The 2020 #RRBC “JAN SIKES” 90-Day Alpha/Omega (Beginning to End) ‘Short Story’ Writing Contest! #Cash #Prize

2020 GRAND PRIZE WINNER – ($100 Cash Award!)


Brother's Keeper by Jan Sikes

2019 GRAND PRIZE WINNER – ($100 Cash Award!)


Jewel by Jan Sikes

The rules of the contest are as follows:

*Beginning April 2, 2020, you will begin writing as many short stories as you’d like, from one on up to as many good short stories as you can produce.  You will have until June 1, 2020, to complete the “writing” portion of your short story(ies).  **That’s two full months or 60 days of writing**

*From June 2nd until June 26th, you should be having your story(ies) edited, proofed, and formatted.  (That’s 25 days of editing, proofing, and formatting);

*From June 27th thru July 1st all stories should be prepared and uploaded to Amazon;

*No later than July 2, 2020, all stories should be available for purchase on Amazon.  Although you will be allowed to schedule your book for pre-orders no earlier than June 16th, it/they must be fully ready for purchase no later than July 2nd.  (Please do not promote your book covers in any forum until they are listed on pre-order or until they have been uploaded to Amazon for full purchase); 

*All short stories should be from 3,000 to 7,500 words;

*For all members who complete the challenge, their books will go on to be vetted for a $100 cash prize for the BEST short story!  No later than July 3, 2020, you should “gift” us a copy of your short story(ies) from to;

*There is a $9.25/per title reading/entry fee;

*The absolute final day to fully register for entry (submitting entry fee for each submission and a registration form) into this writing contest/challenge is April 15, although the same rules and timelines will apply.  Now, the other challenge is that you should submit the fee for the number of short stories that you are CHALLENGING yourself to produce!  If you think that you can only produce one good story, then register only one;  if you think you can churn off two or more, then you would submit the fees for that number.  Again, you are registering the number of shorts that you are challenging yourself to write in this span of time;

* This contest is open to any and all RRBC members who would like to participate.

*Winning entry and runner-ups will be announced on September 25, 2020.

This announcement is being made one day before the contest begins so that everyone can begin formulating and writing their stories around the same time;

This contest will serve two very important purposes:

*It will give those members who are suffering writer’s block the chance to push themselves into some writing.  Although it might not be the exact writing project you had in mind, this will force you to exercise your writing muscles.  Remember, to stay relevant and remembered in this game, you must keep feeding the monster (otherwise known as your reading audience);

*It will give way to a whole new bank of reading material for our upcoming WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO!  Those who haven’t published in a while will be proud to show that they have given birth to a new (or even a few) book baby(ies)!

C’mon, RRBC! Let’s add some new reads to our catalog!!!


Submitting the form below merely registers you for the challenge/contest.  You don’t need to submit the name of your short story as you may not have a title yet.  But, you will need to submit a $9.25 entry fee per the number of titles you feel that you will be able to produce.  Please be sure of your commitment to this challenge as fees are non-refundable.  If you’re sure that you can produce one, submit one;  if you’re committed to submitting more than one – go for it!

Click HERE to pay your $/per title reading/entry registration fee.

17 thoughts on “The 2020 #RRBC “JAN SIKES” 90-Day Alpha/Omega (Beginning to End) ‘Short Story’ Writing Contest! #Cash #Prize”

  1. Whoo Hoo!! I’m super excited to enter two titles in the contest! I LOVE reading all the new short stories that come from this contest and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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