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“Hot Chocolate”

Hot Chocolate by Breakfield and Burkey

Watch the family dynamics of a young couple as they embrace the yuletide. Petra and Jacob do a mash up of their cultural heritages during the festivities with their family.

Petra, raised in Europe, cherishes the older European traditions of candle lighted trees and real Swiss chocolate, piping hot with marshmallows and whipped cream.

Jacob, raised in New York City, loves having his family close and sampling piping hot chocolate. He is particularity fond of selecting perfect gifts.

John Wolfgang or JW his parents revel in each of his accomplishments and discoveries as he grows. They find it important to expose JW to the best of these winter wonderland activities of both worlds. Watching the delight in JW’s eyes creates great memories for everyone.

A part of their unabashed affection, they strive to get one another the perfect gift. This adds a layer of their personal teasing season that starts with the first display of St. Nicholas. Jacob smugly announces early this year he’s found the perfect gift. As a result, with all the events and activities, Petra stresses over the selecting the right present for Jacob.
The clock is ticking to their gift exchange.

“Destiny Dreamer”

Destiny Dreamer by Breakfield and Burkey

Jamie started life as a carefree lad in Ireland, living in a farm family. When his brother Ian was born, he vowed to show him all the best things as a big brother. They became best friends from the time Jamie taught Ian to drive a tractor. Their bonding exercises as young men was rebuilding a motorcycle from a box of greasy old parts. They traveled to learn their destiny together.

Jamie met his love Frieda as he ventured into a new career in technology and their paths crossed on a bus. The relationship blossomed into a family. The future looked bright for the young lovers.

Jamie faces emotional highs and lows as he travels. His one consistency is the bus rides to discover his future. Where will his future lead him?

“Riddle Codes”

Riddle Codes by Breakfield and Burkey

Brayson is determined to graduate at the top of his class in the exclusive master’s technology program from Warsaw University. Distractions are nowhere on his schedule. His talent, military brat upbringing, and drive to succeed will allow many doors to open to him with this degree.

Rafael, a fellow student, seems to have a different agenda for his life and education. His agenda may derail Brayson’s success.

Enter Gretchen beautiful, brilliant, and abrasive. This desirable woman has even less time for socializing than Brayson. Her drivers are to extract every morsel of information from her professors, regardless of the cost. Her bodyguards suggest there is more to Gretchen than just a pretty face.

Are these three destined to collide at some point and upset their end goals? Could their future become irrevocably altered by their search for answers? School is hard enough without adding emotional baggage.

“Nowhere But Up” 

Nowhere But Up by Breakfield & Burkey

Mathias and Halverson are trudging toward the Brazilian border to escape the Venezuelan secret police who want to kill them. Once they had first class service, which is now reduced to third-world transport and lifestyle. Escape holds the promise of shearing more sheep to line their pockets.

Unexpectedly their biggest nemesis, Genesis spots them before they cross the border. Her fury is unparalleled. She explodes their cover, her cover, and a firefight ensues. She is gravely wounded which Halvorson applauds, but Mathias finds an angle for leverage with her in tow. He will extract justice for her prior transgressions. Mathias owns Genesis.

They are confederates traveling to a new freebooter gig. The hierarchy is set with Mathias in charge. They are down but not out. Mathias will use his confederate team to get back on top. His methods are unorthodox yet highly effective.

“The Jewel” 

The Jewel by Breakfield and Burkey

Haddy and Otto are so in love. They started their family only to learn Haddy could have no more children. Haddy adores her daughter and helps her grow but, over time, slides down the slope of depression.

Otto, refusing to lose the love of his heart, comes to an inflection point. He coaxes Haddy out for the evening to celebrate her birthday, the first time in four years. Using his charm and wit, he plans the evening to court her like before they married.

They both dressed up in their finery for the night of celebration. Their evening progresses better than he hoped when Haddy behaves carefree as she laughs and gests with him. Walking through the alley to the theatre, they are confronted by two no accounts looking to rob them and more.

