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MARCH, 2020


Peggy smiling

Peggy has been on our roster since January of 2014 and I would categorize her as a late (RRBC) bloomer.

We have those members who have been here for a while, yet, we didn’t really get to know them until months or even years later.  Although some of us knew who Peggy was, it was only in recent years that one could say the name Peggy without using her last name, and we’d know which Peggy was being referred to.  

Peggy Hattendorf recently joined our team as RWISA Secretary and even in the midst of some of the worst life-changing moments, she has remained dedicated to her position and all the tasks at hand.  You’ll find her on social media supporting her fellow members, ensuring that your birthdays are logged on the calendar, and that you’re sent a birthday greeting card if you’re a RWISA member, as well as serving on RWISA’s Promotions Sub-Committee to ensure that your books are pushed and propelled.

As was mentioned last month, we canceled the MEMBER OF THE MONTH program in October of 2016 and brought it back last month.  I’m proud to honor Peggy as our 2nd “MOM” of 2020. 

“Peggy, thank you for being the member that you are!  You are one of our true Jules!”

You can connect with Peggy best by visiting her RRBC Author Page and leaving her a comment.  Don’t forget to LIKE her page and follow her on social media.  She deserves all the support we can muster!  Let’s make her month uber-extra-special!!!

Then, on Monday, 3/16, we ask that you spend the entire day showing Peggy just how special she is by continually tweeting and sharing this page and her author page all over your social media forms!  This will be her day – our MEMBER OF THE MONTH MONDAY Support day!    

Please use the hashtag #RRBCMOM in all your tweets of this amazing member!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Peggy’s book below!  You can also find it listed under the Novel genre of our catalog. 


Son of My Father by Peggy Hattendorf




We’ll see you here next month when it could be YOU sitting in the MOM seat!

37 thoughts on “#RRBC Member of the Month #RRBCMOM @PeggyHattendorf #RRBC_Community”

        1. I’m sorry to hear there was a glitch in the Amazon system but hopefully the reupload worked. It’s interesting that you say this, Maretha, as I was trying to download one of our RRBC reads last evening and I had to start over again twice before it successfully loaded the book. Thanks for retrying to properly download the book.
          I was unable to complete an online grocery order from Amazon a few days ago. There entire digital and online networks must be taxed to the limits. Let’s just pray we all get through this horrendous situation.


    1. Sending a Texas size hug to you, Jan for all your support. This is a wonderful honor and a bright spot in light of the serious family matters I have faced the last number of months. Glad we are working together on RWISA, too.


    1. I’m honored and yes it is awesome. Thanks, Wendy. It’s a pleasure to work with you on the RWISA Executive Council. Thanks for all you do for RRBC and RWISA.


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