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What #RRBC Has Done For Me


If you have a great story to share regarding how or what RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB has done for you, please share it in the comments section below.  Have your sales increased, your reviews or even your blog or social media followers? How about your support?   Others would love to know your story and some would like proof that we do what we say we’ll do!!!

After reading the testimonials of some of our members, why would you NOT want to join?  Join us today then offer your own testimony about WHAT RRBC HAS DONE FOR YOU!

Some of these reviews have been transferred over from our old site at RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.

18 thoughts on “What #RRBC Has Done For Me”

  1. Member, LARRY HYATT – Words can’t describe what the RRBC has done for me but this is a writer’s group so I can’t get away with that.

    Nervous, amazed, overwhelmed, embraced, and cuddled are all feeling I had during my Spotlight Author week. It was a wonderful week of being supported by great writers and readers who truly love written words, their power to move, and feel sharing that love is what works.

    A heartfelt thank you goes out to all Nonnie Jules and all the members who showed support and if you’re not a member let me tell you about a group that understands we’re all in this together. We are not competitors. We are originals who write because what we have to say drives us from within.

    Join the Rave Reviews Book Club. Support, it will be returned, over and over again.


  2. Member, LISA KIRAZIAN – I had a tremendous experience with my book “Bravura” as an RRBC October 2015 Book of the Month. I’m so grateful to have been selected. Not only were the hundreds of tweets and retweets during the month, but as I outline in my blog post about the experience (link below), there were many more reviews and sales than before. I got new ideas and feedback that will inform the rest of the series. So thank you thank you thank you RRBC!


  3. Member, BETTE A. STEVENS – Whether you’re a writer or simply an avid reader, Rave Reviews Book Club is for you. I call #RRBC “The Best Book Club on the Planet”!

    As an active member for more than two years, I have reaped benefits too numerous to list. High among them—friendship and support from the club’s outstanding members.

    Before joining the club, I had reservations about adding a new responsibility to my already jam-packed author to-do-list. Many of the online organizations I belonged to at the time were just not what I was looking for in an author support group. After two personal invitations from my author friend Kathryn Treat (an outstanding author who supported me in so many ways), I decided to give it a try. Kathryn has since left us, but her memory lives on and continues to bless us all. For me, Kathryn provided a yardstick by which to measure myself as a friend and as an author. Kathryn’s persistence, her belief in excellence and in the club along with her unwavering friendship and support left a lasting impression. Her message came through loud and clear to this writer/reader: “Share the love!” Kathryn didn’t shout it, she showed it. Supporting and encouraging others is what excellence is all about.

    Last—but far from least— many thanks to our fabulous #RRBC community for your awesome shout-outs and sharing on a regular basis. Your ongoing support during “February Books of the Month,” during which my novel DOG BONE SOUP was featured, was absolutely amazing. Sales and reviews for all of my books continue to rise as well as an increase in followers on all of my media sites.
    RRBC support for me doesn’t begin or end there. Special thanks to #RRBC’s fantastic Board of Directors for the “Spotlight Honors” interview on RAVES WAVES RADIO last June. Before that, there was a “Spotlight Tour” in 2014. I continue to be blessed and honored by Rave Reviews Book Club in so many ways. You are all proof of that. You follow, you share, you comment, you’re always quick to lend a hand, often before I ask. Thanks to you, I continue to sell more books, get more reviews, find outstanding new books to read and review; plus, I have the privilege and the pleasure to meet and make wonderful friends like all of you along the way.

    Already a Rave Reviews Book Club member? Keep sharing the love. The world can never get too much of that. Not an author, but can’t wait to discover great new reads? You’re sure to find them at #RRBC.

    Author or reader, Rave Reviews Book Club Rocks—come join us! ~ Bette A. Stevens


  4. Member, LINDA MIMS – Yippee-Ki-Yay! I was just minding my own business when I got an email from John Fioravanti:
    “Thank you so much for your great support on my blog tour last week, Linda. I hope
    you enjoy Treachery & Triumph.”

    RRBC is always doing wonderful things like this! Thank you so much John! Best of luck to you!!!


  5. LIFETIME MEMBER, JOY NWOSU LO-BAMIJOKO – This last week came and ended so fast! I don’t know whether it was because I was the “Spotlight Author” for the week, or because I did not want the support I was getting for the week to end. It must be for both reasons, for without the one, the other couldn’t have happened. It was a great week, and the feeling was exhilarating! I had been profiled again, and again before, on #RaveReviewsBookClub’s other promotional outlets, and each time, the feeling has been the same. Nothing raises my adrenaline like waking up, and finding myself the object of a massive promotion. I was on high for the whole week, and it was a very sweet high.

