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NOTE:  All blurbs posted here are the work of the author and are taken directly from Amazon.  The RRBC team accepts no credit or critiques for these blurbs.



“Allow Yourself to Be a Better Person”

Allow Yourself To Be A Better Person by [Singh, Balroop]



“Over Our Heads” 

Over Our Heads: An Exploration into Life, the Universe, and Everything by [Sinclair, James]

“Into Ourselves:  An Exploration Into the Human Experience”



To learn more about John and his other books, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“A Personal Journey To The Heart of Teaching”

A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching by [Fioravanti, John]

Teaching is the canvas but the portrait is so much richer and more colourful. This book will capture and absorb you. Fear of failure is a powerful motivator and as John Fioravanti battles and defeats his demons you will find yourself cheering for him as if he were contesting a sporting event.

Teaching is not a discipline confined to schools, and the lessons in this book about planning, listening, empathizing and sympathizing have applicability to all professions and walks of life − from a police lieutenant training officers to a sales manager teaching sales representatives and everything else in between.

John Fioravanti shaped, elevated, and improved the lives thousands of young people. After you’ve read this short story, you’ll be fulfilled and uplifted.



To learn more about Marcha and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology”

Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology by [Fox, Marcha]

“The Family History Fun Factor”

The Family History Fun Factor: How to Gather and Preserve Family Folklore by [Fox, Marcha]



“Light Love Rituals”

Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore by [Aveela, Ronesa]



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