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CONGRATS “100+” Club Members! @RRBC_Org #RRBC

Many thanks are going out to the members of our “100+” Club!  These members have purchased, read and reviewed 100, 200 or 300 of their fellow member books and we want to say THANK YOU to them for their support, their time and their dedication to RRBC and its members.  Please show your support for each of them!

Kudos to each of the members of this very exclusive group!


*RWISA Author, Karen Black

Karen Black RWISA shirt

*RWISA Author, John Podlaski

John P RWISA tee

*Author, Ronesa Aveela

*Author, Rox Burkey

Rox Burkey RRBC tee

*Author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter

SHirley HS

*RWISA Author, Yvette M. Calleiro

FullSizeRender (7)


Are you working this hard to support your fellow members?

(RRBC reserves the right to withhold any inclusion into the “100+” Club if it feels that reviews submitted by any member are not deemed as legitimate reviews.  Inclusion is not a right, it is an honor given by invitation only.)

2 thoughts on “CONGRATS “100+” Club Members! @RRBC_Org #RRBC”

  1. Wow, I keep learning new things about this fabulous club. Congrats to all these readers achievers. Way to go!


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