Otto instantly shifts to the warrior to protect his bride in the blink of an eye. Can one man defeat two practiced thieves and protect his wife? Their destiny is about to change as silence descends into the alley.

“Out of Poland”

Out of Poland by Breakfield & Burkey

It’s Poland 1939, World War II is imminent, with the free world under siege!

Poland reels with the onslaught of the German Wehrmacht. In an effort to help Britain and crush Germany, Polish diplomats engineer the theft of Germany’s unique communications tool used for strategic battle plans during their march on Europe.

Three young men make a copy before putting the original device onto the last plane to England. Their mission is to take their valued Enigma Machine and learn its secrets. Wolfgang, Ferdek, and Tavius risk everything to make their way to Switzerland surrounded by the invading Soviet and German armies. Their objective is to decrypt the German battle plans and inform the right people. They face nearly overwhelming obstacles that test their relentless determination.

How much can one risk to secure their freedom?



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Unwelcomed by John Podlaski

John Kowalski makes it home from the Vietnam War in one piece, and his battles are finally over. Or so he thought. Home for less than a week, John must defend his family from a pair of unwelcomed thugs hell-bent on revenge.



To learn more about Joy and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“My Aunt Peggy”

My Aunt Peggy by Joy M. Lilley Amazon cover

This story written by the protagonists niece is an insight to a lady with little education or hope of achievements and success in her life.However she bucked the trend and achieved much in life. Her family loved her dearly and cared about her right up to the last.She achieved more in becoming a constant winner of bowls tournaments a game she dearly loved.She also won the hearts and minds of many celebrities in the forties, when she worked at the famous Pinewood film studios in Britain. Many gave her their signed black and white photographs.Auntie Peggy was an engaging character to most and an adversary to a few.As you turn the pages you will be laughing and crying at some events of this intrepid lady’s life.


Clouds by Joy M. Lilley Amazon cover

This story tells of a mother and daughter Judy, eight years old left to fend for themselves after father is killed in WW2.
Life was hard in those post war years and mother was forced into finding unsavoury ways for their survival.
They were living in Switzerland, a place Judy loved with the mountains and meadows allowing the freedom she and her mother craved.
The clouds theme runs throughout the story depicting the various moods of their journey to a better and safer life.



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“Close Your Eyes And They’re Gone”

Close Your Eyes and They're Gone by Karen Black

“Treacherous Love” 

Treacherous Love by Karen Black

“Mountain Justice”

Mountain Justice by [Black, Karen]

“Long Stories Short”

Long Stories Short: A collection of short stories by by [Black, Karen]

“A Candle In The Darkness”

A Candle In the Darkness by Karen Black

“The Hunted”

The Hunted by Karen Black



To learn more about Linnea and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!



“Two Faces of Janus”

Two Faces of Janus Amazon cover

A brash young aristocrat, Lucius Antonius anticipates Emperor Augustus Caesar will support his lofty ambitions to serve as a praetor in the Roman justice system in 2 BC Rome. As the son of the distinguished politician and poet, Iullus Antonius, Lucius prays to Janus, the two-faced god of beginnings, to open the door for him to rise politically. But he is unaware of the political firestorm ready to erupt in the imperial family.

Augustus must confront evidence that his daughter, Julia, has behaved scandalously in public and that Iullus is her lover. The prospect that Julia might want to marry Iullus—the only surviving son of Marcus Antonius—threatens to redirect the glory from Augustus to his most hated rival beyond the grave. Caught in the political crossfire, Lucius must demonstrate his loyalty to Augustus by meeting all of his demands or face the destruction of his family’s legacy and possibly his own life. Will Lucius ultimately choose to betray and abandon his disgraced father?



To learn more about Maretha and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Lost and Found: Family Ties”

Lost and Found: Family Ties by [Botha, Maretha]

‘Always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ and being the gooseberry whenever her talented sister and fiancé go out socially – a bleak prospect for Miranda, the older sister, who also has her eye on her sister’s soon-to-be husband. However, things begin to fall apart for one of them.

This is a story of envy, passion and the consequences of decisions made in the heat of the moment, taking a second chance to be happy.

