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Welcome to the  RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB featuring “Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules!”

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is a virtual book club comprised of the most supportive authors and readers around the world!  In December of 2013, Author, Nonnie Jules created the forum, Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules, specifically for the purpose of introducing the world to some really great reads.  After having read so many books that had been given high marks, yet weren’t deserving of those marks, Nonnie wanted to offer a forum where readers could come and trust that the reviews of the books posted were truly honest.   After creating the forum, she began to think of the many ways that she could foster this environment on a grander scale.  It was then that RRBC was born.

As of December 2019, we are now in our 7th year of formation and we are so very proud of that!  Our longevity in this arena is due in large part to our loyal, supportive and active membership.  (It also doesn’t hurt to have a President and leader who works tirelessly to ensure that all who are part of our RRBC family, are the best in the literary arena while also always being at their humanly best).

We strongly encourage you to JOIN us, especially if you are an author, as the books listed in our catalog will be profiled, heavily promoted and propelled to new heights via the support of the club. The greater our membership numbers, the more successful and stronger our collective voices will be, as we forge ahead to impact positive change in the literary community.

In this new decade, we stand firm on the kinds of members we want on our roster.  We’re seeking fiercely loyal, highly supportive and extremely active members.  Members who embody these traits are the forces that will ensure the continued success and growth of our organization.  If you fall into these three categories, you belong on our roster.  But, if you’re looking to park your books in a catalog and just disappear, without having offered any support to your fellow members, we suggest that you join another club as RRBC is clearly not for you.  {For more info on the club, please visit our FAQ page.}

For those of you who are new to book clubs, here is how this one works:  Once the club has made selections for the month (our selections are posted on the right-hand side of each page of this site), members are encouraged to get their copy of the selected books, read and then post their reviews to Amazon, B& or whatever forum they use for reviews.  (NOTE:  We do not recognize reviews left on the Goodreads forum}.  Then, once the club meets for its virtual monthly book club discussion, all members are invited to join in the Q & A session featuring the authors whose books were chosen as BOMS (Books of the Month).  Please be mindful of the club’s selections, as it is always our intention to support and propel the awareness and sales of each authors’  books during their month.

{The Mission and Goal of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB are to Profile, Promote & Propel the careers of Indie authors.  The only way that we can do that, is by supporting each of our authors with book sales and HONEST reviews.  If you are an individual who is in the habit of skimming through the FREE sample that is given by Amazon, and then “claiming” to have purchased and read, this may not be the club for you.  We encourage and hope that each of our members will run out and purchase (either in e-book or paperback format) the selected author’s books – then,  when finished with the complete read, post an honest review.  When it is your turn and your book is in that wonderful seat of being Profiled, Promoted & Propelled, you will want the same courtesy extended to you.  We proudly work on the HONORS SYSTEM here at #RRBC}.

Our mantra here at RRBC is those that are most supportive here, are the ones who are most supported here.  Those who are expecting to add their name to our roster and then just disappear without making any connections within the club, or without supporting any of their fellow members, probably won’t get out of it what they are expecting.  What you put in here, is what you’ll get out here.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please support Indie authors and help us to bring books back to the important status they once held and encourage more reading.   Please re-tweet the pages of our catalog and our entire site on Twitter, share them on Facebook and to all your other social media sites.

We look forward to your support and your membership.  Do tell your friends about us!!!

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97 thoughts on “Welcome to the #RaveReviewsBookClub #RRBC @RRBC_org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA”

  1. Hi Everyone–Below is my 5-star review of “Janie B” by Pat Garcia which was posted at the following Amazon link:

    The short story “Janie B” by Pat Garcia immediately draws you in with a verse from Songs of Solomon 2:9: “My lover is like a swift gazelle or a young stag. Look, there he is behind the wall, looking through the window, peering through the window.”

    Janie B drives up to a lake house renovated by her savior, who promises “. . . to guide her through her final therapeutic steps of deliverance into freedom.” Terrifying memories of the kidnapping and assault she had been rescued a year ago flood her senses. The horrifying incident in the past is juxtaposed with the promise of unconditional love.

