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#RRBC Recruitment Affiliate Program

Welcome to the


Here are the details of the program:

-Using the registration form below, register to become a RECRUITMENT AFFILIATE;

-Once your registration is received, you will be sent an RRBC logo banner to be placed on the sidebar widget of your site, or on any designated page of your blog or website;

-Link this logo banner back to our JOIN / RENEW page with the following message:

“Rave Reviews Book Club is the place to be if you are seeking amazing author support for your writing. Our books are being purchased, read and reviewed on a regular basis. Interested? JOIN US

I am an RRBC Recruitment Affiliate so please be sure to list my name on your application. Please invite all your friends to join, as well, and ask that they also list my name as their referring source,  unless of course, you decide to also become a RECRUITMENT AFFILIATE after you join, which would be simply awesome! 

Thanks in advance!”

-Each time a new recruit submits an RRBC application and lists your name, you, as the Recruitment Affiliate will earn a $5 cash referral fee (sent via PayPal).  Any time a potential RWISA member lists your name on their application, IF their application is approved, you will receive a $10 cash referral fee (sent via PayPal).  It is imperative that you stress that your name be listed on all applications;

-There is no threshold for receiving payments. All monies will be paid out within 48 hours of the new (RRBC) member’s application being fully processed.


Under our old recruiting program, our Top Recruiter won only a $50 Amazon Gift Card at the end of a 6 month period.  With our Recruitment Affiliate Program, members will now have the ability to win cash and as much as they desire;  it will all depend on how hard they push possible members to their site.  If an “Affiliate” recruited 4 new RRBC members every month, they’d earn $240 in that year – they could earn tons more cash if they actively push possible new members to their site and if their name is being listed on all applications.

Our goal with this new program is two-fold.  One, we’d like to add a minimum of 100 new members to our roster by the end of the year, that is roughly 8 new members per month.  (We’ve already added new members to our roster this year.  Can you imagine how many we’d add if all of our members took part in this amazing program?).  The second reason is so that our members can:  a) earn quick cash with every recruit while b) also attracting and adding new followers to their sites.  As you can see, this is a win-win situation for all.

Take a look at  WATCH NONNIE WRITE!  If you would follow the widgets on the right-hand side of the page all the way down, you will reach the RRBC logo banner.  Notice that if you click it, it takes you directly to our site.  This is what being a Recruitment Affiliate looks like.  It’s extra simple.  Some of you are already linking back to the RRBC site, but, to earn those referral fees, you must be registered.

Join in our endeavor today.  Become a RECRUITMENT AFFILIATE!



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