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#RRBC – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, CONTACT US  and a response will be sent to you within 24 – 48 hours.  Happy searching!

Q:  What is the GOAL & MISSION of RRBC?

A:  OUR GOAL & MISSION HERE IS TO PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL AUTHORS VIA BOOK SALES, HONEST REVIEWS, AND NAME RECOGNITION.  We’re not contributing to an author’s book sales when we “borrow” their books thru Kindle, are we?  NO.  We’re not contributing to an author’s sales when we download the FREE sample that Amazon offers to us and we post a review from that alone, are we?  NO.  Lastly, we are in no way helping an Author when we post reviews of their book that are not HONEST reviews.  If you are to be recognized as a true supporter here, we ask that everyone play by the same rules. We’re not just after reviews.  Our mission is to give ALL members our full support by purchasing their books, reading their books and then sharing an HONEST review of their books.   When it’s your turn, aren’t you going to expect the same?

Q:  How much is your annual membership?

A:  As of January 1, 2020, we now offer 4 Membership Tiers (or 4 levels of membership). We ask that you visit our JOIN / RENEW forum to learn of those tiers and all the great perks of membership offered under each!

Q:  How do I become a member?

A:  You may join us by submitting an application for membership under our JOIN / RENEW  forum and paying an annual membership fee.  After your application has been received, you will receive a WELCOME packet via email to confirm your membership.  We ask for up to 24-48 hours to process member applications and for you to see your name listed on our online roster.  (RRBC reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone without question or cause).

Q:  Are minors able to join RRBC?

A:  Minors are only able to join RRBC if their parent or legal guardian is already on our roster.  If a parent-member does not renew their membership, the minor child may remain on our roster for up to 90-days after that time or until their membership is up for renewal, whichever comes first.  If the minor child’s membership is not due for renewal until past 90 days, the minor child’s membership will be canceled without a refund of any kind.  The minor child’s membership will not be renewable unless a parent or legal guardian becomes a member of RRBC.  Parents should be aware of this rule before applying for membership for their minor child.

Q:  If I have a co-author of my book, will both of us be promoted within the club?

A:  If you and your co-author are both members, YES.  If you are a member and your co-author is not, only you will be promoted.  Your co-author’s name will not be allowed to be listed in our catalog even if their name is on the cover of your book.  The book will be listed under your name only.  Only one person’s name per application so for you both to be recognized collectively within the club, each of you will have to complete your own membership application and each pay an annual membership fee;

*If you have co-authored a book with more than one individual, your book will not be allowed to be listed in the RRBC catalog, unless each name listed as an author of the book is a member of RRBC.

Q:  Is it true that if I have co-authored a book with multiple authors who are not members of the club, and the intro or FREE portion of any other books that I have available on Amazon are mentioning or listing that title and/or are in linked form in my books, then those titles will not be allowed in the RRBC catalog, as well?

A:  Yes, that is true.  When our members are sent to Amazon via the RRBC site and they open a book title and the very first thing they see in the FREE introduction is promotion of a title which is not allowed to sit in our catalog, then we would be unable to list that title because we would still be promoting that book which houses the work of non-members.

Q:  I understand that with my membership I am allowed to list up to a certain number of titles, depending on the level of the membership I join under.  When I renew my membership each year, do I get those same number of title listings free of charge each year or will there be an additional listing fee after the initial title listings?   

A:  Listing titles and book covers in our catalog require loads of work and it all takes up quite a bit of space.  With our new levels of membership as in year’s past, after your initial title listings that were made when you joined, there will still be a $5 listing fee for each additional title added to the catalog during that year.  If you have multiple titles, it would be best to join at a higher level of membership as all of the other perks are recurring each year. (Here is an example of how our new levels of membership work:  If you join under our Silver Tier Membership, you will be allotted 5 title listings.  Each additional title listing during that year will be at a $5 listing fee.  When you renew the following year, whatever level of membership you renew under, all of the perks under that level will be available to you, including a new batch of title listings).   Please note that any title listings not used at the end of your initial or renewal year will not rollover. If you feel that you will have a large number of titles to go into the catalog, we suggest you join at a higher level of membership which offers more title listings along with other amazing perks! 

Q:  If my book is listed in the RRBC catalog and I need to change the cover to a newly revised cover, how do I make that change and is there a fee?