    Author Pat Garcia strikes the chord of every human emotion: terror, shame, and love. A year is packed in the short story, in which Janie B must rise above her fear and stand firm. The narrative is lyrical and rich in vivid metaphors. For example, as Janie looks outside the windowpane of the lake house, she sees “A deer with horns!” Her younger lover responds, “Those aren’t horns, JB. They’re antlers. And he is admiring you.”

    “Janie B” is an evocative romance of a Black woman’s journey of unlocking her heart to accept who she is and to radiate her love for another. Highly recommended.

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  2. Hi Everyone–Below is my 5-star review of “Sahara Heat” by Maura Beth Brennan which I posted on Amazon at the following link:

    The short story “Sahara Heat” by Maura Beth Brennan is a psychological thriller about an ex-stripper who has been acquitted of the murder of her wealthy husband and his friend. A newspaper reporter, whose career has advanced as a result of her coverage of the trial, can’t believe her good fortune when Sahara calls.

    “Are you ready for the real story, Angie. The one you didn’t write for the paper?”

    Angie remembers Sahara (then named Alice) as a poor girl who was rejected by first-grade classmates. Sahara had to move when her father abandoned the family. Angie was one of the few kids who were kind to Sahara. As Angie records the telephone call, she settles in but becomes shocked to learn the truth about Sahara’s involvement in the murder scene.

    Author Maura Beth Brennan has masterfully written a story that will make you hold your breath as the suspense of what really happened at the murder scene is revealed by Sahara. The tale is a deliciously wicked confession of a femme fatale, reminding me of the character of Matty Walker in the 1980s erotic thriller “Body Heat.”

    The narrative spews Sahara’s true nature when she reveals meeting her husband’s friend for the first time at her home. “She [Sahara] shook her head so her glossy hair, enhanced by tasteful highlights, looked tousled. She made sure her entrance had the maximum effect. Her four-inch red-soled stilettos clicked as she walked across the open second-floor balcony . . .” The twists in the suspenseful tale culminate in an unexpected ending.

    I recommend “Sahara Heat” for those who delight in reading suspenseful tales about a twisted character who embodies the archetype of a femme fatale.

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    1. Linnea, thank you so much for this fabulous review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. That you compared Sahara to the character in “Body Heat” was the cherry on top – I love that movie and all its twists and turns. Thanks for reading and reviewing my story.

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  3. Happy Green beer day! I just completed my review of AND THE MUSIC PLAYED…by Nonnie Jules. Here’s my 4-star review:

    After reading the collaboration by Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordon, IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…, I had to read the sequel to see how it all ended for these two long-distance lovers.

    AND THE MUSIC PLAYED by Nonnie Jules is about the two characters from the preceding book. Here, Giani leaves New York and travels to Italy to spend two, loving weeks with Christine. When their time together ends, both vowed to get an immediate divorce so they could be together forever.

    When Giani returned home unannounced, he found his wife in bed with another man. This made getting a divorce easier for him. When he told her, she verbally exploded. When Christine told her husband, he beat her.

    Other characters are introduced to the story and have chapters dedicated to them; all are written in the first person POV. Giani had his wife sign a prenup prior to their marriage which will now limit the wife’s standard of living. Therefore, she plots to have him killed so she can inherit it all.

    Christine leaves her husband and wants to come to New York. Giani and her talked daily, but she hasn’t been able to contact him for a few days now. Worried, she leaves to find him.

    There are many twists and turns along the way. Does Christine find her love alive or will she find herself living alone in New York City? How does it all end? You’ll have to read the book.

    The story kept my interest throughout and I enjoyed the characters all having their own chapters. It made the story easier to follow. Highly recommended.

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  4. “Joyce Winifred Harris-Burkes, How I remember my Mama,” by Shirley Harris-Slaughter is a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable woman. It is the story of a strong woman’s legacy told through the eyes of her daughter.

    The author created a portrait of a memorable woman, an award winning poet, her mother. Half of this book is dedicated to the strength and determination of the mother of eight. The second half focuses on her poetry.

    Born under the sun sign of Gemini and orphaned at the age of four, Mama Joyce, as she was known, had two sides. In the author’s words, “boy did she have two personalities. You quickly learned which personality not to cross.” She would walk half a mile to take lunch to her children or rally the troops to prevent a school closure. She did what was necessary to accomplish what she believed in. Despite a difficult marriage, she kept her children together through good times and bad and raised them with love.

