RRBC, there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but we want to take some of the stress of those situations off your shoulders.  

We invite you here to our new MEMBER CHAT to connect with your RRBC friends and family.  This is the time to get to know one another better.  Talk about anything.  Let us know your struggles and your joys.  We welcome your highs and your lows.  

Always remember, your RRBC family is right here with you – always listening and ready to help in any way we can!

24 thoughts on “#RRBC MEMBER CHAT”

  1. Zoom is awesome! I was a complete newbie until today – first was a RWISA meeting, and then the Meet & Greet – what a great way to interact with each other. I hope to see and hear more of you next time.
    Peggy – thinking of dyeing my hair pink for Day 1 of lockdown, if so, I promise to live stream our next get together.


  2. I had so much fun with you all on our Zoom online meet & greet! It ended too soon (and abruptly)! Lol! I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces on our next meet & greet! 🙂


    1. Hi, Yvette! I sure hated to miss out on the Meet and Greet today, but I have my granddaughters every afternoon from 2:30 to 7:30, at least until the COVID-19 ceases to wreak havoc on everyone. It sounds like it was a wonderful gathering!


  3. Hello, my favorite extended family! Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing their internet slowing down since so many folks have been forced to stay home? Every computer in my office (and there are three) seem to be lagging – and this started last week. Maybe the providers can’t handle the volume that they are being faced with on the residential side of things?



  4. We are only at the beginning, so it’s great to see those with kindness in their hearts, reaching out and thinking of others.
    Perhaps more will discover the magic of reading books!


  5. Hi, RRBC_RWISA members – hope you are all staying healthy and weathering these strange times!! I’m in my 70’s and certainly never saw or experienced anything like this. We are fixed for food for a few weeks – hope you all are, too – and now just hang out at home or take our little dog, Ziggy, for walks. Our daughter and grandson live 30 minutes away, so we won’t see them for awhile. He is doing his schoolwork on line per our State’s directives. How are things at your houses and with your families? (P.S. We can all write more, or at least I keep telling myself that, and it would be interesting for our children/grandchildren in the future if we kept diaries of this time. I may start in on that but haven’t to date. ) Do stay safe, all of you. Sending greetings, blessings, and healing wishes!!


    1. Hi, Maura Beth. I will be 69 this year and I too, have never experienced anything like this. I am leaving the house daily to care for my two granddaughters because mom and dad still have to work from home. I am being super careful and doing everything I can to keep myself and them safe! I love the idea of keeping a diary. We are living history, and not in an exciting or good way.


      1. Jan, sorry, I just saw this. I still can’t seem to figure out how to find things on this website. I was checking out the Writers’ Conference and saw your note. I hope you stay safe and are very careful. These are stressful times, but the thought occurred to me, we writers should be keeping journals and recording our impressions (of course, am I doing this? Uh, no. Good thought, though…) Anyway, I hope you stay well and your family, too.


        1. Hi, Maura Beth, the RRBC site is fairly easy to maneuver. Our menu has clearly listed tabs for anything you might be searching for. If you can’t find something on the main menu tab, then access the FOR MEMBERS ONLY tab, where there is a listing of all the forums that can be found there or try accessing the CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? tab, where you’ll find the same.



  6. At this moment I feel an uncertainty like I never felt before. I’m in the house feeling like I need to do something. We (Langston and I ) are blessed to have good health that we don’t take for granted.

    Please be safe, my RRBC family and stay inside because we are all in this together. And Nonnie please grab some rest and stay well.

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    1. I understand Shirley, there is a surreal feel to this. I’m hopeful this will pull us all together. They just shut our state down, although my husband will still work the rest of the family is in their homes. I think we will all find our own way to help each other.

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    2. Hi, Shirley. I think we are all feeling the uncertainty that you describe. I fear that our way of life will never return to what it was; that is if we survive this madness. And we are all in it together. I hope more and more people realize that and stop the selfish hoarding, leaving nothing for others.


    3. Shirley, since this mess began, I feel as if I’m even getting less rest – yes, less than I was getting before and we know how little that was. My body is tired but my mind wants to just keep going. There’s this sense of gloom and dare I say DOOM around us and it is unsettling.

      I’m praying for the world, as we all should be doing.


  7. Jan, we’ve always had that great sense of community here at RRBC – always willing to jump in and help and always noticing when someone has gone silent on social media. That’s family. That’s our beautiful community of members!

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  8. Hello, fellow RRBC and RWISA friends! Praying you’re all healthy and weathering this crisis okay.

    I’m Patty Perrin, a once-upon-a-time army brat, now a happily married Mom and Gramma, and I write Teen/YA Scifi/Fantasy. Just checking in. We’re in our 70s and we are OKAY. TMI?

    We have family in Europe reporting they are under the same restrictive precautions we are in the USA. People step up during catastrophes, sharing selflessly, helping in any way they can. I’m deeply grateful to live in a country full of those people. I’ve had several friends offer to pick up necessities at the store for us. Too bad they can’t do much about the TP shortage.

    My sister was happy to get a pack of disposable wipes. My other sister mentioned she couldn’t find any washable wipes (thank you, Autocorrect). So the teasing began. We may all need washable wipes at this rate. She should design some and present it to Shark Tank. She’d be the next gazillionaire. She reminded me, that train has left the station. They’re called “washcloths.” Yes, but the microfiber ones can be marketed as the new, soft, washable Charmin.

    Keep your spirits up, my friends. This is just another season of life, and hopefully a short one. It will all work out if we refuse to panic. So relax and take each day as it comes. As a Christian, I’ve learned I can trust the Lord in any situation. This is a blip on the radar for Him. This, too, shall pass.

    Take the CDC precautions and stay healthy. If you’re having any problems, please let someone close to you know. We’re all in this together.

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