Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Click Here

Our club is growing so fast and we have so much going on, that we needed to make room on the site menu for more fabulous offerings and PERKS for our awesome members!  So, what we’ve done is combined many of the pages you’re accustomed to visiting, under this one tab.  Simply click the page you want to go to, and you’re there!  And remember, if you can’t find something you’re looking for, always look here.


*2021 Calendar of Events

*RRBC 100+ Club

*In Loving Memory of Jan Hawke

*In Loving Memory of Kathryn C. Treat 

*Kathryn C. Treat Book Treasure Chest

*Perks, Promos & Payments

*RRBC Philanthropy

*What RRBC Has Done For Me

RRBC Member Blog Testimonials

*Who’s On The Shelf?” Interviews

One thought on “Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Click Here”

  1. Thanks for the online reputation article, Nonnie. I am very careful about what I post online and strive for a balance between my ordinary life (which is far from ordinary) and writing life. I avoid arguments, politics, and criticism. With RRBC in mind, I try to give other authors a boost. I also thank authors and found that kindness given is always returned.


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