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When you’re creating a blog post, how many times do you consider the order of your comments in that creation?  This post won’t be news to some of you, but for others who have never given the order of your comments any thought, this quick tip is just for you.

When someone comments on your posts, most often, if they are voracious readers like I am and will read absolutely anything, they will return again and again to continue to read the comments, if there is an interesting discussion going on about that post.  If that’s the case, no one wants to have to continually scroll through all the comments they’ve already read, to get to the latest ones.

It is for this reason that the order of your comments do matter.  In your Settings, there is a feature that asks which order you prefer your comments to display as.  This is a common feature with WordPress blogs and I’m pretty sure it’s standard across the board with all blog forums.   

If you value return visits and busy chatter on your blogs, it’s always best to display the most recent comments first.

If you don’t have yours set up this way already, then hurry and correct that (writing) faux pas.

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WAIT!  Before you leave, tell us, how do you have your comments displaying right now? 

Do You Even Know What ‘Converting’ Your Blog Means? #RRBC

It seems that many authors/bloggers (aka blog site owners) are a little in the dark about what they should post on their blogs or how to even begin to blog.  Once you’ve mastered that tiny feat, you then need to know how to attract and keep your visitors interested.

We happened upon this article by Nathan Thompson over at OptInMonster, that is filled with helpful information.  Check out “7 Proven Tips to Create Blog Posts that Convert Like Crazy.”

You may not know what ‘converting’ a blog post means right now, but you certainly will after reading this article!

Happy Converting!

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