    The above 4 star review has been submitted to Amazon for publication.

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  5. Hi Everyone–I’m sorry I missed the last broadcast “Eyes on the Book.” I will watch online. Things have been a little crazy here (not to mention eight inches of snow, and counting…). I am going to brag a little. The local arts organization has selected me to be among a group to induct into its Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place on Monday, March 27 (which, ironically, would have been my late sister’s 69th birthday–she passed away in 2006).

    Even more ironic, perhaps, is that I serve on the committee that chooses candidates for this honor. I missed the meeting during which they made the final selection this year. I had another commitment I couldn’t get out of. The next day, I received a call from the committee chair, who said, “Hey, Wanda, guess what happens when you miss meetings? You get picked for something.” When I reacted by saying, “Okay…” thinking they gave me another responsibility to take care of, he replied, “You’re in the class of 2023 in the Hall of Fame!” I was shocked.

    Some of the other local inductees include a local concert photographer, a local nun who began the music program at the College of St. Rose, the former lead guitarist for the band Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen (he was also an electrical engineering professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and a local country music legend.

    Our kids are planning our 50th wedding anniversary party, and I’m frantically looking up addresses for them. Good thing the party is in July!!!

    And–I’m still writing. Go figure!

    Thanks for understanding why I was absent last Saturday. I will try to do better!

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  6. Hi Everyone–My 5-star review of John John Podlaski’s riveting short story “Death in the Triangle” was posted at Barnes & Noble today, Dec. 12, at the link below. Hopefully, the review will soon post on Amazon, which seems to be taking longer for them to publish reviews. My review is also provided below.

    B&N link:

    John Podlaski’s short story “Death in the Triangle” continues the riveting story that began in the Vietnam War story, “When Can I Stop Running?” In the previous story, USA night patrols encounter enemy soldiers moving past them. A listening post (LP) reports movement to their front and, perceiving it is an enemy attack, they throw grenades at the shadowy figures jumping from the trees. A family of rock apes, they discover.

    “Death in the Triangle” picks up the story the following morning when the commander orders the weary men from the night patrol to investigate the area where they had encountered enemy troops. What the weary soldiers don’t anticipate is a massive Viet Cong basecamp hidden in underground tunnels, putting them in dire straits in Vietnam’s Iron Triangle. Surrounded by the enemy, they must think on the spot about how they can survive the assaults.

    Author John Podlaski masterfully uses the omniscient point of view to help the reader understand the chaos and terror of fatigued soldiers overwhelmed by enemy attacks. It felt like I was with a TV anchor televising the area as each life-threatening situation rolled out unexpectedly at every turn. The author does not hold back on graphic details of what it is like for a soldier to look death in the eyes but still follow unreasonable orders from his commander.

    In one scene, the soldiers are ordered, against their best instincts, to dig up graves to ascertain the number of dead and possibly weapons buried with them. “On their knees, both used entrenching tools to scoop away the dirt on top and pull the dark soil toward them. Removing only a few inches of dirt exposed the black pajama-like uniforms used by VC soldiers. Dropping their shovels, they used both hands to scoop away the remaining dirt. The stench escaped into the air making some of those nearby soldiers gag.”

    The author puts the reader in nonstop action full of twists, alongside soldiers fighting for survival. You can feel the steamy heat and smell the odor of sweaty men. The dialogue is realistic and sprinkled with acronyms that sound foreign to a civilian. Fortunately, a glossary of terms is an added bonus to help the reader comprehend the soldiers’ vernacular.

    I highly recommend the gripping story of “Death in the Triangle” to readers who want to understand better what it was like to march in a soldier’s boots and to fight in the sweltering jungles during the Vietnam war.

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  7. Hello Everyone–Here is the five-star review of Karen Black’s “Deadly Repercussions,” just posted on Amazon.

    This author creates an intricate, compelling whodunit featuring interesting characters who interact in surprising ways with unpredictable outcomes, keeping readers guessing at every turn.

    The novel begins with the introduction of a young Juan Velasquez, raised in the Mexican desert and learning how to travel back and forth across the Mexican border. He becomes a border agent for the United States, thus beginning a long career as an investigator. He becomes known as the Chameleon, due to his ability to hide and blend in to many different situations so that he can solve crimes.

