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#RRBC – Free To Review

**If you came just to select a ‘FTR’ book, click HERE**

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In an effort to increase the support of our members via book reads and reviews, we are implementing a new program.

Here is how it works:

-Members will “gift” a copy or copies of their Kindle ebooks from to  The more ebooks donated, the better;

-Members who have registered to participate in the “FREE TO REVIEW” {FTR} Program, will be able to select from our FTR library of ebooks, the books they are interested in reading.  Registered participants may select only one book at a time;

-After a book selection has been made, the member will have 30 days to read and post an honest review of the book they’ve read on Amazon and/or to our MEMBER BOOK REVIEWS forum. Once this review has been reported to our Reviews Dept. (, informing that this is an FTR selected read, the member may return to select another book of their choice for their next read.

NOTE:  If you are donating your books, you are automatically registered as a reader also.  We will not have books being donated by members expecting to have their books read and reviewed and not having the support reciprocated.  All registered participants are expected to select a read once every 4 months – that’s only 3 times per year.  That is the minimum.  There is no MAXIMUM number of reads…if you’re a fast reader, just as soon as you report one review, you may return to the FREE TO REVIEW catalog and select another book.

Here are the benefits to the readers and the authors of the selected books:

-Registered participants of the FTR program will get FREE books to read and review;

-The authors who donate their books to the program will see an increase of reviews of their books and, in a shorter amount of time.

This is a win-win situation for all involved.  If you are interested in being part of the ground-breaking new program, please complete and submit the form below.

NOTE:  We already have “gifted” books on file from some of you from past events, etc.  Once you register, you will be notified if we do have some of your ebooks already, which books we have, and how many we have, so you may not need to donate any right now.  

**To select a FREE TO REVIEW book, please click HERE**


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