A:  If you have revised the book cover of a title already listed in the RRBC Catalog and you’d like to change that cover in the RRBC catalog, please visit our LIST CATALOG TITLES forum to make that request and at the bottom of the form, state that it is a cover change.  There is so much work involved in listing titles and covers and we have quite a few requests for these being made on a regular daily basis, therefore as of May 9, 2016, there is a $2.50 cover change charge for all such requests.  Also, if you would like to switch out one title for another in the catalog, there is a $5.00 listing fee.  It would be best to keep the title that’s already listed there and just add the new title since there is a fee to change it anyway. You may make those fee payments by visiting our PERKS, PROMOS & PAYMENTS page.

Q:  Your membership application requests that I register under my Author name…the name that is listed on the cover of my book(s).  What if I write under more than one pen name or would like to be recognized around the RRBC forums under a name other than my author name?

A:  If you write under more than one pen name and want to list books in the RRBC catalog under pen names other than the author name you are registered under on our roster, here is what you can do:

a)   You must register the additional pen name (or additional name) and pay a fee of $10.00 to use the additional pen name (or additional name) in the RRBC forums, which includes the catalog. This additional pen name (or additional name) would be associated with your registered author name, which would already be on our roster.  With this option, you get NO FREE title listings and each title you list in the catalog is at a cost of $5/per listing.

Q:  I am a Publicist for an author.  May I join the club in their name, serving as their representative?

A:  No person, family member or other authorized representative may join RRBC in someone else’s stead.  We take member privacy extremely serious here at RRBC and we want to be confident that the person we are interacting with is the person whose name has been listed on the application.  Of course, because we are virtual, we can never be too sure of this, but should an issue ever arise, we will have proof via email communication that the person we had been interacting with did state that they were in fact the actual person whose name they listed on the application.  IP addresses are always collected during any interaction between RRBC and outside entities;

Q:  Do I have to have a Twitter account to become a member?

A:  Although many of our members use Twitter, you DO NOT have to have a Twitter account to join.  Our members use many different social media forums for support, but we have been told by members who joined without having a Twitter account, that they garnered the greatest support once they did join Twitter.

Q:  What do I have to do to retain my Membership and be considered in good standing with the club?

A:  All members are required to complete a minimum of 4 book purchases/reads/reviews per their anniversary year (the anniversary of their join date).  One (1) of those reads should come from the club’s “BOOKS OF THE MONTH” or “PAST BOOKS OF THE MONTH” selections, and the other 3 from any of our member-author books listed in our catalog, to include our “SPOTLIGHT” Authors, #PUSHTUESDAY winners, etc.  Although you have the option of posting your reviews on as many forums as possible, ALL REVIEWS must be posted to AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE or our very own MEMBER BOOK REVIEWS forum above all others to receive credit.  Once you have completed a review, you must notify our Reviews Co-ordinator at or by using the CONTACT US form on the site.  (RRBC does not recognize reviews left on the Goodreads forum);

We also require that all member-authors complete 1 book purchase/read/review every 3 months (that’s still 4 books per year) to keep their books listed in our online book catalog.  ***If you do not complete at least 1 book purchase/read/review every 3 months (or 90 days), your membership will remain intact but your book(s) will be removed from our online catalog and you will not be able to list any new books until you become compliant.***  We have found that inactive members who never support other members are having their books purchased, read and reviewed, some multiple times, yet, they are not reciprocating the support.  This is not fair to those members who consistently purchase, read and review.

Q:  If I allow my membership to lapse or I leave the club and return later, what is the policy for reinstatement?

A:  Here is our policy on reinstatement:

-If a member cancels or allows his/her membership to lapse and then rejoins within 3 days of cancellation or non-renewal, they will be re-instated where they left off in their membership. (If their membership lapsed or canceled due to non-renewal, they will also be required to pay a new membership fee).   There will be no need to submit a NEW membership application and they will retain all reviews, recruitment credits and member rewards earned during their membership;

-If a member cancels or fails to renew after 3 days of the membership renewal deadline and then decides to rejoin, they will be treated as a NEW member upon their return.  They must complete a new membership application, pay their membership fee, and will have lost all reviews, recruitment credits and member rewards earned during their membership;

Q:  If my book is removed from the catalog due to non-compliance, how do I get it re-listed?