    He and his wife have a child and his wife dies. He raises his daughter and his life in law enforcement continues. The author weaves situations that lead to tragedies then back to successes, then back to more tragedies in Juan’s life and those of his loved ones. Encounters with criminals and their cohorts lead to death and destruction, but, in this author’s hands, these are fascinating, because the way in which she weaves the incidents together construct a fascinating puzzle of interactions between Juan and many other characters.

    This is not a book in which all characters I began to love and admire were immune from being the victims of tragedy themselves; however, once again, the author’s skills demonstrate clearly ways of bringing everything together, from chapter to chapter, through to the end.


  8. Here is my review of Karen Black’s short story: “Close Your Eyes and They’re Gone” with Amazon link:

    “Don’t let story characters with flowery names seduce into thinking the plot is lily-white.” Such can be said of Karen Black’s cast of characters in her short story, “Close Your Eyes and They’re Gone” (2021). Author Black instills a sense of foreboding as she depicts young Lily pushing her tricycle across the yard and pedaling down the asphalt-covered alley, leaving the yard without adult supervision. Abduction and brainwashing figure large in the story’s plot, which unravels to reveal a surprising conclusion.

    With a degree in criminal justice and a fascination with the supernatural, the author crafts a page-turning narrative while addressing a grievous threat to children. This story illustrates how easily a stranger can seduce a child, even precocious 4-year-old Lily. Be informed by this cautionary tale and others similar to it in author Black’s repertoire like “The Wish and His Demand” and her collection, “Long Stories Short.”

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  9. My last review was Memories of Mom and it was featured on Raters Not Haters. I landed on this page from The Pipeline Magazine. Nice seeing you all over there. Have a great day!

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  10. Hi Everyone–Here’s my five-star review of Randy Overbeck’s “Scarlet at Crystal River.” I have posted it on Amazon but it hasn’t appeared yet.

    I read “Crimson at Cape May” by this author prior to reading this book, and I continue to be impressed with his writing.

    Darrell Henshaw and his new wife Erin decide to go on their honeymoon to Florida. He’s a teacher and coach while she’s a nurse. There’s only one problem: Darrell has a “gift”–or perhaps it’s a curse. He sees dead people, just as he did in “Crimson at Cape May,” in which ghosts ask him to intervene on their behalf to receive justice. He and Erin hope that their honeymoon will be “gift-free,” but no such luck. After they arrive at their destination, they discover an interesting artist, Jared Emerson (a real artist whose work is highlighted in this novel), and a unique painting featuring the portrait of two Latino children.

    What happens next is not the usual honeymoon fare. Rather, Instead of relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in the normal honeymoon manner, Erin and Darrell begin searching for what happened to these two children. The author explores the plight of migrant workers and “illegals” as well. He explains that the question of immigration is complex and cannot be easily answered. I applaud his courage for stating this through his writing.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the way this plot is structured, the way suspense builds, the way cultures of the haves and have-nots clash, and the way supernatural forces come together to explain social injustice. This author is highly skilled in story and character development. His characters are real, believable and sympathetic.

    Anyone who enjoys an outstanding thriller will find “Scarlet at Crystal River” a most fascinating read.

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  11. Hi Everyone–I’ve posted a 5-star review of “Let His Banner Over Me Be Love,” by Pat Garcia on Amazon today, 1/12/22, at the following link:

    The review is as follows:

    “Let his Banner Over Me Be Love” by Pat Garcia begins with a verse from “Song of Solomon” that speaks of sensual love as follows: “My beloved spoke and said to me, Arise my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.” The subsequent narrative of the story is lyrical and evocative as Chance, a middle-aged woman awaits the return of Gavino, her estranged husband almost half her age. The rich prose of the love story captures Chance’s anticipation as Gavino drives slowly inside a black SUV toward her. As their story continues, their longing for each other is expressed in heartfelt dialogue and sensory descriptions as they seek to reunite. The story ends with a verse from “Song of Solomon.”

    The love story by author Pat Garcia is moving and heartfelt, though there are erotic elements that may make some readers feel uncomfortable. However, for me, what stood out was the rich, lyrical narrative between a married couple who are deeply in love and trying to connect after being separated for almost three years. Their love expressed in dialogue and sensory descriptions evoke deep-felt emotions of two souls reaching out to each other, trying to make the pieces fit.

