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TGMG on BN counter small pic NONNIE JULES is a native of the great state of Louisiana and the author of THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”,  her highly acclaimed debut novel,   “Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend,”  her 1st co-authored body of work “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” The Poetry of Forbidden Love and her no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is “SUGARCOATIN’  IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS!”  She realized her dreams of becoming a published author in May of 2013.  She is the mother of three AWESOME Daughters, which equipped her to write her first parenting guide.  She has a background in Psychology which she received “first” from the University of LIFE,  before heading off to a much smaller college to pursue!  As Founder & President of Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules and the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, it was, and still is, her vision to put Indie Authors in the “SPOTLIGHT” and on the map like never before;  and from a positive starting point, right here within this book club.   She has carefully chosen a very experienced TEAM of Writers/Authors to assist her in this goal.  Nonnie is a strong-supporter of others and an even stronger proponent of giving support before receiving it.  She has been tagged as the English Police in certain circles and is a Book Reviewer with a strong reputation for being ONE HARSH CRITIC“It’s not easy getting a 5* review from me,” she says, so the ones that do, you can bet your bottom dollar, they truly deserve it.  She serves up some very interesting conversation on her blog,  WATCH NONNIE WRITE! and some great parenting tips and advice at ASK THE GOOD MOMMY, so please stop by and be sure to #follow while you’re there!  (You may order autographed copies of her work and also sample her poetry and famous QUOTES at BOOKSBYNONNIE).  In November of 2013, with the help of 3 partners, she founded 4WillsPublishing Author Services and it has given her an even bigger platform to push home the notion that putting out the BEST written work, is the ONLY kind of work that should be published.”  “It is my goal to put the names of some of the most talented writers in the world on the lips of every person who might be interested in picking up a book.  Indie Authors are as equally talented as any of the well-known authors whose names you might be very familiar with.  We have some BEST SELLERS in our midst, and it’s our job and our mission to make the world know just who YOU are!”


Wendy Scott

WENDY SCOTT is a ‘Kiwi’ from across the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand (which explains her unusual accent as Host of RRBC BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT). She shares her life with a long term partner, one son, and several furry friends.

Wendy writes Children’s and Fantasy novels and has won multiple international awards. As WJ Scott she has authored for children: “HIEROGLYPH, TC’s ADVENTURES BOOK ONE”, “FAIRY DUST, BEDTIME TALE #1”, “TAILS, BOOK ONE SILVER WISHES SERIES,” and the Aspiring Authors Series, “HALLOWEEN WRITING PROMPTS,” “FAIRY WRITING PROMPTS’, AND “CHRISTMAS WRITING PROMPTS”. Under Wendy Scott she’s written the fantasy novels: “THE WINDFLOWERS TRILOGY: FERRASIUM, BOOK ONE, and GOLDEN SCARAB, BOOK TWO,” “LODESTONE, BOOK ONE, WITCH-HUNT’, “TIGER HOUSE, 1ST CHRONICLE OF JAIRUS TANNER,” and “FANTASY FIRSTS, BOXED SET.”

Wendy has a New Zealand Certificate in Science (Chemistry) and has worked in Laboratories and Quality Assurance roles within NZ and Australia.

In 2003, Wendy rediscovered her passion for writing, and since then creating stories has consumed her life. Wendy is also passionate about helping others achieve their literary dreams and sets high expectations for polished, edited reads. “As RWISA ADVISORY COMMITTEE LEADER, alongside Nonnie Jules and Jan Sikes, my aim is to promote to the world all the talented RWISA authors and their high-quality books.”


Jan Sikes

 Multi-Award winning author, JAN SIKES, weaves stories in a creative and entertaining way. She has been called a magician and wordsmith extraordinaire by her readers and peers.
Most recently, Jan completed a series of four books about a Texas musician who was a pioneer in the Outlaw Music movement before it ever had a name. She also released a music CD of original songs matching the time period of each story.
Jan writes songs, poetry, short stories, screenplays, and novels. She resides in North Texas and sits on the board of directors for the North Texas Book Festival, The Texas Musicians Museum and the Texas Authors Institute of History.  Jan is the author of FLOWERS AND STONE, THE CONVICT AND THE ROSE, HOME AT LAST & ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART.


1John Fioravanti

JOHN FIORAVANTI, Membership Director – RaveReviewsMembership@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “#RRBC – Meet Our Working Board”

  1. Hi,
    Believe or not, I am just getting around to some of the sites in RRBC. After mistakenly sending out an email twice to the wrong organization within RRBC, I think it is time for me to learn a little bit more about what I am a part of. Thanks to all of you for your great work and your dedication.
    Shalom aleichem


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