A:  If your books are removed from the catalog due to Non-Compliance, to have them re-listed, you must first request a COMPLIANCE PLAN {CP} to catch up on all your past-due reviews. Once you have accepted the terms of the CP which will stipulate the number of reviews that must be performed before your book(s) can be re-listed, you will be able to submit a LIST CATALOG TITLES form.   You must also pay a $5.00 per title re-listing fee.  It is hard work listing books and authors in our catalog and when we have to remove them and then re-list them, that’s more added work on our plates, and the process is also very time-consuming.

Q:  May I use the club’s logos in the promotion of my book and/or my website?

A:  RRBC/RWISA offers many activity-specific banners and badges for the promotion of our authors and their books.  We ask that our club logos not be used to create any promotions surrounding your books (i.e. videos, banners, or other marketing material) unless permission has been granted in writing by our President, Nonnie Jules.  

We do encourage the use of our logo on member sites in the spirit of recruiting members to the club, via our RECRUITMENT AFFILIATE PROGRAM and/or a designated page on your site for the same purpose.

Q: What if I read more than my four required books per year?  For example, I’m an avid reader and may read 8-10 books per month.

A:  If you read over your allotted number of reads per year, we think that is awesome, but we would encourage you to keep track of when you have reached your threshold of reporting your last review which would have kept you compliant, as you will not be notified that it is time to report a new purchase/read/review.   Please keep in mind that reviews must be performed at a rate of 1 book every 3 months (that’s still 4 books per year) to keep your books listed in our online catalog.  (Non-author members are also required to report a minimum of 4 book reviews per their anniversary year, but, they do not have a schedule to adhere to.)  

There are some amazing perks to reading more than your 4 required reads per year:  1)  You could win a REVIEWER OF THE YEAR Award (1st Place – $75 Amazon gift card, 2nd Place – $50 Amazon gift card & 3rd Place – $25 Amazon gift card) 2);  You could earn #MemberRewards Points which you could redeem for amazing prizes and 3) You could earn entry into our elite RRBC “100+” Club for those members who have read 100, 200, 300 or more member reads.  So, by all means, we encourage you to read as many member-author books as you can!

Q:  I see that you have a MEMBER REVIEWS section on your site for reviews to be posted.  Do you have any type of policy for posting reviews here?

A. Yes.  If you have posted a glowing 4 or 5-star review of a book that we clearly know to be poorly written, riddled with typos, missing words, etc., we will not allow that review to be posted to our forum as it would not be an honest review.  You are free to post your reviews in any other forums (Amazon, B&N, etc.)

Q:  If I have been awarded LIFETIME MEMBER Status, what must I do to remain compliant with the club and retain my status?

A:  Very few members are awarded LIFETIME MEMBER Status and this is usually a gift to members who are serving or who have served as a past member of the RRBC GOVERNING BOARD at an exceptional level and for more than 3 years, a member of the Specialized Support Team, or a member of the general body who goes above and beyond in their support of the members and the club.  Some of our members have had LIFETIME MEMBER Status since 2014.  This honor comes directly from Club President, Nonnie Jules, only, and no one is guaranteed to receive this honor.  **There are other stipulations that might cause your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP status to be revoked.**

Since this honor comes with FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and discounts on certain club activities and other special perks, etc., those who are awarded this gift are expected to do a few things:  1)  perform at the rate of service and a participation level which they were at when they were awarded this gift;  2) perform their required 4 purchase/reads/reviews per year just as other members,  3) participate in at least TWO club activities per calendar year (i.e. writing contests, WC&BE, PAY IT FORWARD, Block Parties, etc.) and  4) include and retain the #RRBC or #RaveReviewsBookClub hashtags in their Twitter bio.

If these terms are not met, LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Status may be revoked at any time and if reviews are not being performed at the required rate for all members, books may be removed from the catalog.  Remember, LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP is a privilege;

Q:  Are there any perks to being a member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB?

A:  **FOR READERS & AUTHORS:  1) We offer monthly giveaways that can range anywhere from autographed books, e-books, swag material, bookmarks, coffee mugs, gift cards, t-shirts, totes, etc;   2)  We offer cash-prize winnings (in the form of Amazon gift cards) for writing contests;  3)  At the end of the year, we offer a grand prize giveaway for the person who has read and reviewed the most books for the entire year.  There is a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner for this event.  **FOR AUTHORS ONLY:   We have special contests for authors which include “BOOKS OF THE MONTH,” “SPOTLIGHT” Author, #PUSHTUESDAY, etc.,  with the biggest perk being the ability to have your book reviewed by many, as well as having an increase in sales when selected to sit in any one of the fabulous hot seats here, and many other perks not listed.  (We reserve the right to change the frequency of these giveaways at any time as well as the amounts of the giveaways).

