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JULY, 2020


Phil Stephens 2

Phil has been on our roster since 2018, but, it has only been in the past year, that he found his wings and became the uber-supportive and super-engaged member that he is now!  Everyone who knows Phil around these parts, simply love him – we hear it all the time.

As a member of our WhatsApp Chat Channel, you’ll often find Phil there, chatting it up with the other members.  If someone has sent you a “Hey, girl!” it’s probably Phil!  I can’t tell you how much he is adored and appreciated for being the awesome RRBC member he is.

I said this in regards to last month’s MOM, but, I’ll have to share it here regarding Phil, as well.  He is that member who participates in EVERY club activity sponsored by RRBC.  Along with many others, Phil is that member who, before he registers, you already know that he is on the list of those who will.   There are times when I have added members to a list without their registration because I always know that they will show up to support the club by participating in the club’s events.

It is for all these reasons that Phil deserves to be our Member of the Month for July, 2020!

We canceled the MEMBER OF THE MONTH program in October of 2016 and brought it back this past February.  I’m proud to honor Phil as our 5th “MOM” of 2020. 

“RRBC has been good to me and everyone has been friendly and supportive.  I am very loyal to those who have treated me well.”  ~Phil Stephens

Phil, thank you for your loyalty, your dedication, and your support of your fellow members of RRBC!  Like you, our die-hard RRBCers, are fiercely loyal, too!

You can connect with Phil best by visiting his RRBC Author Page and leaving him a comment.  Don’t forget to LIKE his page and follow him on social media.  He deserves all the support we can muster!  Let’s make his month uber-extra-special!!!

Then, on Monday, 7/27, we ask that you spend the entire day showing Phil just how special he is by continually tweeting and sharing this page and his author page all over your social media forms!  This will be his day – our MEMBER OF THE MONTH MONDAY Support day!    

Please use the hashtags #RRBC #RRBCMOM in all your tweets of this amazing member!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Phil’s book below!  You can also find it listed under the HISTORICAL FICTION  genre of our catalog. 


The Altar Boy by Phil Stephens

CONGRATULATIONS, Phil, on being July’s MEMBER OF THE MONTH!!!  Enjoy it!


We’ll see you here next month when it could be YOU sitting in the MOM seat!

79 thoughts on “#RRBC #July Member of the Month #RRBCMOM @psteph55 #RRBC_Community #RRBCAuthor”

  1. Congratulations, dear Wendy on the wonderful recognition as our Member of the Month for June. Enjoy this well deserved honor.


  2. A HUGE congratulations, Wendy!! There is NO ONE more deserving of this spot than you. Thank you for all the hours you dedicate to RRBC & RWISA! I am lucky to know you!!!


    1. Thank you, Jan, I’m delighted to be chosen for RRBC MOM – joining in RRBC activities is great fun! I don’t let the time difference between NZ and USA hinder my participation – I just set my alarm clock (and that’s why I don’t have the Zoom video on as I’m usually in my PJs!).


  3. I’m a little late to the party, but no less excited for you, Yvette! Congratulations on being Member of the Month! Can’t think of a better person to be MoM!


  4. Congrats on being honoured with the Member of the Month recognition Yvette. It is well deserved and I am sure you will enjoy tremendous RRBC support throughout May. Well done.


  5. Yvette, so glad to see you in the MOM’s seat of honor. You are always present at the events I have recently attented and you contribute is such a positive manner. Way to go and congrats.


  6. Wow! I was definitely not expecting this. Thank you, Nonnie! I am honored. I just love being a part of this community, and it brings me joy to be among so many amazing authors. 🥰


        1. I’m sorry to hear there was a glitch in the Amazon system but hopefully the reupload worked. It’s interesting that you say this, Maretha, as I was trying to download one of our RRBC reads last evening and I had to start over again twice before it successfully loaded the book. Thanks for retrying to properly download the book.
          I was unable to complete an online grocery order from Amazon a few days ago. There entire digital and online networks must be taxed to the limits. Let’s just pray we all get through this horrendous situation.


    1. Sending a Texas size hug to you, Jan for all your support. This is a wonderful honor and a bright spot in light of the serious family matters I have faced the last number of months. Glad we are working together on RWISA, too.


    1. I’m honored and yes it is awesome. Thanks, Wendy. It’s a pleasure to work with you on the RWISA Executive Council. Thanks for all you do for RRBC and RWISA.


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