    I recommend “Let His Banner Over Me Be Love,” for readers who are open to reading an evocative, non-conventional love story between an older woman and young man which extols “… love is better than wine.”

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  12. Hi Everyone–I just posted a 4-star review of “Out of Poland” by Breakfield and Burky on Amazon at:

    “Out of Poland” by co-authors, Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey, is a riveting WWII historical suspense/thriller that provides the intriguing background of the family organization called the R-Group from the Technothriller “Enigma” series. However, this is a standalone novella set in the backdrop of the onslaught of the German military forces in Poland, a country that seems helpless to stop them. A bartender confides to Polish Diplomat Ferdek Watcowski, “They [the Polish] are brave people, Ferdek. But they cannot fight tanks with horses, or guns with swords.” However, the ambassador has a plan to win the war by stealing what is known as the Baby—the machine for encrypting German military secrets. Three daring resistance fighters risk their life, facing almost impossible obstacles transporting the Baby through the German and Russian enemy lines, with the directive to give it to the British Embassy in Switzerland.

    “Out of Poland” is a plot-driven WWII historical suspense/thriller with a myriad of unexpected twists. The historical background of the invasion is informative, especially the impact of invasions from Germany and Russia, both considered allies at the beginning of the war. The vivid descriptions set the mood and pending doom that Poland faces. An example is from Ferdek Watcowski’s point of view: “Heavy mist rising from the land coupled with a dark sky make his mood dreary … handful of men and women hurrying down the sidewalks with heads bowed against the chill. The wail of an approaching ambulance captures his attention from the people while it passes.”

    The co-authors skillfully piece the plot together like a puzzle, fitting in what seem to be irrelevant events and people into the grand scheme. The short story masterfully builds suspense and packs a wallop at the climactic end. The narrative is told from an omniscient point of view, keeping the reader distant from the characters but allowing insight into various sub-plots and points of view. Some of the dialogue came across as awkward but does not detract from the action-packed pacing.

    I recommended “Out of Poland” for readers who enjoy fast-paced, plot-driven stories propelled by suspense, political intrigue, and enemies lurking in every corner in the backdrop of WWII.

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  13. I posted a 3-star review of Time’s Pendulum Swings Again,” by Joy M. Lilly on Amazon. The full review can be found at

    Author Joy M. Lilley wrote what promises to be a bittersweet tale of forbidden love, betrayal, and forgiveness. Although the novella has a promising start and a heartfelt ending, it is hampered with editorial issues and switches between first and third-person points of view. The story works best when in Jenny’s point of view because I could engage with her feelings. The scene in which Jenny lashes out at Sebastian after learning he is married is riveting. The ending is poignant with the theme of forgiveness. However, the switches from Jenny’s perspective to Sebastian’s first-person point of view and omniscient point of view, providing the back story, are jolting. If the story had remained in Jenny’s point of view, the story would have resonated with me.

    Time’s Pendulum Swings Again promises an in-depth exploration of the consequences of forbidden love and how forgiveness can free you from bitterness. But the story only scratches the surface of these powerful themes.

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  14. Hi Everyone: I left a 4-star review for “Empty Seats” by Wanda Fischer on Amazon today. As I read, “Empty Seats,” by Wanda Adams Fischer, I recalled the movies, “Bull Durham,” and “Field of Dreams,” in which baseball is a metaphor for the American dream that anyone can reach the pinnacle of success. This novel follows the journey of three different baseball players who play on the same minor league team, but each of them takes a different pathway. Jimmy Bailey is living his father’s dream of playing in the majors which his father could not fulfill because he had to support his family. Bud Prescott is from a well-to-do family from Athens, Georgia who had backup plans for a profession outside of baseball. Bobby Mangino comes from a single-family household in which his father deserted the family. Each young man, considered a star player in high school, must face the reality that only a few will ever make it to the major leagues. Each of their stories is told in parallel to highlight the different challenges that each young man faces playing baseball just out of high school.

