Have you met #RRBCAuthor @GregoryDoering? Find him and his incredible story under #Memoirs in the #RRBC catalog! #Vietnam #Veteran


I graduated from Ballard High School in 1966, Seattle Washington. Destined to be drafted, I joined the Marine Corps in 1967. After serving twelve months & twenty-five days in Vietnam, I was Honorably Discharged in 1969. My service in Vietnam included seven months of combat.

While working and struggling with blended family responsibilities, I dealt with my Combat Traumatic experiences, for nearly twenty-five years.
Writing was part of the healing. Assembling the experiences into a respectable, edited, published work, took nearly twenty years while finishing counseling.
My hope is to continue writing; it’s my inner unquenchable thirst.

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Twitter:  @GregoryDoering

Blog:  The Veteran

THE MAN IN THE MOON (Guest post at CherriesWriter)

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Biographies & Memoirs



Honor & Indignity by Gregory D. Doering

Honor and Indignity is a nonfiction memoir that provides insight into the journey of one Marine. The narrator finishes twelve months and tewnty-five days in Vietnam, seven of those months in combat. Arriving stateside, he finds the adjustment extremely difficult and reaches out for help after arriving at El Toro Air Station. At the mercy of the naval medical system he entrusts with his care, he finds himself incarcerated and sexually assaulted by care providers in a psychiatric ward at Camp Pendleton, California. The journey continues from the end of military service to civilian life, and cover forty-plus year after-effects experienced by the veteran.

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3 thoughts on “Have you met #RRBCAuthor @GregoryDoering? Find him and his incredible story under #Memoirs in the #RRBC catalog! #Vietnam #Veteran”

  1. Hi Greg, welcome to the best club for authors worldwide ! I have been supporting you since you came along with tweeting about you and your work. Enjoy your time here.


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