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#RRBC – Circle of Books

In an effort to encourage more members to become more involved in the support of other members in our club, on December 27, 2019, Club President, Nonnie Jules decided to randomly purchase several member-author books to gift to other members in the club.  After purchasing and gifting the randomly selected books, she decided to send an email message to the authors of the books she had purchased, informing them that she had “gifted” them by purchasing their books and then gifting to others.  She turned around and sent a similar email to those who she was gifting the books to.

After explaining the reason for the gifts of purchasing the books and then gifting to other members, the email read as follows:

“Hopefully, you will be encouraged to pay it forward by selecting another member’s book from the RRBC or RWISA catalogs to also “gift” to a fellow member here at RRBC.”

And…if the message had gone to a member whose book she purchased, it ended with:  “Expect a review soon!”

After this gifting and notifying process, half of the members who had been notified of their book being gifted or being a recipient of a gifted book, decided to follow Nonnie’s lead and purchased books from the catalog to be gifted to other members.

This is how this **NEW** RRBC program came to be.

Welcome to…


Here is how the program works as well as the benefits of participating.

1. Send us the name of the book from the catalog that you select to gift to another member and we will notify the author of the book, of your “gift” purchase;

2. Send us the name of a member you’d like to gift the book to and we will forward it for you, OR, we can randomly select a supportive and deserving member for your gift for you;

3. Once you’ve selected the book you’d like to purchase, please head to and gift the ebook to

Based on what our President noticed after she began this process, this is an awesome way for us to support one another while also building goodwill within the club and garnering reads and reviews for our books!

If you are interested in participating in this program, please send us an email to and we’ll wait for your “gift” after that.





17 thoughts on “#RRBC – Circle of Books”

  1. What a great idea! Maybe we should check on their genre and gift books that are in that genre? What do you think? That way we won’t send erotic books to someone who writes in the Christian genre. Definitely interested in this.
    Patricia A. Guthrie

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    1. Hi, Patricia! That’s a good idea but I hope that books will be gifted from all genres as a way of introducing members to different genres and also giving everyone the chance to be supported. If it’s a writer of Christian works, I definitely would refrain from sending any erotic-themed books, although we don’t have many of those in our catalog anyway and the ones we do have, are probably as tasteful as can be coming from that category.

      When you’re ready to gift books, merely send those from Amazon to You may designate a fellow member you’d like your gift to go to or you can ask that we randomly select a member.


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