Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community & #Support, Pt. 10 #RRBC #RWISA

During our 4th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo, I was scheduled to present a session on my “15 Pearls” of Literature on Marketing, Blogging, Community, and Support.  

This session on my “PEARLS…” will be shared here for all our members, in hopes that it will help in our quest to become more successful and better at marketing our work as we make connections that will benefit us professionally as well as personally.  These will be posted in separate parts.

Welcome to Part 10!


To date, I am a published author with several books under my belt. As a new author, back in the early part of 2012, it took me only 17 days to pen “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS!” I was so excited about it, I went back and forth over it with a fine tooth comb. Then, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could write a novel.  You see (in my mind), the only way to prove that you are a really good writer, is to try your hand at Fiction because that’s where the real creativity comes into play.

Well, I did write that novel, and it was pretty good – or so I thought. Fast forward a few years with a lot more literary knowledge and writing skill under my belt, and I looked back over both books and cringed.   Yes, I wanted to hide my face in disappointment and shock, so, putting a bag over it so no one would know me while I was rushing over to Amazon, was what happened in the end.

The novel, although a really good story, fell short in my expectations of what a well-written story should look like.  Although it had a myriad of 4 and 5-star reviews, I pulled that book down from Amazon over 4 years ago and it’s not back up yet.  And it won’t be until I have had the opportunity to re-edit it and make it (almost) perfect based on my skill and knowledge of today.

One of the many reasons I’m glad to be a self-published author, is that we have the ability to improve on our work at any time – we can pull our work down from Amazon and other retailers and make corrections or changes on a whim, which I know some traditionally published authors aren’t afforded the luxury of doing.  To me, this is a major asset in our field.

I am a stickler for (almost) perfect writing.  I know, I can hear some of you saying out loud as you read this, “But there’s NO such thing.” Wait a second, I said (almost) perfect writing.  No one is perfect, I’m aware of that – but let me tell you, I strive for it in everything I do. And when you strive for that which some say is unattainable (I beg to differ, by the way), you set yourself apart from the others who would be just like the masses … purely regular. I don’t ever want to be known as just regular. I always want to stand out, be known for the un-norm, because, why would you want to be just like everyone else? Where’s the fun in that?

If you are a follower of mine, you know that I speak (a lot) about this market of ours being flooded with junk. Well, let me tell you where junk comes from. Junk comes from the writers who publish work that needs major attention in the editing and proofing department – they are aware that it needs major attention, yet, they leave it out on Amazon for purchase anyway. Is missing out on a couple of bucks really more important than your professional reputation as a writer?  You will never get another chance to make a great first impression.  I have come across tons of these kinds of writers; some who I have even taken aside to share that it would be in their best interest to take their work down and clean it up a bit, or to even start over from scratch.  Yes, I’ve seen some books so bad that they should have been scrapped long ago. 

Some have taken this advice and have “cleaned” up their mess and turned their messes into something amazing; something worth me spending my hard-earned money on, and something worth reading.   The others who can’t be ‘advised’ … well, you can spot them a mile away.  These are the ones who don’t take critiques very well and will defend their junk to the end –  and to those I say, “Why don’t we just talk about the weather,” as I refuse to spend my time trying to convince someone that they are truly adding to the litter that’s flooding the market, if you know what I mean. 

Always being willing to make your work better and better, and always looking for ways to improve on your writing, are the strategies that will separate you from the masses. If you want to be {average} just like everyone else,  or sometimes considered even worse than that, then go on and hit publish and send your junk out into the airwaves, in hopes that someone will accidentally trip over it and buy it.

But, if you want to be taken seriously as a writer and if you want to be known for putting out THE ABSOLUTE BEST WRITTEN WORK, then always be willing to listen, heed the advice of those with very skilled eyes who are willing to advise you, and never sit back and rest on your laurels, playing the wait and see game – waiting to see if your book is going to sell.  You see, I don’t write for me. I write for the world, in hopes that my books will forever grace the bookshelves (virtually or otherwise) of those who collect and appreciate the classics, along with good, strong (clean) writing.

After many a “take-down” and “put back up” of some of my books, if someone shared with me today that they found one comma out of place (and please do tell me if you find such horror in one of my books) I would take them down again in a heartbeat just to make them better for you, my readers.

It’s OK to always want to do, and…

So, there you have my two-cents on ALWAYS BEING WILLING TO MAKE IT BETTER AND BETTER. You can take my advice or you can leave it, but don’t expect me to run out and purchase your work if you don’t care enough about me as a reader, to want to continually improve upon it. Again, that’s just my two-cents, and in some places, it’s worth a whole lot!