“Saving The Evergreens”

Saving The Evergreens: Garden Secrets by [Botha, Maretha]

Who knows what you may find in the undergrowth where all sorts of little creatures live? This short story fantasy will take you to a magical world which is hidden in the undergrowth. There, Tree Quarter – the home of all the evergreens – is attacked by a strange and fierce army of tree bugs. Are friendships and family ties strong enough to help the little creatures who live there to survive, and are there any humans who might unwittingly help them to overcome a terrible enemy?

Young and old – especially those of us who love the environment and its many amazing creatures – will enjoy getting to know more about the fragile life in the undergrowth, and perhaps, be reminded of our responsibility to care for our immediate environment, which might be just beyond the garden bench.
Note to readers: If you downloaded a copy before today, 30th June, please contact me. I’ve added extra illustrations.

“Lost Time: Family Ties”

Lost Time: Family Ties by [Botha, Maretha]

A love triangle remains the topic of many romantic tales, but when it occurs within families, someone always gets hurt, and there’s seldom a winner. Two sisters – twins – adore the same man. Can familial love be strong enough to move those involved to make sound choices or will unforeseen circumstances control the outcome?



“Sahara Heat”

Sahara Heat by Maura Beth Brennan

When ex-stripper Sahara marries the richest man in town, people expect trouble. Sahara just naturally attracts drama, and this time, she outdoes herself as the defendant in the most notorious trial the area has ever seen. But after the verdict is reached and everyone thinks the excitement is over, Sahara decides to stir things up again. This time, she’s going to tell the truth.


Stardust by Maura Beth Brennan

Is there such a thing as fate? Can one event change everything? Maeve’s life was comfortable and predictable until one day when things didn’t go as planned. But, maybe it had been planned, by someone or something other than herself. Now, she had choices to make about how to go on. Would she rise to the challenge?

“The Ex Chronicles”

The Ex Chronicles by [Brennan, Maura Beth]

Angie thinks she has found the love of her life. All goes well until she starts getting phone calls from a sultry woman and realizes her man is cheating. She decides to take matters into her own hands and confront the two lovers. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

“Saint Harry”

Saint Harry by [Brennan, Maura Beth]

Angie’s widowed Aunt Ida decides to embark on a career talking to the spirits, and use her powers to help her family and friends. Angie worries that something crazy might happen. And it does.



To learn more about Nonnie and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“No Pedigree

No Pedigree by Nonnie Jules

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Baylee never quite fit in…anywhere. She was taunted and teased because her clothes had no designer labels, and spit upon because her only pair of shoes had holes in the bottom. The butt of many jokes, she was excluded from all the parties, sneered at by the parents of her peers after school as she waited for the bus, watching them drive away in their fancy cars; assaulted in the most unthinkable fashion.

Having been born to a white father and a black native American mother didn’t make things any easier. In fact, that circumstance made her life ten times worse – until the day she made them all stand up, take notice and choke on their ugly words.


OPEN, SHUT: A Short Story by [JULES, NONNIE]

Darcy Lynn has a few problems: her sister, Lola, killed by a drunk driver, leaves her with an eerie message right before her death; her parents are atheists; her father drinks a little too much, and her brother, Bud, is just annoying. But, her most pressing issue is that things are mysteriously opening and closing around her and she hasn’t a clue as to why…or how.

In this short, you’re being introducing to a normal, everyday family, whose lives are altered, not once, but twice by unexpected and unusual circumstances.

If you came into this story only believing in things seen with your own two eyes, and things heard with your own two ears, you walk away with a new and refreshing added sense…the ability and the courage to change, based on where your heart leads you.  (More on Amazon)

“…And The Music Played” 

...AND THE MUSIC PLAYED: A Short Story by [Jules, Nonnie]

This book is the sequel and the final chapter in the love story between Giani and Christine. The first book, “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…The Poetry of Forbidden Love” (a co-authored project), was a love story told thru the eyes of two lovers…but written for the hearts of many.

