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RRBC began hosting our very own WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO back in 2016.  Since that first WC&BE, we have hosted a total of 4.  During each, we had some pretty powerful sessions to be presented by some amazingly knowledgeable authors.  Now, we’ve compiled all those sessions into our very own Literary Sessions Libraryopen to the general public.

For only $6, you may rent any of these sessions for 6 months!  That’s only $1 per month, while you soak up all the knowledge contained within these sessions.

If you are a soon-to-be author, a new author or even a seasoned author, you can benefit from the information found within each of these sessions.

To rent SESSIONS, please submit the form below in its entirety then submit your payment for the number of sessions you’d like to rent via the ACCESS PAYPAL link at the bottom of the page.  Your session information will be sent to you within 48 hours.



1-Book Blurbs Dos and Don’ts
2-Building Your Author Platform
3-Editors: Sniffing Out The Right One
4-Indie vs. Traditional: Which One Wins
5-Literary Lingo 101
6-Marketing 101
7-Tips On How To Dress For A TV Interview…
8-Why Your Brand Is Important and Why Protecting It Is Even More Important

2017 Sessions

9-Avoiding Plagiarism
10-Book Marketing 2.0
11-Crafting Believable Scenes
12-How To Show and Not Tell
13-No Time to Write? What You Should Be Doing Until Your Next Big Release to Stay Relevant
14-The Effectiveness of Blog Tours and How To Make Yours A Success
15-The “Other” Publishing Options (besides Amazon and Createspace

2018 Sessions

19-Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is? Here’s a Clue: They’re Not Ages 1 to 100
20-Dynamic Characters and How to Create Them
21-Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust “That” Book Review (And The Ones You Should)
23-Interviewing Your Characters – Getting To Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses
25-Leave Your Story To Breathe – Re-read and Edit After You Have Cleared Your Mind
26-Marketing Your Book With a Press Kit
27-Mastering Book Club Etiquette – Get It Right And The Club Will Be Your Marketing Machine
28-Stronger Writing = More Book Sales
29-The Art of Memoir Writing – Session 1
30-The Art of Memoir Writing – Session 2
31-Want To Be A Better Storyteller or a More Savvy Writer? … Travel More!
32-Whose Senses Is A Scene Filtered Through? (Establishing POINT OF VIEW or POV)
33-Writing Compelling Historical Fiction

2019 Sessions

34-A Hands-On Guide To Using Canva
35-Cover Design: Learn the Ingredients
36-Dialogue Tags and Why We Don’t Need Them
37-Editorial Calendar: Its Purpose and How To Use It to Market Your Writing
38-Novel Beginnings – How To Make Your Opening Sizzle
39-SEO: What It Is and How To Improve Yours Starting Right Now
40-The Benefits of Blogging
41-The Fun and Frustration of Writing Historical Fiction
42-Writing An Autobiographical Series Without Being Repetitive
43-Writing Historical Fiction







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