***We Profile, Promote & Propel our members via several HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Programs, exclusive to RRBC, and they are:








Q:  With so many authors on your roster, how will I ever get MY book reviewed?

A:  The first priority of this club is to SUPPORT its members.  Here at RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, it is our Founder’s belief that when we consider others more than we consider ourselves, we get so much more in return.  We don’t know whose book will be selected or what authors will be spotlighted (until the time comes), but, what we do know, is that with your book listed on our site and your name listed as a member of this illustrious organization, you will get SUPPORT like you’ve never seen before.  We have some of the most supportive members around, right here in this club!  When your book is listed in our Online Catalog, any author or reader, member or non-member can see it,  purchase it, read it, post reviews of it, and share it with the world.  The books in our catalog are being purchased, read and reviewed DAILY, some in record numbers!

Have you ever heard of the SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION?  It is the theory that everyone and everything is 6 or fewer steps away by introduction,  from any other person in the world, so that chain of “a friend of a friend of a friend” statement can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of 6 steps.  That being said, when you align yourself with certain people and groups, you never know who you might become connected with.  You never know if just around the next corner, someone in our club knows someone who knows someone who is a world-renowned blogger, who could find out about your book here, blog about it and then you’re on the road to major success.  We ask that you take the YOU out of it, and consider the WE when considering membership with us.  Collectively, we can move mountains.  “You can stand on my shoulders.”  “You wash my back and I’ll wash yours.”  “Lifting as we climb.”  These are all adages that are applied here.  And, with the network of our membership, you should not worry about when your book might be selected, because you’re being Profiled, Promoted and Propelled the entire while you’re part of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB family!

Q:  How do I get my book listed in the online catalog?

A:  Once your membership is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get your book listed.  (A LIST CATALOG TITLES form is what you will need to complete and submit).

Q:  How many books may I list in the online catalog?

A:  Your membership allows you the ability to list up to the number of titles under the level of membership that you joined or renewed under.  You may list an unlimited number of titles beyond your membership level allotment, at an additional cost of $5/per title.  

Q:  May I list my book now even if it won’t be released for a few months?

A:  YES, but only if your book is listed in pre-order status on Amazon and is able to be purchased immediately, with a later delivery date. 

Q:  What if I read a book that’s NOT listed in the online catalog but the Author is a member here.  Will I get credit for that read?

A:  NO.  You will only get credit for books that are listed in the online catalog.  If a member selects a title written by one of our member-authors that is not listed in the catalog, the member-author will have 72 hours to get this title listed for their fellow member to receive credit.

Q:  I write EROTICA.  Am I still allowed to join the club?

A:  RRBC membership is open to any and all persons who successfully pass through our membership process, no matter the genre they write under.  A few years ago, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB adopted a new policy for authors who write under the genre of EROTICA,  and also for those who enjoy reading from this category.  (Books that belong in this genre are also known as Erotica, Erotic Romance, and Sexy Romance). 

It is our policy that all books placed in the RRBC catalog under the EROTICA & ADULT NOVELS genre, must possess the following criteria:  no explicit title, no explicit book covers, the “glimpse inside this book” which is available to the public to read on Amazon nor the blurb listed on Amazon, must give the appearance or illusion that the book is in any way pornographic, and lastly, must meet all other criteria listed below, some of which is listed above but re-worded for perfect clarity:

-A book depicting bestiality will not be accepted.

-Book covers may not depict graphic sex acts or nudity.

-Book titles may not contain graphic slang or profanity.

-Once approved for this genre, books are eligible to be listed in the RRBC online Catalog.

If the author wishes for their book(s) that are classified under this genre to be eligible and considered to hold any seat in the RRBC house, such as BOOK OF THE MONTH, “SPOTLIGHT” Author, #PUSHTUESDAY, etc., then the title must be submitted to our vetting committee at with CONSIDERATION FOR ALL SUPPORT in the subject line, along with a PDF or other digital copy of the book.  Once the book is cleared per our guidelines listed above, it will be noted as “approved for all club promotion.”