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Building Your #Author Platform #RRBC #RWISA

We are 18 days away from our 5th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo and if you haven’t registered to take part in any of the planned book promotions, sessions, games, etc. for this event, you are really doing yourself a grand disservice.

We have 23 sessions being presented in this year’s conference and you still have time to register for them.

Today, I’m giving you a FREE sample of the quality of the sessions and information that will be presented at this year’s #WC&BE20.  This session is in blog form format and I hope that the information contained within proves to be super-beneficial to you and your writing career!


Nonnie Jules, Presenter

NJ Logo1 (1)

As writers, we blog about many different things. We blog about our family and friends, how much we do (or don’t) exercise, politics, and even the food we eat. But, unless you’re a family therapist, a fitness guru, a politician or a foodie, none of these are your platforms UNLESS they are all you speak about, the majority of the time.

Many writers pop onto the scene and want the world to know them as being “good at everything,” and although there is a strong possibility they are, readers don’t care to know this. Readers want to believe that they are reading material from EXPERTS, and although we’d love to be, we can’t be EXPERTS at everything. So, that is when you need to establish your author platform.

I actually have two main platforms:  CHILDREN & SUPPORT (although I must admit, that I’m pretty good at writing about a multitude of things). If you were to mention my name to any number of people and ask: “What is her platform?” they would probably respond with “Parenting and children, but she’s always trying to teach the importance of support, as well.”  Now, although they might name one as my main platform, notice how the other is also tied into their response.   WHY? Because these two areas are what I write about, talk about and live the most.  (I should also add Living Decently to my platform, as that is an issue that I tend to lend a ton of focus to, as well).

I am known as THE GOOD MOMMIES’ Mommy.  Its typical for me to stand in line at the market and a parent or someone who recognizes me, walks over and asks:  “Aren’t you the good mommies’ mommy?” My first book, THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS, placed me in that position online.  What everyone may not know is, I am also that mommy in the real world. Raising great kids is typically ALL that I talk about;  it is what I am passionate about, it is what I live and breathe, and so, it is my main platform.  Of course, there are other things I tend to go on and on about, but not as much as this!

Now established, I am consulted by parents, print media outlets, parenting bloggers, and other organizations who recognize me as an “expert” in my field, and wish to use my advice for articles, interviews, and speaking engagements.  Parenting organizations in schools use my parenting guide as a fundraiser in their communities, and humbly, when I speak on the subject, many ears listen.

It’s an art to be able to write well under more than one genre, but first, become known for that one area that solidifies your place in our writing culture, so that readers are easily able to recognize and identify with you.  You’re not being put into a hole or a box, you are just carving out that special place, where your name recognition keeps your foot in the door for a wider range of opportunities.

Here are just a few tips to get you started on the road to building your author platform:

  1.  Pick a subject and become knowledgeable on the topic;
  2. Blog on your subject matter and build a following.  If your content is interesting, it will keep them coming back for more and they’ll also begin spreading the word of your blog to others;
  3. On social media, ensure that you use the appropriately dedicated hashtags for your main area of interest.  I tend to use #Parenting, #Kids, #Children in all of my tweets related to the subject of parenting.  For my blog posts on #support, that is the hashtag that I use. This draws those searching for information on these topics, to my info-filled tweets;
  4. Network with other entities, agencies, and bloggers, etc. in your field, so that you are able to offer guest contributions to their successful websites, blogs, and periodicals.  It’s OK to ask if you may contribute via guest articles and blog posts;
  5. Register and reach out to organizations in your area of interest so that they know who you are, and will keep you in mind when they need authors to speak at their engagements;
  6. Never turn down any media invitations, whether they are in print, radio or television;
  7. Join organizations in the area of your platform focus.  You will learn more from those who are traveling the same road as you are;
  8. Lastly, spend time sharing interesting material on your platform, via your social media forums.  This will increase your following, as well as pique the interest of those who find your social media content worth reading.  They’ll want more and will begin seeking out other areas of your writing, such as your books, blogs, etc.  They will also begin to associate you with that particular field.

If you’re not already, I’d like for you to follow me at WATCH NONNIE WRITE as I will continue to offer more tips to help you begin establishing and building a strong author platform.  What is it that you’re most passionate about? What is the one thing you’re actually KNOWN for? That could very easily serve as the medium you need, to establish your credibility with your new-found platform.

Thanks for spending this time with us.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at


(Here is a list of 7 questions you should ask yourself, to ensure that you are serious about building your author platform).

  •  What am I good at or what am I most interested in?
  • Am I passionate about this field or subject matter?
  • Am I willing to work hard to increase my knowledge of this subject matter?
  • Am I willing to further my education on the subject at an institution of higher learning?
  • Do I feel comfortable speaking intelligently on this subject matter to individuals and organizations, if asked?
  • Am I willing to spend the time building a blog which is focused on my platform?  This would include posting scheduled content, as well as growing my followers;
  • Am I willing to go beyond social media contact to reach out to those in my field who might be able to help grow awareness of my platform?  This means, am I willing to actually pick up the phone and make direct contact?

