Have u met #RRBCAuthor @pat_garcia? She’s an awesome #RRBC #TST member! #NewRelease coming 2021!


2020 MEMBER OF THE YEAR 2nd Place


“Writing and music are my callings,” says Pat Garcia, and she can’t remember when she didn’t do them. At the age of three, she was singing with her mother and at the age of four, she was trying to write stories. However, she didn’t take them seriously because of the culture she was raised in. It took a trip to Europe to open her eyes and reveal her path. A path that she’d been told was impossible for her. Today, she lives outside of the United States as an ExPatriate and enjoys living on the European Continent.

Connect with Patricia via…

Twitter:  @pat_garcia


Pat Garcia Author


You can find Pat’s book listed under the following category in the RRBC Catalog…

Coming soon!


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16 thoughts on “Have u met #RRBCAuthor @pat_garcia? She’s an awesome #RRBC #TST member! #NewRelease coming 2021!”

    1. Hi, Pat. After I saw the comment above, I had to go check it out. I read “The Bridge of Hope” And “The Woman and Her Dreams.” Both compelling stories!! I shared them out on Twitter for others to find.

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  1. Congratulations on your author page, Pat! We lived in Europe for many years, and my parents retired in Spain. They’re both in Heaven now. I love the life in Europe, still have family in Germany, and I miss it so much! Enjoy every minute of it! Can’t wait to read what you’re writing!


  2. Well done Pat. Author of the Month seems perfect for you. I appreciate the SM support you have provided to the Enigma Series. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you at all the events.


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