To all the RRBC Dads who are the fearless anchors, teachers, and heroes of their children’s lives.  This is for you…


F is for you being Fearless = For all the times you showed up in defense of me and fearlessly stared down any and every obstacle that threatened to block my path to safety and greatness

A is for you being the Anchor = For always being the mainstay that kept our family firmly secured, in place, and together

T is for you being the Teacher = For all the things you’ve taught me that guided me to the awesome adult I am today

H is for you being the Hero = For all the times you came to my rescue; even in those times when you were protecting me from myself

E is for you being the Everything = For all the safety, security, and love that you have provided me with throughout my life and for always being the glue that kept our family together 

R is for you being Responsible = For modeling and thereby teaching me the meaning of responsibility, and the importance of owning up to my wrongs as well as standing firmly in my rights.

Father, you are the most Responsible and Fearless Teacher, Anchor, Hero I know … you are my Everything

Thank you for all that you’ve shown me. 

Thank you for all that you’ve taught me.

Thank you for all the love you’ve given me! 

Father, thank you for EVERYTHING!

~Nonnie Jules

What does your FATHER mean to you?