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“The Road to Saratin” 

The Road to Saratin by Charles Jones



To learn more about John and his other books, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Passion & Struggle – The Genesis Saga Book 1”

Passion & Struggle (The Genesis Saga Book 1) by [Fioravanti, John]

Marco Rossini is a historian with no political aspirations, and no desire for power. However, he possesses unique knowledge that is about to change his life: he knows the human history of the planet Earth.

The Year is 2796 CE, and on the planet Genesis, human civilization looks very similar to the world it left behind. One difference dominates: a Church, created by the United Nations to compel peace, has ruled for seven centuries. Now, in the wake of a brutal war that aligned humanity with the new rulers of Earth, the old ways have been shattered, and Genesis needs a new, egalitarian government. Marco is the right man to help lead the change, but as the professor soon discovers, the battle between Church and state is far from over, and both sides are willing to spill blood.  (More on Amazon)

“Treachery & Triumph – The Genesis Saga Book 2”

Treachery & Triumph (The Genesis Saga Book 2) by [Fioravanti, John]

Marco Rossini is the Vice President of Genesis and the civilian commander of the elite Alpha Corps special forces. His skills and courage are about to be tested in ways he could not have foreseen.

It is 2797 CE, and after centuries fractured along religious and social lines, planet Genesis is inching painfully toward unity. The civilian and Churcher executives of a new, hybrid government are convinced that without reform their society will not survive… but they are beset by challenges from fanatics who are determined to destroy all initiatives that might lead to positive change.

Marco’s close brush with death and his miraculous recovery with the help of the Earthers has steeled his resolve to fight for an egalitarian society… but can this academic-turned-political leader vanquish his enemies, save his love, and still preserve his own humanity?  (More on Amazon)



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“Carl Prescott and the Riddle of Satan’s Cube”

Carl Prescott and the Riddle of Satan's Cube by Karl Morgan

Carl Prescott has been spirited away to Limbo, an emptiness of lost souls where the gods bicker and fight, but will not admit their failure. Even in this terrible place, our hero encounters oddly familiar spirits. When Aida and Sylvia come to help, Satan, the true Lord of Limbo, expels them to seal his ultimate triumph over God.

Carl Prescott and Aida Whitehall arrive in yet another universe with even more similarities to their own. This universe is almost dead, so they better hurry. The Sun will explode in days, and if they cannot stop Satan before then, the Cycle of the Universes will end, and Limbo will be our only future. Fortunately, Lord Zed arrives in time to help.

Satan’s Cube is a nonstop action adventure spanning all of creation from the beginning of time through its end, and beyond. Once again, the future will be determined by Carl Prescott’s actions. He must resolve the Riddle of Satan’s Cube, or existence will end, and we will all be eternally enslaved by the Evil One.

“Carl Prescott and the Vengeful Gods”

Carl Prescott and The Vengeful Gods by Karl Morgan

When Carl Prescott stopped Sylvia, the Demon Queen, from destroying our universe, he sincerely believed his life could get back to normal again. Yet the duties of the Invisible Hand never end. Somehow, the priest and priestess who helped Sylvia did form another universe, and many of Carl’s friends were sucked through a wormhole and are now stranded there.

In order to rescue their friends, Carl and Sylvia must venture through the wormhole and enter the false universe. Their journey is fraught with danger as the God King and God Queen are not alone. Even though Carl carried Sylvia, Gabriel, and Constance out of the gravity wave, somehow they are in the false universe too. Another riddle that must be resolved before they can escape back to the real world.

The action and danger become more intense as Carl endures one outrageous challenge after another. To make matters worse, the existence of the false universe contradicts physics, and has already begun to come apart. Hopefully, Carl and his friends will not fizzle out of existence along with it.

“Carl Prescott and the Demon Queen” 

Carl Prescott and the Demon Queen by [Morgan, Karl]

Carl Prescott may have saved the world from the Beast, but the duties of the Invisible Hand never end. The story begins when a medieval castle is discovered hidden beneath the Thorndike Institution. While the professors search for clues, our hero is summoned to Hell to meet the demon Sylvia. She once ruled a satanic kingdom in Eastern Europe from that castle, and will do so again.

There is much more to this beautiful woman than evil intentions. To stop her plan, Carl must first understand why she is so focused on him. To learn the truth, he must face God, Satan, and Death. In this nonstop action-packed adventure, he must stand at the Crossroads of Existence and cross the Rope Bridge to meet his destiny.

If he succeeds, life can return to normal. If not, the galaxy and every soul therein will be devoured by a voracious black hole, which even God will be powerless to stop.

“Carl Prescott and the Sleeping One”

Carl Prescott and The Sleeping One by Karl Morgan

Carl Prescott never did have many friends, and after a chance meeting with Headmaster Dorchester, he may lose the only two friends he has left. With no other options, Carl, Grace, and Burt transfer to the Thorndike Academic Institution, one of only two schools on Earth that cater to the unusual abilities of their students. They learn that the oddities that made them outcasts at home are amazing skills vital to saving the world. If they can survive.

The second school is more interested in enslaving the world than saving it. Headmaster Greenleaf and Professor Thorndike VIII will do anything to keep the three friends from becoming what they must become.

Carl, Grace, Burt, and their new friend, Aida race through this nonstop action adventure. Every day, they discover more about the talents they possess, but time is short. If Carl fails, the school and everyone there is doomed. Let us hope he learns quickly and well.

From the author:
Carl, Burt, and Grace were outcasts at home and school. Only Grace had other friends, but that was okay with Carl Prescott. She was the only friend he needed. Now both she and Burt are being sent far away to the Bertrand Aloysius Thorndike Academic Institution due to their unusual abilities, so Carl goes along.