Again, all books vetted and approved under this category and also submitted per the guidelines above will be eligible to be promoted like any other book in our catalog.

 Please note:  If you request to have your book listed under any other genre and we find that your book falls under the EROTICA category under our guidelines, your book will be removed from your requested category and moved to the EROTICA & ADULT NOVELS category,  without further notice.

For further information on the RRBC guidelines for EROTICA, please contact us at

Q:  As a NEW member, how long will I have to wait for the possibility of becoming a BOOK OF THE MONTH, “SPOTLIGHT” Author, #PUSHTUESDAY winner or other seat holder?

A:  At RRBC there is NO waiting period!  As soon as your name is listed on our online roster, you are eligible for every perk and privilege that our club has to offer.  (Let me give you an inside tip, though:  those that are most SUPPORTIVE here, are the ones who are most SUPPORTED here).  And, we encourage you to visit our HOW WE PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL  forum to get more in-depth information on how these processes really work.

Q:  Is there a governing board or board of directors for this book club?

A:  Yes, there is and you can find them listed under Meet Our Governing Board and their Twitter contact info is listed under  “Governing Board” on the online roster.

Q:  Are the Board Members eligible for all book promotions, the same as the general membership?

A:  YES!  Our Board Members work extremely hard 6-7 days a week, VOLUNTEERING their time and resources to PROFILE, PROMOTE & PROPEL all of our members, but they are Member-Authors, too, and so are entitled to each and every privilege as is allotted to each of the general members.  Board Members are not allowed to enter any written or other contests where they are the judges, and for that reason, we now have a JUDGES PANEL.

Q:  When does your virtual book club meet?

A:  Once monthly, in a virtual chat setting, our club holds a meeting to discuss the current Books of the Month.  The authors are usually on hand to answer questions about their books.  (This virtual location is always posted to the right-hand side of our site before the date of the meeting and also announced via reminder email, the day of the meeting.  Times will vary each meeting so that we are able to accommodate many time zones).  The meeting dates for 2020 are listed on our CALENDAR OF EVENTS.  

Q:  Do I have to be a member of the book club to have my book reviewed by your members? 

A:  YES.  To have your books promoted through our club to our membership, your book(s) must be listed in the RRBC catalog.

Q:  How can having my book reviewed and my becoming a member of this book club benefit me as an author?

A:  1)  Exposure!  We all need it and the very design of this club points toward authors getting more honest reviews and more exposure;  2)  Marketing and getting one’s name out there is the hardest part for an Indie Author.  More honest reviews mean more exposure and attention to your work which ultimately results in more sales;  3)  Membership in a high class of respected literary professionals with an aim of ultimately having a review by some of the most respected reviewers of the club, which would be considered and deemed highly respected;  4)  Your reviews are posted and promoted by not just you but by your peers in the club.  Most people who post reviews, do so on many forums, other sites, and groups which they’re part of;  5)  If you are a new author, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about the book review and writing processes and additionally, reading helps with writing;  6)  By reviewing books, your name will gain more visibility not only as an author but also as a person who actually reads books;  and lastly 7)  You will be aligning yourself with other authors who will be more receptive to giving you their support when asked.

Q:  How often does the club select books for review?

A:  Once monthly we select 3 BOOKS OF THE MONTH.  There will also be a list of books here on the site for our membership to choose from in the event that they are genre-specific in their reading.  It is our hope that each club member, once BOOKS OF THE MONTH have been selected, pick up copies of the books or at least one of their choosing (either in e-book or paperback format) to join us in the reading and the discussion of selected books to benefit the authors.  This is one of the main goals of the club.  We would also ask that each member try their best to read and review as many selected books as their budget allows so that when it is your turn at selection, each member does the same for you. 

Q:  How are books selected for review?

A:  When someone becomes a member of the club, their book(s) automatically go into the selection pot.  Then, our Governing Board makes suggestions based on a member’s level of support of their fellow members in the club, their participation level in club activities and their support of the club itself.

Q:  How many books do you select each month for BOOK OF THE MONTH?

A:  RRBC has THREE (3) Books of the Month (BOM) selections for our members to choose from!  We are growing so fast, that we have to conform to this change by giving as many authors as possible, the opportunity to sit in this awesome seat!  Each month, our “GB” will select from 3 different genres/categories…after that, 1 book from each of those genres/categories will go up as BOOK OF THE MONTH!  Each month, the genres/categories are rotated.   Keep in mind, that it is our hope that all books selected for BOM are good/great reads, so if you don’t think your book is ready, we would greatly appreciate you working on it now.  Each member whose book is being considered as BOM must be willing to gift a copy of their book if requested to the “GB”.