    Author Wanda Fischer has written an engaging story of three young baseball players with her keen eye for the sport and culture. The story is told in the first-person perspective by Jimmy Bailey, but the other two players are told in third-person. The most engaging story is that for Bobby Mangino who has to overcome a rocky upbringing and debilitating accident that forces him out of baseball as a player but opens the door to other opportunities. The novel works best in the first half of the novel in which the young men’s family backgrounds are revealed and they adjust to playing on a Single-A minor league team in Jamestown, NY. In the latter part of the book, each of the stories felt more rushed and could have gone into more detail on how each player felt as they strive to overcome their challenges. Each of their stories had the potential to be a stand-alone novel.

    Overall, “Empty Seats,” is an enjoyable read and an eye-opener that most players don’t make it to the major leagues. I recommend this book to those who love the game of baseball and the stories of players trying to fulfill their lifetime dream of making it to the major leagues.

    Amazon Link:

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  15. Hi Everyone–Below is my 5 of 5 star review of “Breathless” by Yvette M. Calleiro (Amazon link:

    “Breathless” by Yvette M. Callero is a modern-day fairy tale that teaches universal truths about unrequited love and the consequences of vengeance. The tale is about Silena, a widow who is a service worker. While working, she becomes enchanted with a charismatic young man half of her age. Unfortunately, he insults her, leaving her devasted. However, she has secret magic meant to help others. But, if she uses it for selfish purposes, it could have dire consequences. Nonetheless, she uses her hidden magic to make herself look younger and gorgeous to attract the young man. Her scheme works but with unexpected results of the magic turning on her.

    Author Yvette M. Callero has written a thought-provoking short story that centers on the greater truth that happiness derives from helping others. The tale is told primarily from the perspective of Silena, who misses her husband and tries to find a moment of joy with an arrogant young man who can have any woman at the snap of his fingers. However, when Silena wants to teach him a lesson by using her magic, the tables turn on her. The tale centers on the universal truth about the consequences of selfishness, arrogance, and vengeance.

    “Breathless” is a short story with unexpected twists and a thought-provoking lesson that readers who want a quick read will enjoy.

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  16. OUT OF POLAND, by Breakfield and Burkey, is a tense drama about Polish patriots who are willing to give their lives to save their country. Three soldiers on a mission to stop the German invasion risk everything in their quest to stop the German invasion of Poland. With information about the location of the solution to saving their country, the patriots find and steal Baby. But acquisition of the secret weapon is only the first step. With the help of countrymen sympathetic to their cause, they develop a plan to evade those pursing them and take Baby across the border to officials who can use the information to save their homeland. Obstacles meet them at every turn, including times they are forced to decide between devotion to family and love of country. OUT OF POLAND is the story of a fight for freedom against what many would deem impossible odds. Freedom isn’t free. With realistic dialogue and memorable characters, the authors succeed in describing the terrors of war, the bravery of patriots, and the ever present emotional toll it takes.

    I reviewed this five star novella on June 29th, but as of today, Amazon hasn’t posted my review, although I have posted it elsewhere. Sometimes Amazon is slow…

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  17. Hi Everyone–Here is my latest book review. It’s posted on Amazon.

    “Amulet’s Rapture” is the third installment in Linnea Tanner’s excellent series, “Curse of Clansmen and Kings.”
    My first advice to anyone thinking of reading THIS book is that it’s imperative that you read the first two books in the series. If instead you were to read one of these epic novels out of sequence, I believe you would lose many details and might be listen the story.

    In this volume, Princess Catrin has been held in slavery by Decimus. She has thought for the entire time she’d been in bondage that Decimus was an honest man, but was he? Was he conspiring with her arch enemy, her brother Marrock? Was he doing everything he could to keep her and her lover Marcellus apart? This is a classic story of conspiracy and lack of communication, and how those can lead to violence, war and carnage. Whom can anyone trust? Can Catrin even trust Marcellus? The only thing she can trust, it seems, is her raven.

    Decimus sells her to a slimy slave trader, who wants her to become a female gladiator. Because I don’t want to spoil the plot, I will stop here in revealing anything else. I will say, however, that the author’s description of the despicable conditions in which slaves were kept, the ways in which they were treated like chattel and property, the filth and inhumanity in which they lived comes alive through her words. Recently, an archaeology report revealed the discovery of a number of graves of slaves in what would have been Brittania in this book. The slaves had been beheaded with a swift blow to the head and their heads buried at their feet so that their souls would not be able to rejoin their bodies–or so the archaeologists hypothesized. This discovery fits right in with the sentiments of Linnea Tanner’s description of the times.

