Welcome to the #RRBC #BLOG BLAST Event! #RRBC_Community #RRBCBlogBlast @RRBC_Org


Today is the day that we spend time SUPPORTING and PROMOTING our fellow member blogs all over social media!  We’re not going to just tweet or retweet a blog link – we are going to actually drop by the site, take a look around and engage with the author in their virtual home!  Lastly, to really show our support, we’re going to #Follow these blogs!  Now, that’s real RRBC support!

If you’re not an RRBC member, we invite you to join us as we blast the social media airwaves in introduction of RRBC MEMBER BLOGS!  Please use the #RRBCBlogBlast hashtag in your promotion!

There will be a special surprise drawing for one lucky person who has made their rounds to all the blogs below, engaging and sharing the blogs to social media, so good luck!  You might just be that person!



Thank you for supporting and promoting these blogs today!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to the #RRBC #BLOG BLAST Event! #RRBC_Community #RRBCBlogBlast @RRBC_Org”

  1. This was fun! If I wasn’t already following the blog, I made sure to follow it unless I couldn’t find how to follow. I subscribed to a few newsletters as well, especially if I couldn’t find a Follow button. I also left a comment somewhere on the blog, but I found there were a few that made it a hide-and-seek game to find where to comment. Lol! 😉 And I’ve tweeted them all. I just wish more members would have participated. I’ve enjoyed learning about the blogs of our members. 🙂


  2. Sorry, I don’t have a Follow button as such, I’ll have to sort that out for the future, Thanks for letting me know.


  3. I think I have successfully visited everyone’s blogs listed here, and followed the ones I wasn’t already following, unless the blog doesn’t have a “follow” option. Out of the fifteen listed, I was already following ten. 🙂

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  4. I’m making my rounds now, and I’m half way through the list! I don’t usually have the time to get to blogs and I don’t follow every blog I happen upon, but today, I’m finding new blogs to follow!

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