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Karen Black lives in the eastern United States, with her husband and a variety of critters, wild and domestic. Hobbies include herb gardening, wildlife watching and wine making, though all are put on hold when she’s caught up in a story. With a lifelong affection for animals, a fascination with the supernatural and a background in criminal justice, the author draws on experience, as well as imagination to create stories that are believable, unique and entertaining. Expect the unexpected.

Here is her SA month’s schedule:

Blog Tour: 7/6/20 – 7/12/20

“Bring On The Spotlight” Radio Show: 7/16/20

“SPOTLIGHT” Author Support Day: 7/20/20

“Who’s On The Shelf?” Interview: 7/30/20


Treacherous Love by Karen Black


Rochelle adores Ethan, but volatile confrontations threaten to destroy their marriage. When a tragic accident hospitalizes their son, the resulting events force Rochelle to recognize the damage that her rage has caused. Determined not to lose Ethan, Rochelle vows to change. Ethan agrees to give their relationship another chance. Despite it all, he loves his wife. But the road to recovery isn’t an easy one, and sometimes love isn’t enough.


Karen is our “SPOTLIGHT” Author for the entire month of July.

Here is the schedule of her blog tour:

Monday, 7/6/20

Watch Nonnie Write!

Tuesday, 7/7/20

Wendy Scott

Wednesday, 7/8/20

Charles Jones

Thursday, 7/9/20

Linnea Tanner

Friday, 7/10/20

Mark Bierman

Saturday, 7/11/20

Robert Fear

Sunday, 7/12/20

Karl Morgan



Twitter:  @KarensStories

Facebook:  Stories by Karen

Website:  Stories by Karen


When you support Karen by visiting each stop of her tour, sharing your comments, etc., you also support our wonderful blog tour hosts, who were kind enough to serve on the tour.  They would also appreciate your comments, as well as your tweets and Facebook shares of their posts.

Please support our “SPOTLIGHT” Author by picking up a copy of her book today!

See below to check out more of the wonderful support Karen is receiving during her month as our “SPOTLIGHT” Author!  If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a “SPOTLIGHT” Author, it’s also what you and your book will receive:

1)  A one-week long blog tour on several blogs, set up by us;

2)  A “WHO’S ON THE SHELF” Interview hosted by our very own President, Nonnie Jules right here on the RRBC Bookshelf!  These are so much FUN and heavily promoted!

3)  A special “LIVE” BlogTalkRadio Interview via our RAVE WAVES/BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT segment!

4)  A special day of Support for our “SA” Support Monday!

5)  Tweets and RTs promoting you and your book heavily during your “SPOTLIGHT” week from the RAVE REVIEWS Governing Board Members, the RAVE REVIEWS TWEET SUPPORT TEAM and other club members, as well as Facebook blasts on club member walls and Instagram posts, etc;

6)  A “SPOTLIGHT” here on our site, with your photo, book cover, blurb and buy links, directing and encouraging the masses to purchase/read and post reviews of your book;

7)  After your “SPOTLIGHT” week is over, you will get a listing on our Past “SPOTLIGHT” Authors page, IF you are in good standing with the club.

Now, I know you’re wondering how you can become one of our “SPOTLIGHT” Authors Well, have you joined yet?  Membership in our book club is the only way to the awesome title of  “SPOTLIGHT” Author!!!

“You Can’t Buy This Kind of Support!”



69 thoughts on “#RRBC JULY “SPOTLIGHT” #Author, @KarensStories #RRBCSA #RRBC_Community”

  1. I have truly enjoyed Karen’s blog tour. I’m leaving for a vacation today, so I may miss out on the last few days. Karen, I have your newest short story on my Kindle, and I hope to read it while on vacation. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats to you, Karen Black. I enjoyed one of your stories recently and was delighted to see you in this seat for July. Well deserved. You make July with RRBC even more special.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rox and Charles, I hope you guys enjoyed your time in the RRBC spotlight and that Enigma Series books flew off the shelves (Well, really Amazon, but you get the idea)! Congrats again!


  4. Wow! Thank you Nonnie from both Breakfield and Burkey for this outstanding opportunity. It is such a delightful surprise and we love being a part of this awesome #RRBC community.


  5. Forrest, you had an amazing tour! So happy for you. You’re so sweet and kind, you deserve every bit of support you’re getting. But, guess what? It’s not over! Heck, it’s just beginning! Can’t wait for you to sit down with Wendy and then you’re taking your chances on the shelf with me. Prepare yourself, though…my shelf can be plenty slippery (if you don’t answer the questions the right way).

    See you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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