Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community & #Support, Pt. 7 #RRBC #RWISA

During our 4th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo, I was scheduled to present a session on my “15 Pearls” of Literature on Marketing, Blogging, Community, and Support.  As it has worked out in the past (but won’t be the case anymore), I wasn’t able to get this session up in time but did get it done eventually – just not published.  Those who registered for that session will be getting 3 new sessions FREE during our upcoming 2020 WC&BE! 

This session on my “PEARLS…” will be shared here for all our members, in hopes that it will help in our quest to become more successful and better at marketing our work as we make connections that will benefit us professionally as well as personally.  These will be posted under our posting schedule of Mondays each week, in separate parts.

Welcome to Part 7!


We should all know by now that the old adage, “Misery loves company” is true. Ever heard the term “troll” used online?  This term is often used to refer to those “haters” over in places like Goodreads-land (or those coming from other forums who continuously “troll” the RRBC site).  Now, I know some of you love Goodreads and that’s fine, but I tend to choose not to get too taken with people and places that are filled with ugly and negativity. It seems Goodreads was created specifically for these reasons.

Online, the term “troll” is used for those individuals who go around spreading negativity simply for sport.  They might give you a low review on Amazon just because … for no specific reason (or Goodreads, if your book is listed there).  They may not have even read your book, but in Goodreads-land especially, that’s OK – and from my experience with the forum, it’s also encouraged.  They do it just because they can.  With no one policing behavior in a forum, what is going to stop negative behavior from running rampant?  This is what goes on in that forum and others like it.

Today, we’re turning the table on “trolls,” or as I like to refer to them, trouble makers.

These people peruse sites looking for anything they can find wrong with someone’s book. If they don’t like the title, the cover, the author’s name … whatever it is they have decided to zoom in on, they find something to spark an ugly discussion about it. And, even if there is nothing wrong, let me tell you…they will create something. I call this trolling for trouble. There’s always a ring-leader who gets the other “trolls” all riled up and standing behind them in army-like fashion, until, that is, the one who the ringleader is attacking, stands up against them – then the ringleader somehow finds their way to the very back of the little “troll” army line. 

Even though these cowards (trolls”) are hiding behind their keyboards feeling tough, they feel defenseless when strong, intelligent words are thrown in their direction. You see, intelligence of any kind frightens them, as they are accustomed to using words that are used by people with very limited vocabularies. I don’t need to spell those words out for you … we all know the kinds of words I’m referring to. These “trolls” seek out books with sterling 5-star reviews and intentionally leave poor reviews just to put a dent in the author’s rating. (And by the way, I’m not referring to those of you who put a dent in a sterling 5-star undeserved track record when you leave an honest review. In those times, you’re doing a great service to your fellow readers and I applaud you for being brave enough to do so.)  What I’m referring to is what the “trolls” go around doing with negative intentions.  And how sick is that behavior?

I’m encouraging you to stand up to these bullies (“trolls”) and let them know that they are trolling for trouble in the wrong place. Let them also know that you will not be intimidated by their ugliness or the vulgarity of their very limited vocabularies. Show them that you will not back down from their little army of “troll” followers and that you will stand tall and strong until they go away.

We can’t please everyone all the time, but, we can surely keep these little troubled “trolls” on the run!

~ Nonnie Jules


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