Across oceans and thru many barriers, two hearts try to connect – but with the distance between them, will their love survive? And, with the forces-that-be against them coming in the form of murder plots and domestic abuse, the bigger question is…will they?





“Crossroads Diner #205”

Crossroads Diner #205 by Pamela Schloesser Canepa



To learn more about Pat, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“A Shared Dream”

A SHARED DREAM by Pat Garcia .png

It didn’t take Chance Mancini long to recognize that she had dared to let herself fall in love with Gavino Mancini. To make matters worse, after their marriage, he’d led her into a lifestyle that she had no knowledge of and had learned to love. He was her, Sir.

All was well and good until she found out she couldn’t give him the most precious gift a woman could give to a man who wanted a large family.

The demon she thought she had put behind her rose from the grave of her soul. Insecurity hunted her like a hound dog sniffing on a hunt.

Frightened and beaten down by her thought life, Chance ran away, only to be terrorized every night in her sleep.

Three years later, Gavino Mancini enters her life again. He has come to repossess what belongs to him––her heart and her body.

“Turn The Light On”

Turn The Light On Amazon

Would you ever accept a dinner invitation to meet a stranger who never spoke one word to you during your time together? Would you accept that you could not even sit at the same table with them? How about, you don’t even know their name and you continue this “game” for months?

Meet Della Cartwright. A superstar at what she does professionally, but when the tall, mysterious, Italian stranger, Alessio Terracina, enters her world, she begins to question her judgment and everything about her.

In this short story which takes place over the course of one day, this otherwise savvy businesswoman is led into making decisions that could jeopardize her professional life and maybe even cost her her freedom. But the greatest danger … just might be to her fragile heart.



“Collection:  Short Stories of Fantasy”

Collection: Short Stories of Fantasy: Collection Stories: Sarpati, The Slot Machine, Broken Toys in the Attic, The Fair Lady by [Guthrie, Patricia A., Guthrie, Patricia]



To learn more about Shirley and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Ronald L. Powell:  Missing in Action”

Ronald L. Powell: Missing in Action by [Harris-Slaughter, Shirley]

My brother dropped out of school and joined the Marines around 1963. By the time our Mother found him (he enlisted without telling anyone) he had been through basic training and was preparing to go to war. He told her in a letter, “Mom, I don’t think I’m going to make it …”

This is a memoir of my brave brother, Ronald Louis Powell, who died under mysterious circumstances along with 57 of his comrades. Nothing was ever said or written about this tragedy.

This is my way of keeping his story alive and bringing some closure.

“Newspaper Chronicles”

NEWSPAPER CHRONICLES by [Harris-Slaughter, Shirley]

Based on a true story.
The story follows the fictional account of one character, Leslie Louise Allen, working at a major newspaper in Downtown Detroit. From her perspective on race; interactions of colleagues; circulation wars; new hires; layoffs and romantic encounters, she takes us on a harrowing journey thru the 70s and 80s when Detroit was a two-newspaper town.

“A Citizen’s Group In Action: Saving A Train Station”

A CITIZEN’S GROUP IN ACTION: Saving a Train Station by [Harris-Slaughter, Shirley]

Around 1992, this study was pulled together for one specific purpose – to save the Michigan Central Depot, a train station in downtown Detroit. After it was boarded up in the 1980s, I agonized about what was happening to the building as it descended into neglect and decay; with no hope of it ever rising to its former glory. I needed to form a plan and a way to do it. Attending a university afforded me that opportunity. I always loved trains even though there was never a chance for me to experience the thrill of it all growing up. My mother was pregnant with me when she traveled from California, all the way to Detroit, to be with my dad’s family while he was stationed in Guam during World War II. So I always thought that I was touched in the womb. There was no other way to explain this love affair with trains.



“Memoir of a Mad Woman”

Memoir of a Mad Woman by [Quiroz-Vega, Vashti]

Who can explain how madness begins?

This is the story of Emma. Reared by a religious fanatic, orphaned at a young age and sent to a mental institution and an orphanage. Molested and betrayed by the people who should be watching over her…

Who can say that madness has no logic?

