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#RRBC Past “SPOTLIGHT” Authors #RRBC_Community

These are past “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHORS.  Please visit them and continually show your support of them.  The authors listed at the bottom, are listed under a grandfathered-fashion which we no longer use.  We’re keeping them listed this way because this system is part of RRBC’s history.  It also lets you know in which order they held this spot.



AUTHORS, BREAKFIELD & BURKEY, 5/2020: (Check out their Author Page!)


These past SA spots have not been moved to our new site yet, but will be done so within the next month or so.

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #47: (The late)  Jan Hawke


SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #39:  Peggy Hattendorf (Check out her Author Page!)

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #18:  Ronesa Aveela

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #14:  (The late) Kathryn C. Treat

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #10:  Shirley H. Slaughter (Check out her Author Page!)

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #5:  Bette A. Stevens (Check out her Author Page!)

SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR #1:  John Fioravanti (Check out his Author Page!)


If you have sat in our spotlight as a “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR but your name is not listed here, please CONTACT US to let us know.

2 thoughts on “#RRBC Past “SPOTLIGHT” Authors #RRBC_Community”

  1. WOW! I’m just looking at the sheer number of SAs we have had in the past. We’ve had hundreds! At some point, I got so behind that I wasn’t keeping up with the listings, but can you imagine how many we’ve had in 6 years? Impressive, RRBC!


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