(There are times when we use the BOOKS OF THE MONTH seat as giveaways in contests, etc.  We state clearly that we have not read these books and it is up to the reader to decide if they want to select those books to purchase/read/review or not.  Also, we tend to stress that those who are most supportive here, are the ones who are most supported, yet even with such a large membership, there are still only a select few who fall into this “supportive” category.  Therefore, at times we find it hard to make selections for BOM, as we will only give those spots to those who are supporting their fellow members.  And, although their books may not be deemed as a great BOM selection, we feel that the honest reviews that stem from those chosen to hold a seat, will be just the boost needed to shine the light on what’s wrong with the read, and encourage the author to take the necessary steps to make it more enjoyable for their readers).

Q:  Do the opinions and reviews of RAVE REVIEWS BY NONNIE JULES affect the reviews of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB? 

A:  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Reviews done by Nonnie Jules are her own and separate from the views of the book club as a whole.  Ms. Jules has pointed out, though, that if you are requesting a review from her personally, book club members do get priority review requests granted over non-book club members, so we would once again encourage you to join as that is another perk of membership!

Q:  Does the club post reviews collectively or individually and where are reviews posted?

A:  The book club as a whole meets monthly to discuss each selection but we do not form or post a collective review.  BUT, each member,  if they have read a BOM, are asked and encouraged to post their own personal reviews on as many of the Amazon forums (.com, UK, AU, etc.), B&, or any other forums they use to post reviews.   Some members/authors will also post reviews on their own websites/blogs.  This is another major perk of the club:  MULTIPLE HONEST REVIEWS!!!

Q:  Do you have a rating system?

A:  Yes, we use the standard star rating system.  (i.e.   A=5;  B=4;  C=3;  D=2;  F=1)

Q:  Does your book club post unfavorable reviews?

A:  The book club as a whole DOES NOT post reviews.  Alternatively, individual members are allowed to post any reviews they feel the book deserves on any other forum.  We will not dictate how individual reviews are rated or posted. We strongly encourage only honest reviews, whether they carry a 5 star OR 1-star rating.

Q:  What can be done if a fellow member posts a bad review of my book?

A:  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  If members have purchased and read your book and in their honest opinion find that it deserves a poor rating, that is their choice to give you that rating which they feel your book deserves.  We only ask that members leaving reviews in other forums DO NOT personally attack the author in their reviews, and members doing so, are in DIRECT violation of our CODE OF CONDUCT.  Members are not allowed to post any negativity on the RRBC site, but we all, board members included, are encouraged ALWAYS to post only honest reviews.  Just because the name on the door reads RAVE REVIEWS does not mean that every review given will be a rave review.  As the Founder of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, it is Ms. Jules’ intentions to only list on her page, those books that truly deserve rave reviews, so that members and the general public can feel comfortable in trusting that the books listed there are worthy of such high marks and praise.  As there are so many individuals who are afraid to be honest in their reviews for fear of retaliation or other nonsense that pervades the web,  and, because of those who are into review-swapping (“Someone gave me a high mark on a review of my book so I’m going to return the favor.”),  Ms. Jules felt a strong need for a forum where honesty and integrity were of great value, as well as grave importance, and so RAVE REVIEWS was born.

Q:  I hear that use of the #RaveReviewsBookClub and #RRBC hashtags are carefully guided.  As a member, what can I use these hashtags to promote?

A:  MEMBERS of RRBC are encouraged to ALWAYS use the club’s hashtags to promote their BOOKS on  such forums as Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, their book trailers on YouTube or book blog tours! Our “GB” regularly searches our hashtags and the content which is being shared by those using it, to ensure that what is being shared, is not offensive in manner and content for our members.  By using the hashtags, other members search our hashtags and re-tweet those tweets containing those hashtags, so it would be in every member’s best interest to use the hashtags when promoting their books.   Abuse of our hashtag usage is a direct violation of our CODE OF CONDUCT.

**RRBC retains the right to change, modify, and update any of the content on this page or any other page of this site without notice.  It is ultimately up to all members to continually visit the site for any updates, changes or modifications.**

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