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List Catalog Titles

To list your book titles in the RRBC catalog, please complete the form below.  If you are listing titles beyond your allotted number of titles that align with your level of membership, there is a $5 listing title/cover combination fee.

If you are removing a title from the catalog and replacing it with another, there is a $5 listing fee.  If you are only changing a book cover, there is a $2.50 fee.

Anytime there are changes to your book titles in the catalog, there is a listing fee as these tasks involve a great deal of work for the number of members that we have in this club.

If you’d like to add a book trailer listing along with your book title, there is a $5 trailer listing fee.

Please make the payments on our PERKS, PROMOS & PAYMENTS page.  Again, you are able to list an unlimited number of titles in our catalog!!!! (If you are listing titles under your additional “registered pen name” each title listing is $6).

**No need to submit book covers as we pull those straight from Amazon.**

**For instructions on how to properly complete this form, please click HERE.**

**Please allow up to 5 days for your title to appear in the RRBC catalog.**

***If you are a RWISA author and would like to also add your titles to the RWISA catalog, please click HERE.***



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