    Our #RaveReviewsBookClub members…How can I describe you people? I don’t know what it is about you…When you people come out to support, if feels like home. It feels like family. We talk to ourselves with such familiarity, the type that can only happen between friends, not just distant friends, but very close friends. It doesn’t matter whether you are meeting a member for the first time, or whether the member is an old reliable – those who are always there – the feeling is the same. Once a member, at once you become family. It is a great feeling, and a great place to be. I am a member of a few other clubs on the Internet, but none is like the #RRBC. Thank you all members of #RRBC. Please never change. You did a great job.

    Just a word for the great woman, Nonnie Jules, who had, not just the foresight, but the inspiration to create such a mammoth International Organization, an inspiration that only comes from God. When God wants to do something great, He whispers something into the ears of someone specially chosen to deliver His message, His plan. God doesn’t ask just anyone. He chooses only the ones He knows can deliver. Nonnie, the president of #RRBC was chosen specially to create this group, and she has done a marvelous job of it. Thank you Nonnie. I thank God for you every day.

    For those of you who have heard of #RRBC, and have not joined, here is the link: Join today, and become a member of this wonderful family of friends, where we support, promote, propel, read and review each another books.


  6. LIFETIME MEMBER, SHIRLEY HARRIS-SLAUGHTER – All last week there was one thing after another going on for me. First I was selected to be interviewed on RRBC Rave Waves Tag 245 with 2 other former board members. That was really awesome!
    Then just after settling down for that I won a chance to pick a book selection from the Kathryn C. Treat giveaways and I won an ebook of the same would you believe.

    Then as if that wasn’t enough, I won a $5.00 gift card. I know it may not seem like much, but when you have depleted all your credits it can come in handy.

    So all in all, I had a busy week. That’s what you get when you are active with RRBC. I am a lifetime member and I could not be any prouder being associated with such a fine organization.

    Thank you Nonnie Jules for giving us such a wonderful avenue to stay relevant in this industry.


  7. LIFETIME MEMBER, YVETTE CALLEIRO – What has RRBC done for me? The real question is what haven’t they done!

    RRBC has given me a community of people who share in my love for literature. It’s a community of book lovers – both readers and writers alike. We share our novels with one another, and we have great discussions about books. We buy one another’s books and write honest reviews about them. We accept everyone, even if they do not write the same genre or the same style as others. And we have fun! We have contests and virtual block parties and Internet radio interviews! It’s great!

    RRBC rewards and promotes its members. They do this through programs such as Member of the Month, PUSH Tuesday, Books of the Month, and Spotlight Author. Last week, I was chosen as the Spotlight Author. I am not used to having so much attention on me, and it was humbling and beautiful!

    Six different bloggers shared information about my novels and me with their readers. I am so appreciative of them – Nonnie Jules shared an interview with me on “Who’s on the Shelf with Nonnie Jules?” They promoted my novels through links on their pages as well as promoting me through links to my website and my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    And that is just the beginning of it. Their readers and other RRBC members reblogged their posts. They tweeted and retweeted about the blogs and about my novels. They commented on the posts and interacted with me, and I have to say that it felt amazing to read about their interest in my stories. One of the things that any author knows is that it feels like winning the literary lottery when readers and potential readers interact with you.

    My blog received more views this week that it has ever received. There were so many tweets about me that I could barely keep up with them. As for sales, I honestly don’t know because I’ve made it my policy not to check. Lol! That being said, I know that many people have shown great interest in my series, and I expect they will read them eventually. 😉

    I am so grateful to RRBC for choosing me for this honor. More importantly, I am so happy to be a part of a group of readers and writers who love to support each other. 🙂


  8. LIFETIME MEMBER, JAN SIKES – Rave Reviews Book Club is a community of writers and readers like nothing that can be found anywhere else in the world. I love the ideology behind the book club – Promoting and propelling each other to great heights. Founder of the club, Nonnie Jules, once quoted this: “You are only successful as an author when you are lifting someone else higher than yourself.” That really struck a chord with me because I love supporting others. This is not a competition. If I support another author, that does not mean I am losing sales of my own work. In fact, quite the contrary. When I support others, my own sales ranking goes up. Amazing, huh?
    I recently had a book chosen by the club as the Book of the Month for July 2016. I could not have been more honored and humbled. The amount of support that book, “Home At Last,” received was astounding. Did it shoot to the top of the Amazon rankings as a best seller? No, it didn’t, but I saw a spike in sales, not only for “Home At Last,” but for my other three books in the series. That is testimony as to what the power of supporting each other can do.
    My hat is off to this organization and what it stands for. I am loving being a part of this tight-knit family and honored to be supported by them.
    You get out of it what you put into it. That is not only the way RRBC works, but is a law of physics. I am looking forward to sharing my new work with these amazing members, and sharing their work with others!


