#RRBC Birthday Club

RRBC is more than a community of support – we are a true family, and as families do, we celebrate those special times together.  There’s nothing more special than being able to celebrate a family member’s birthday!  So, welcome to the RRBC BIRTHDAY CLUB!

Here is how our BIRTHDAY CLUB works:  Each time a member of the BIRTHDAY CLUB’S special month rolls around, we will donate a $5 Amazon gift card to a birthday “pot” and that entire Amazon gift card “pot” will be gifted to that member!  If we have two BIRTHDAY CLUB member-birthdays during the same month, we will donate a $5 Amazon Gift Card for each. 

Each gifted birthday member will be sent the exact gift card sent to them by their fellow BIRTHDAY CLUB members so that they are able to send their special THANK YOU’S to each of them.

If you’d like to join our special BIRTHDAY CLUB, complete and submit the form below and each time it’s time for a birthday to roll around, you’ll receive a notification at the end of the month so that you’re able to plan accordingly for that/those birthday(s).  As a BIRTHDAY CLUB member, can you imagine how huge a birthday “pot” could be for you on your birthday?  Count me in!

Although we are working on the honors system here with our new BIRTHDAY CLUB program, we ask that to get started, each member donates (2) $5 Amazon gift cards to the program in advance for the next 2 upcoming birthdays.

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