During a fight, Emma’s best friend punched her in the abdomen. Since then, Emma has believed there’s something damaged inside of her… (More on Amazon)



To learn more about Yvette and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!


“The One Chosen”

The One Chosen by Yvette Calleiro

Valerie is eager to learn the skills needed to become a Diasodz warrior, but when she meets her new trainer, all she can think about is him.

Nolan is a master trainer who has taught thousands of fledglings throughout his life. He has never had a relationship with a student nor does he plan to.

When Nolan and Valerie are thrust together on a routine mission, nothing goes as planned. If they want to survive, they will need to trust each other. But how do you trust someone who has rejected you? Nolan and Valerie must find a way or lose each other forever.

Note: This short story is related to the Chronicles of the Diasodz series. It takes place in the early 1600s and sets the stage for a major conflict in the series. It can be read alone, but if you enjoy it, I encourage you to read the series.


Breathless by Yvette Calleiro

What if the fairy tale kiss that always awakens the damsel in distress takes a sinister turn? What if prince charming’s kiss no longer produces a happily ever after?

Silena’s infatuation with William hits a speed bump when he rejects her. After all, she is just a maid, and he is a young, rich aristocrat in the 1920s. Why would he have any desire to waste his time with the help?

On one particularly lonely day, Silena calls upon her magic to transform into a sexy flapper for the night. Her dream to enjoy one night with William is finally in her grasp, but her magic comes with consequences that neither William nor Silena could ever imagine.

24 thoughts on “Looking for #ShortStories? Ck out the #RRBC Catalog today! #RRBC_Community”

  1. Hi everyone, I just ordered a bunch of these new releases. Very excited to see the new reads. Thank you all.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS to all the authors in the 90 Day Short Story Contest that just closed! You are the best! Looking forward to reading your stories.

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  3. Review posted today…
    Open, Shut by Nonnie Jules 4/5
    Thought-provoking Story about Beliefs and Relationships
    Open, Shut by Nonnie Jules is a poignant short story about a family who experiences the death of a loved one. Darcy Lynn’s parents were atheists and talking about faith was strictly prohibited in their home. When Darcy’s older sister, Lola was curious about Christianity and began secretly studying the Bible, she was reprimanded by her mother. When someone in the family dies, questions arise… This is a thought-provoking story about beliefs and relationships. ~Bette A. Stevens, author of award-winning children’s picture book AMAZING MATILDA and other books for children and adults.


  4. Here is my review of Jewel, by Jan Sikes. FIVE STARS!

    A poignant tale that has, without a doubt, played out too many times in reality. An impoverished family that consists of a sickly mother and her two daughters, must come to terms with their reality.

    In those days, before the safety net of social assistance, the painful choice was made by Jewel’s mother to send her daughters away, in hopes of a better life.

    Jewel was ushered into an alien world of lavish parties and magnificent homes, but everything comes at a price. It’s impossible not to sympathize with this young woman because of her tragic circumstances, and youthful innocence.

    An emotional connection with characters is the mark of an excellent book. No issues with that in Jewel. It’s a quick read that wraps up neatly, though it left me with the desire to learn one unanswered question.

    I recommend Jewel for the reader who enjoys a short tale of dire straits, desperate measures, and uncertain endings.


  5. Hi ! I’ve read 19 of these books/shorts & hope to read more this month. Short stories have always been my favorite genre in fiction. Happy reading & reviewing short stories to everyone at RRBC ! Warmest Regards – Fiza Pathan

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  6. Okay, I’ve been busy in this category since March is Read a Short Story month! Here are my reviews:

    Jewel by Jan Sikes: https://smile.amazon.com/review/R2UY828HDBJ1ON/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

    Slimmer: A Contemporary Short Story by Wendy Jayne (Scott): https://smile.amazon.com/review/R3U6HWTIN4O98F/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

    Visitors: Short Story Mystery by WJ Scott (Wendy Jayne Scott):

    No Pedigree by Nonnie Jules: https://smile.amazon.com/review/RXT6N4EWEHFR5/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

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