  9. Member, PAMELA S. CANEPA – There are so many amazing opportunities for networking, author exposure, and giving back in RRBC! Your requirement is to follow other members on Twitter, purchase 4 books by fellow members yearly and review them on Amazon, and to share/retweet fellow members’ news of their books. In return, you will be supported with shares of your tweets and book information, you’ll have your book looked at, purchased and reviewed, and at some point, yours will be chosen as the book of the month. This all means much more exposure, what every indie author needs. After a few months, I had been chosen as Member of the Week, which is a huge Twitter support storm, and about a month later, I was chosen to talk for a few minutes about my book on their Blog Talk Radio show, which was an exciting opportunity with absolutely charming hosts!


  10. Member D. L. FINN – I joined Twitter in 2015, and started adding other authors. I would read their books, leave a rating, and let them know. Some would thank me, but I was looking for more.

    In May 2016, I was searching through Twitter, and came across a link about Rave Review Book Club. I didn’t scroll by that link, like I normally would. Instead, I clicked on the link and found myself on the RRBC website. I read what the club was about, and quickly realized I had found a likeminded group. This was a group that wanted to read, and leave honest reviews—perfect! It was my lucky day, when I ran across that link for RRBC and joined.

    I quickly picked a book from the catalog, and started reading. I carefully wrote my first review and posted it on Amazon, and let RRBC know. What I realized in that moment– we all want reviews on our books. I thought I was doing that before RRBC, but what I was doing was very limited. Here is a group that is not only willing to read your books, but promote your work along with their own.

    There are so many perks to being in this club, and I have learned a lot in my first year as a member. I not only learned how to write a review, but to focus on the quality of my work. I was educated on how to present myself as an author—not only in books, but on Twitter, Facebook, emails, and blogs. I have been exposed to: blog tours, leaving comments, book trailers, interviews, social media, and so much more. I’ve become a fan of many indie authors whose books I’ve enjoyed, and their blogs. Besides the bonus of getting to read some well written books, the support from RRBC members are amazing!

    One of my highest points since joining (so far) is being included as one of the Books of Month. It has been another awesome experience as a club member, but not the only one. I have had a SPOTLIGHT week, my first ever interview from “Beyond the Pen” (and an upcoming one on “Buy the Book”, next month) and have had a place on RRBC’s online magazine “Pipeline”. All I can do is thank everyone for their support. It really means a lot to me to be a part of this group.

    So, if you are on the fence about joining this group, it’s time to climb over and hang out with us! It is much more than reading each other’s work. It is about learning, perfecting your craft, making some new friends, and cheering each other on. More importantly, it is a writing family that I am very glad I found.


  11. Member GRACIE BRADFORD – First and foremost, thank you Nonnie, staff, and all members of the Rave Review Book Club (#RRBC). THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!

    My book, June the Prune and Lady Bird – Cancer Stinks! was selected as Book of The Month for May 2017 along with two other member books. The support from the Book Club far exceeded my expectations. Every day for thirty-one days, members posted tweets and re-tweets from all over the world. I was so impressed with the quality of the tweets as well as the positive comments made about children books. Some of the members added their marketing twists to make the tweets more noticeable. Their talents were impressive and incredibly valuable.

    One of the strongest supporters was another children book author. However, authors who write thrillers, fantasy, memoirs, poetry, and other genre chimed in to help elevate awareness. Four of the Rave Review Book Club members wrote reviews including one from Canada which I immensely appreciate. Their reviews gave me hope and validated for me that my mission of elevating awareness about children with special needs as well as the impact of pet therapy in the healing process are stories that need telling. I have been invited to do three blog interviews. A follower who owns a Tea Shop asked me to her shop to do a book reading and signing.

    As an up and coming Indie author, one tends to question their ability to tell a good story. Given the variety of reviewers, I think I am ready to finish the third book in the Lady Bird series.

    I have buried procrastination and birthed determination.

    My Twitter account exploded with new followers teetering close to 1000 engaged fans. Procrastination is an area that I struggle with since retirement, but this experience motivated and inspired me to set up an Instagram account for the book opening it up to the public which is also growing with followers. Had it not been for the recognition of the book in May, I probably would still have “set up an Instagram account” on my “to do” list. Through this experience, I’ve learned that authors want to be able to read as many books as they can but must carve out time to just write, otherwise, published books may cease to exist. I also learned that shouting out your book does not equate to reviews in the same month. On to more sells now.


