = 3 points per discussion (must be in attendance at least 30 min of discussion)

-Celebrating 5 yrs of membership with RRBC = 5 points

-Celebrating 7 yrs of membership with RRBC = 5 points

-Having #RRBC in your Twitter bio = 1 point

-Having #RRBC/#RWISA in your Twitter bio if you are a #RWISA member = 1 point



*FREE Membership for 1 year =  350 points

*BOOK OF THE MONTH Slot =  350 points

*LIVE RAVE WAVES Interview =  250 points

*RAVE WAVES Commercial = 300 points

*WHO’S ON THE SHELF Interview = 250 points

*#PUSHTUESDAY Slot =  250 points

*3-Day Weekend Blog Tour (courtesy of 4WillsPub)380 points

*2021 CONFERENCE:  10% off WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO Booth or Session Fees (must register for a booth and at least 1 Session)300 points.  (If you register under our EARLY-BIRD Registration Program and pay your fees in full when you reach and request this redeemable threshold, 10% of your fees will be refunded to you)

*$25 Amazon Gift Card500 points

*$35 Amazon Gift Card600 points

*VIP Lounge Invite = 650 points


***Points are valid starting from the time of member’s 1st logged member rewards point.  Points roll-over from year to year.  If a member is removed from our roster for any amount of time, all points become null & void;

***If a member leaves the club with unused points in their “bank,” those points will be placed in a lottery to be used as monthly giveaways for the members of the TST! They deserve this extra perk for the support they give;

***To receive points, the Activity of Support (AOS) must be reported within 30 days of the event’s end.  (For example, if you participated in the gallery of the “EYES ON THE BOOK” show but you don’t report the AOS until 31 days later, you will not be eligible for those points.) Report your rewards immediately;

***Points may be redeemed at any time once you have reached a redeemable threshold.  The base minimum redeemable threshold to receive a Reward is 250 points;

***Members are responsible for reporting their Member Rewards to us by submitting the form below OR by sending the info via a comment in your Membership Management Portal, if you have one.  We will no longer bring to your attention that you are due points;

***Members are responsible for notifying us of the kind of reward they are reporting.  For instance, if you’ve reviewed a book of the month during the actual month of it is holding that seat, you must inform us of that or your review will be logged as a regular review and you cannot go back and have that information changed later;

*For questions regarding the status of your points or the Rewards Program, please contact us at RRBCInfo@gmail.com.   Members may begin requesting their points balance but may make this request only once per month.  (Please allow 5-7 business days to receive this information).  Points cannot overlap.

This REWARDS Program began Sunday, 2/11/18



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