This is the quality of information you’ll find at our upcoming WC&BE.  Information that will help you to grow in your writing and the marketing of your books and blogs, etc.

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Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community, #Support, Pt. 3 #RRBC

During our 4th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo, I was scheduled to present a session on my “15 Pearls” of Literature on Marketing, Blogging, Community, and Support.  As it has worked out in the past (but won’t be the case anymore), I wasn’t able to get this session up in time but did get it done eventually – just not published.  Those who registered for that session will be getting 3 new sessions FREE during our upcoming 2020 WC&BE! 

This session on my “PEARLS…” will be shared here for all our members, in hopes that it will help in our quest to become more successful and better at marketing our work as we make connections that will benefit us professionally as well as personally.  These will be posted under our posting schedule of Mondays & Thursdays each week, in separate parts.  

Welcome to Part 3!


I came on the social media scene over 9 years ago, and although many tried to tag me as a “newbie,” I quickly shed that tag after two months of being online. Back then, many would ask how I managed to learn as much as I did about social media (namely Twitter) as quickly as I did. Well, I’m not one to sit around on my laurels waiting for anything, so I jumped right in and learned all that I could … as fast as I could.

I noticed a lot of people on Twitter (as I still do) offering what they brand as support by tweeting or RTing things that matter not to anyone. I notice RTs of food (you know, what someone had for lunch), I notice RTs of funnies (on some days these do come in handy,  but mind you, I said some days … we can do without your funny emojis filling up our timeline every minute on the minute), and, I see full-blown conversations about absolutely nothing taking place on Twitter. You know, aside from allotting only 140 characters per tweet, I’m told Mr. Tweet-Man is still today, sitting, watching and waiting for you to tweet more tweets than he has allotted you for the day. Once you’ve broken his rule, he calls the tweet-cops on you! And what do they do? You guessed it – they arrest you and put you in Twitter-Jail! Now, Mr. Tweet-Man’s policy on how long you have to stay in Twitter-Jail is something I know nothing about.

In writing, social media is for a certain purpose … and that is to get the word out about your writing, whether on your blog site or via the books you’ve written.  And, although bonds are formed and friendships are made while on social media, it still remains a marketing tool for us, and we must never allow the personal part of it to interfere with our real reasons for being there.  I am on social media for ONE reason and ONE reason only … and that is to Profile, Promote and Propel my books and my writing, while also doing the same for my fellow authors. Because I’m a serious writer, I cannot afford to log onto Twitter for daily socializing.  I get on there, I do what I need to do, and then I get back to writing, which bears repeating, is the reason I’m on social media in the first place.

Now, don’t get me wrong … I’m not saying that you should not socialize on social media;  what I am sharing is that there is a way to spend time on social media, getting to know those you support and the ones who support you, while ensuring that the time you’re spending on Twitter, Facebook, etc. is not wasted time. Remember, we can’t get that time back and we are working hard to become bestsellers here, right?

If by chance there is the occasional second where someone has engaged me in a not-so-work-related tweet-chat, I utilize that time to the max.  90% of the time I tend to always include some type of marketing bit, even in those personal tweets … either at the beginning or at the end of the chat.  Here’s an example of one such tweet: “@sharrislaughter Thx 4 the plug. How’s ur day going? #DaydreamsDaughter…” Notice how even in the midst of a quick personal chat, I have injected the title and purchase link to my book.

Even though the person you are tweeting may not click the link, imagine how many times that tweet will travel around the world and somebody who you might not ever have the chance to make direct contact with, just might see it, and click it.  I call that “not wasting a tweet!” You should look at it the same way and follow my lead.  You never know who might happen to notice that tweet, click on the link and then purchase your book or become a follower of your blog.

Social media is about support. We get on there, we engage and we garner support for our work, as others are doing the same for theirs. If it is your goal to be a true supporter of others, take the time to RT something of substance for your tweet-colleagues. Don’t RT the first random thing you see on their timeline.  When I see a RT of, say for instance a BlogTalkRadio interview that is clearly marked with a date and time in the distant past, my blood begins to boil.  That says to me the person behind the RT is not someone who even knows what they are sending out into the world because they didn’t take the time to read the tweet.  If they had, surely they wouldn’t have retweeted it, right?  They could be retweeting child pornography for all they know;  they saw “a” tweet, and hit their RT button without even reading the tweet first. 