Soon they learn that those oddities are actually amazing talents. While exploring vacant wings of the Gratia Dei Dormitory, they find the truth of this ancient academy, and they are put on a very dangerous path that can save the world, if they can overcome impossible odds.

Join the adventure, and follow the friends as they learn amazing truths that most refuse to see. Solving the riddle of The Sleeping One is only the beginning of this story.

“The Accord”

The Accord (The Dave Brewster Series Book 5) by [Morgan, Karl]

“2125:  Home of the Brave” 

2125: Home of the Brave (Revolution Book 4) by [Morgan, Karl]

“2122:  The Perilous Fight” 

2122: The Perilous Fight (Revolution Book 2) by [Morgan, Karl]

“2123: Dawn’s Early Light (Revolution)”

2123: Dawn's Early Light (Revolution Book 3) by [Morgan, Karl]

“2121:  Twilight’s Last Gleaming” 

2121: Twilight's Last Gleaming (Revolution Book 1) by [Morgan, Karl]

“Hand of God”

Hand of God (Modern Prophets Book 3) by [Morgan, Karl]

“Tears of Gallia”

Tears of Gallia (Dave Brewster Series Book 4) by [Morgan, Karl]

“The Hive”

The Hive (The Dave Brewster Series Book 3) by [Morgan, Karl]

“The Second Predaxian War”

The Second Predaxian War (The Dave Brewster Series Book 2) by [Morgan, Karl]

“Showdown Over Neptune”

Showdown Over Neptune (The Dave Brewster Series Book 1) by [Morgan, Karl]


Demonic (Modern Prophets Book 4) by [Morgan, Karl]

“The Reluctant Prophet:  A Love Story”

The Reluctant Prophet: A Love Story (Modern Prophets Book 2) by [Morgan, Karl]


Whistlestop by [Morgan, Karl]

“The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story”

The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story by [Morgan, Karl]

“Two Doors”

Two Doors (Modern Prophets Book 1) by [Morgan, Karl]

“Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun”

Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun by [Morgan, Karl]

“Heartstone: The Time Walker”

Heartstone: The Time Walker by [Morgan, Karl]



“Isle of Dragons”

Isle of Dragons by L. A. Thompson

“Isle of Dragons:  The Hidden Library”




To learn more about Linnea and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Apollo’s Raven”

Apollo's Raven (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 1) by [Tanner, Linnea]

“Dagger’s Destiny”

Dagger's Destiny (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 2) by [Tanner, Linnea]

“Amulet’s Rapture”

Amulet's Rapture (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 3) by [Tanner, Linnea]



“Detours In Time”

Detours in Time by Pamela S Canepa

“Undercurrents In Time”

Undercurrents in Time by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

“Malachi, Ruse Master”

Malachi, Ruse Master by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

“Made For Me: It’s All Chemistry…isn’t It?”

Made for Me: It's all chemistry...isn't it? by [Canepa, Pamela Schloesser]



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“At The Edge of the Stairs” (THIS TITLE WILL RETURN SOON)

At the Edge of the Stairs by Phil Stephens

At The Edge of the Stairs is a gripping tale of a young woman’s love that is so strong it transcends the barrier between this dimension and the next. It is the incredible story of Crystal Maiden Arabella and Abraham Gallagher. It follows Maiden’s paranormal reincarnated journey to reunite with her lover almost twenty-three years after her death.



To learn more about Robbie and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“A Ghost And His Gold” 

A GHost and his Gold by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

After Tom and Michelle Cleveland move into their recently built, modern townhouse, their housewarming party is disrupted when a drunken game with an Ouija board goes wrong and summonses a sinister poltergeist, Estelle, who died in 1904. Estelle makes her presence known in a series of terrifying events, culminating in her attacking Tom in his sleep with a knife. But, Estelle isn’t alone. Who are the shadows lurking in the background – one in an old-fashioned slouch hat and the other, a soldier, carrying a rifle? After discovering their house has been built on the site of one of the original farms in Irene, Michelle becomes convinced that the answer to her horrifying visions lie in the past. She must unravel the stories of the three phantoms’ lives, and the circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths during the Second Anglo Boer War, in order to understand how they are tied together and why they are trapped in the world of ghosts between life and death. As the reasons behind Estelle’s malevolent behaviour towards Tom unfold, Michelle’s marriage comes under severe pressure and both their lives are threatened.

“Through The Nethergate”

Through the Nethergate by [Cheadle, Roberta Eaton]

Margaret, a girl born with second sight, has the unique ability to bring ghosts trapped between Heaven and Hell back to life. When her parents die suddenly, she goes to live with her beloved grandfather, but the cellar of her grandfather’s ancient inn is haunted by an evil spirit of its own.

In the town of Bungay, a black dog wanders the streets, enslaving the ghosts of those who have died unnatural deaths. When Margaret arrives, these phantoms congregate at the inn, hoping she can free them from the clutches of Hugh Bigod, the 12th-century ghost who has drawn them away from Heaven’s White Light in his canine guise.
With the help of her grandfather and the spirits she has befriended, Margaret sets out to defeat Hugh Bigod, only to discover he wants to use her for his own ends – to take over Hell itself.



“Mystical Emona:  Soul’s Journey” 

Mystical Emona: Soul's Journey by [Aveela, Ronesa]



To learn more about Susanne and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Meet Me In Maine”

Meet Me in Maine by Susanne Leist

“The Dead At Heart”

The Dead at Heart by Susanne Leist

“The Dead Game”

The Dead Game: Book One of The Dead Game Series by [Leist, Susanne]

“Prey For The Dead”

Prey for The Dead: Book Two of The Dead Game Series by [Leist, Susanne]






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