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#RRBC Show Sponsors

These awesome members have decided to serve as Sponsors of our RAVE WAVES show segments.  Their commercials are rotated periodically thru various shows and so we ask that you show your support of them by purchasing their books, and following them on Twitter, Facebook, and also their blogs! 

(These members will be linked to their appropriate forums shortly!)

-John Fioravanti

-Nonnie Jules

-Karl Morgan

-Joy M. Lilley

-Linnea Tanner

-Bette Stevens

-Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Pat Garcia

-PTL Perrin



Have you gotten your own commercial yet?  Interested in becoming a show Sponsor for the extra exposure for your book(s)?  Take a look below…


If you are interested in advertising your book, blog tour or other upcoming literary event, please complete the form below and then make your $25 payment for your commercial HERE.  You will be sent additional details once we receive your request.

This service is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you’re planning an event or are a newly published author and wish to get the word out on your new book by a specific date, get your ad now!

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