    If I were able to give this book 4.5 stars, I would. The battle scenes and some of the gore can be overwhelming in some ways, and I would not recommend this series to younger readers. However, I am impressed with the world this author has created, the historical research she has done, and how she has tied it all together. Her characters are believable and came alive through her writing. But again, I repeat that anyone reading these books should read them in order to catch all nuances and plot twists/conspiracies in the three volumes.

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  18. Hi Nonnie and Happy December to all! I am thankful to be part of this amazing diverse group of authors. When great personalities from all over the world come together, positive things happen.

    Nonnie, your vision of this group is awesome. Authors Breakfield and Burkey appreciate your highlighting our new releases. Likely we do not say thank you enough for your support. You are appreciative.

    Take care all.

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  19. Hi Nonnie, I’m a little late to comment on your new website but better late than never. I took a three months break from blogging due to illness. I totally love the new website. I love the Author Page and will register ASAP. Will I be able to add new books to the Author Page later when I have a new release? Currently, I have one book.

    Also, I try to sign up to host blog tours for 4WillPub, but my submission didn’t seem to go through. I’ll try again later.

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      1. Thank you so much, Nonnie! I’m only just catching up with everything – a bad habit I need to improve on, if not break altogether. 🙂 Thanks for all the new developments on RRBC. The new website is amazing. xx


    1. Hi, Charles! I was surprised that it changed, as well. But, in hindsight, I should have changed it years ago when the club started to take over a greater presence than REVIEWS BY NONNIE JULES. With the new URL, it will be much easier for us to be found, although, it seems no one had an issue finding us before.

      Thanks for the Congrats! 7 years in this arena “is” a huge deal!

      Happy New Year, Charles!


  20. All of you have shared that you like how the site looks, how much easier it is to navigate, etc. No one has mentioned the fact that we have a new URL –!

    I think this is a HUGE deal since I gave up my most precious


    But, it was for the best and the continued growth of our club 😉

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    1. Hi, Nonnie. Yes, you are right! It is a HUGE deal, but I think it is going to make the club much more visible and easier to find by anyone doing a Google search. I know it was hard to give up the old site, but this one is more streamlined and modern, and I absolutely LOVE the new logo with the Eagle soaring!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Hi, Nonnie. The new URL is not unnoticed, and is going to make it much easier for any author looking for us to find the site right away! It is a big deal and one that will reap rewards with new active and excited members! I applaud your visionary spirit!!

      Liked by 2 people

  21. I love the new site! Not only professional, but twice as inviting! Makes you want to explore every category at your leisure! Enjoy it with a cup of coffee, and let it all soak in! Well done, Nonnie!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am very active promoting RRBC and RWISA on Twitter Nonnie but this new site encourages me to get more involved here. It’s more user-friendly and a great step forwards. Your hard work and inspiration is much appreciated by us all.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. Congratulations to us, Ron! In all honesty, I didn’t find the other site hard to navigate BUT, in the end, while organizing this one, I did realize that we had just too much. I’m streamlining things a bit better here and hopefully, we won’t turn into pack rats and keep adding more and more packages of unnecessary stuff.

    Thanks for dropping by, Ron!


    1. Joy, it was hard thinking about giving up our old “home” but, in the end, realizing how long we have been around, I knew it was a leap that we needed to make. I couldn’t bear the thought of not ever seeing our old site again, so, although I knew it would be a huge, Huge, HUGE task, I decided to create an all-new one. One day, maybe I’ll revive the old one. How about that?

      By the way, Joy, this was a labor of love!

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    1. Hi, Jan! Our old site was professional…but, I can see how you feel that with the absence of the “color” that we had on the old site how this one does bear a bit more professional appearance.

      Thanks for your kind words and support always, Jan!


  23. I’m happy that you like our new home, Gwen! As far as ALL who worked on it? Well, this was a Nonnie job – party of one. I do appreciate John F. checking on things to ensure that I hadn’t made any hiccups! Thanks, John F.!

    Happy New Year!

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