If you want to at least give the illusion that you are being supportive, take the time to find a tweet that will do the person you are RTing, the most good – one in which their work is being promoted. It’s not a hard thing to do at all, and I assure you, they will greatly appreciate you for going that extra mile for them.

If you don’t want to just give the illusion that you’re supportive, step up your game and do more than just RT someone.  When you happen upon their tweet of substance, actually take a moment and click the link to see what it’s all about.  If they are sharing their blog post, read it and then leave an engaging comment, LIKE the post, FOLLOW their blog, and then share the post onto your social media forums before leaving.  They’ll probably be so appreciative of you that they’ll take the time to seek you out and support you in the same manner. 

If someone is sharing their book link to Amazon, B&N or some other online retailer, click the link and support by picking up a copy of their book, whether by purchasing it or snagging it as a FREE copy.  Whatever you do, do it better than the person who is only giving the illusion of being a real supporter.  There are too many of those common folks on social media merely hitting a RT or share button – that’s all they’ll ever do and as my mom used to say, “that’s all they’re good for.”  Just as you want to be known as a social media substance supporter, those are also the kinds of supporters you want backing you.

Always utilize every marketing tool that you have at your disposal to promote your work – don’t allow one second of it to go to waste. We don’t know when Mr. Tweet-Man is going to change his mind and maybe decide to start charging us a hefty fee to use his service, or when he might decide to retire and just shut it down for good. Let’s make the best of social media while we can and wherever we can. 

**I’ve mainly used Twitter here as my example but know that there are many other social media forums for you to promote your work via, while also engaging in building those relationships online that will benefit you well into the future.  Best of luck!**

What kind of social media supporter are you?  Leave us a comment down below – we’d love to know!

By the way, I’m looking for some really good books to read while on my upcoming two-week reading vacation.  If you have a book that you’d like for me to dig into, leave the title and your author name down below, and I’ll be purchasing and reading it soon!  

If you’re also feeling that generous, drop by the RRBC catalog and check out some of our awesome member-reads there!  They’d love your support!

~Nonnie Jules


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Pearls of #Literature on #Marketing, #Blogging, #Community, #Support, Pt. 1 #RRBC #RWISA #RRBC_Community

During our 4th Annual Writers’ Conference & Book Expo, I was scheduled to present a session on my “15 Pearls” of Literature on Marketing, Blogging, Community, and Support.  As it has worked out in the past (but won’t be the case anymore), I wasn’t able to get this session up in time but did get it done eventually – just not published.  Those who registered for that session will be getting 3 new sessions FREE during our upcoming WC&BE in August! 

This session on my “PEARLS…” will be shared here for all our members, in hopes that it will help in our quest to become successful in these areas.  These will be posted under our posting schedule of Mondays & Thursdays each week, in separate parts.  

Often times we think that to become a successful author, all we need to do is publish a book, but, that is so far from the truth.  To be successful in this business, you must learn and master the tricks of the trade in the marketing arena, blogging arena, support arena, and you must be aligned with, and have a strong sense of community – self, and others.

All of the pearls that I will be sharing are integral to our success.  I believe so strongly in these pearls, that I’m happy to share them with you!

Welcome to Part 1!

When you became an author, did you imagine that you would have everything in common with all the other folks who wore the same title? Did you think it would be easy simply because you were in the company (virtually, so to speak) of other writers?
When I became a published author, I was initially met with more resistance than offers to connect or offers of assistance.  These people were clearly only out for their own best interests and had absolutely no desire to help a newbie author who was just getting started in this business.

Then, I met a friend, and as we connected, we not only felt that we were walking the same road, experiencing the same challenges and successes equally, but it became apparent to us that we were also headed in the very same direction. She and I began referring to each other as “SUCCESS PARTNERS.” We emailed each other daily our top 5 things that we needed to get done that day, and we encouraged each other to stay the course of our goals.  It was clear early on that we were of like-mind. We were two moms, both published authors, who battled daily the challenges of our personal lives as well as the struggles of getting our books marketed and sold. I understood her highs and lows and she understood mine.

It’s so important to align yourself with people you have shared values with and those who share your ideals on success and support, you know…the ones who are going to lift you up and not try to tear you down. The ones that you’re able to call on, lean on and garner support from when you need it most, are the kinds of individuals you want to be aligned with and always in the company of.

There are tons of communities all around the world and thanks to the World Wide Web, we’re all just a keystroke away.  Just make sure that you are aligned with the ones that feel like the right fit for you and what you are trying to accomplish.  Just because they appear to be “sweet” via their tweets, doesn’t mean they are, so be careful, and just as is true in the real world, choose your friends carefully and wisely – we are always judged by the company we keep … even online.

Are you aligning yourself with like-minded individuals online and off?  Have you found a community that builds you up?  We’d love to hear about it!