  12. LIFETIME MEMBER, WENDY SCOTT – Dear Nonnie, RRBC Board, and Members,
    I was thrilled and honoured to be selected as June’s Spotlight Author.
    Heartfelt thanks to all the RRBC members who promoted me and my fantasy book, Lodestone (Witch-Hunt), during June, and thanks for the support that’s still flowing through with reviews, tweets, downloads, and KU reads. The momentum continues well after the end of the month – thanks!
    Special thanks to the blog hosts who generously showcased my novel, and propelled my author profile into the social media stratosphere. And thanks to all those who visited the blogs and left comments – it was lovely to meet and interact with you all.
    Special thanks also to all the Tweeters and Re-tweeters! My twitter feed ignited.
    Chocolate-coated thanks to Nonnie who tirelessly volunteers her time on a daily basis to make RRBC more than just a book club, but a community.
    My apologies if I’ve missed anyone off this list – please know I treasure your support and I look forward to help promoting other RRBC authors as much as I can. Together we can spread the word about our books.
    Best Wishes with your writing,
    Wendy Scott


  13. Member MARETHA BOTHA – Thank you so much RRBC team for the great and unexpected honour to be chosen as one of the BOM’s for July. I’m still in total shock, but yesterday’s chat room made me realise what solidarity there is among our members and seeing how prepared everyone was to reach out and give a helping hand to others is truly a humbling experience, which I would not have wanted to miss for the world. A special thanks to our host, Jan Hawke, who expertly kept the comments going at a steady pace.
    Every time I look at my Twitter notifications I’m in awe. Flame and Hope has never had that much attention before. Thank you to all the Tweet Support Team members and everyone who faithfully retweets. I’ll try my best to reciprocate to the fullest extent possible.
    I don’t feel that my comments here fully justify how much I appreciate being part of this wonderful book club, so I’m not sure if it is allowed here, Nonnie, but I would like to post a link to my blog where I wrote much more, not only my BOM experience thus far, but also my feelings towards those members whom I’ve got to know better during my first year of membership.


  14. Member HARRIET HODGSON – Since I’m a non-techie, it took me a while to understand how RRBC works and its power. When I became a member, I joined a group of authors who understand what I do, and why I do it. Members understand the challenges and satisfaction of a writing life. I’m constantly amazed by all of the ways RRBC promotes Indie authors. I am blessed and grateful for all the support I’ve received. Thank you RRBC! You’re growing by the day and changing the Indie world.


  15. Member KAREN BLACK – Do you need some good old fashion encouragement from someone who understands? Whether it’s publishing, promoting, designing a cover, a bout with writer’s block, or you’re feeling bad about a less than stellar review, if you’re a member of RRBC there’s probably another member who has had the same experience and is more than willing to help you through it. How do you find them? Ask! With a large presence on Twitter and Facebook, along with the incredible communication system available through the RRBC website, the support is unlimited. I’ve been delighted with the support and the interaction from other members, and that was before my novel was selected as a November Book of the Month. What a thrill that has been!

    I joined RRBC to interact with other authors, learn from the knowledge they are so often happy to share, help those with less experience than I, find new authors to read, reconnect with those I’ve found in the past, and to interact with others, who are looking for the same things.

    Bi-Weekly Club updates are sent via email, and if you take the time to read them, you’ll be amazed at the information they contain. Book recommendations, reviews, bargains and discussions are available every month. Without question, RRBC is worth the price of admission!


  16. Member MARK BIERMAN – When I first began trying to market my writing, it was overwhelming to say the least. Dare I say like being in the middle of the Atlantic during a storm, with only a pair of arm floaties for buoyancy. Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. What I’m trying to say is that I had no clue.

    Then one day, perhaps a stroke of luck, or yet untapped genius;}, I typed in the correct search words that would change my writing career. I found Rave Reviews Book Club.

    The dedication, loyalty, comradery, and support of this wonderful club are second to none. I have met fellow authors from around the world. Many have interesting and impressive backgrounds, yet, despite the differences, we all have found common ground in writing and our passion for it.

    I still have much to learn, but the high level of talent and experience found in this club are things that I draw from continuously.

    There is a joy I get from supporting another author, I like to see others succeed, so this is a good fit for me. Of course, I also enjoy the support I get from other members . . . who doesn’t?

    There are many groups out there, but Rave Reviews gets it right. I highly recommend any author to give it a try.


  17. Member PHIL STEPHENS, 11/24/19 – RRBC has been a great platform for promoting my first novel. The RRBC staff AND my fellow member authors have been incredibly supportive. I feel like it’s kind of a literary family. I love being a member here!


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