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NOTE:  All blurbs posted here are the work of the author and are taken directly from Amazon.  The RRBC team accepts no credit or critiques for these blurbs.

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To learn more about Bette and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Pure Trash”

PURE TRASH (Historical Fiction) Short story prequel to DOG BONE SOUP by [Stevens, Bette A.]

“Dog Bone Soup”

DOG BONE SOUP (Historical Fiction): A Boomer's Journey by [Stevens, Bette]



To learn more about Breakfield and Burkey, visit their RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Out of Poland: A Novella”

Out of Poland Novella by Breakfield & Burkey

Beneath the storm clouds of a deadly war, three men need to unlock the secrets to redeem the world.

The setting is Poland—1939. Germans are marching toward Warsaw, crushing everything in their path. The Polish people feel the crush of their defensives and their brave cavalry. Fighting against the Nazi military machine is a death wish realized all too clearly.

Death, destructions, pillage, and woman brutalized at the hands of soldiers with no honor marks the invaders’ path. As much as the citizens of Poland pray for a different outcome, everything they have known, loved, and grown up with is gone.

Three young men take on the task of finding and extracting the German military communications device, Baby, kept under heavy guard. Polish patriots die to aid the three in getting the information and then fleeing with the prize. The race is on as the Germans try to match wits with the clever patriots who risk detection at every turn.

Ambassador Ferdek Watcowski insists that his son Ferdek with Wolfgang and Tavius, flee with the families while there is still time to reach a border. Their goal—escape with Baby intact.

Hitler’s forces so outclass Poland’s military that survival is key to fighting another day. Facing great peril and odds against their survival, the men resolve to make a difference so those who died helping them would not have sacrificed in vain. They vow to undertake a lifetime of fighting tyranny.

Successful survivors must look ahead.

“Remember The Future” 

1960s Europe is steeped in change. Youth are rebellious of the old ways, while confidently exploring the new possibilities. Who could one trust now that the Iron Curtain descended?

Julianne is part of the European aristocracy that is struggling to adapt in the confines of the Cold War. Traditional norms are being challenged by most of her generation who desire personal freedoms. Her naivety is no longer an asset when compared to knowledge or experience.

Wolfgang and Adriana have sheltered their daughter based on traditions. Protecting her is like walking on a tightrope. They forget she’s no longer a child, but a young woman ready to take flight.

Will she succeed in securing true love without compromising her beliefs?



To learn more about John and his other books, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Death in the Triangle”


DEATH IN THE TRIANGLE is a sequel to “When Can I Stop Running?”. That was one hell of a night!

Only a couple of hours passed since returning to the firebase. Now, the sleep-deprived and weary First Platoon soldiers must go back out on another patrol. Last night, an enemy mortar team fired several rounds into the base and was soon silenced by return artillery fire. The Third Squad also ambushed a group of enemy soldiers leaving nine dead bodies on the trail before moving out to a new location. A thorough search of both areas may locate items overlooked in the dark. It was thought to be an easy patrol – two clicks out and two clicks back, so the brass expected their return before lunch. At least, that was the plan.

Many patrols during the Vietnam War did not quite go as planned and this was one of them. These soldiers soon found themselves in dire straits to satisfy their battalion commander’s thirst for body counts and fame. Will they all survive?

Sixpack, Polack, LG, and the bunch are back in this new installment from the award-winning author of “Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel.”


Cherries by John Podlaski

In 1970, John Kowalski is one of many young, naive teenage soldiers sent to Vietnam to fight in an unpopular war. Dubbed “Cherries” by their more seasoned peers, these newbies suddenly found themselves thrust into the middle of a terrible nightmare. On-the-job-training is intense, however, most of these teenagers were hardly ready to absorb the harsh mental, emotional, and physical stress of war. When coming under enemy fire and witnessing death first-hand, a life changing transition begins…one that can’t be reversed.

The author is an excellent story teller, readers testify that they’re right there with the characters, and joining them in their quest for survival; sharing the fear, awe, drama, and sorrow, witnessing bravery, and sometimes, even laughing at their humor.

“Cherries” tells it like it is and when finished, readers will have a much better understanding of what these young men had to endure for an entire year. It’s a story that is hard to put down.

“When Can I Stop Running?”

When Can I Stop Running? by [Podlaski, John]

2019 KCT RRBC Runner-Up Silver Award Winner

#RRBC 2020 Rave Review awards: BOOK OF THE YEAR

The year is 1970, and the story follows the two soldiers – impressionable Detroit teenagers – during their long night in a Listening Post (‘LP’), some 200 meters beyond the bunker line of the new firebase. Their assignment as a “human early warning system”, is to listen for enemy activity and forewarn the base of any potential dangers. As they were new to the “Iron Triangle” and its reputation, little did they know that units before them lost dozens of soldiers in this nightly high-risk task and referred to those assigned as “bait for the enemy” and “sacrificial lambs”.

Sitting in the pitch black tropical jungle – with visibility at less than two feet – John’s imagination takes hold throughout the agonizing night, and at times, transports him back to some of his most vivid childhood memories – innocent, but equally terrifying at the time.

As kids, we instinctively run as fast as we can to escape imaginary or perceived danger, but as soldiers, men are trained to conquer their fears and develop the confidence to stand their ground and fight. Running is not an option.



To learn more about Joy and her other books, visit her RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“Figs, Vines and Roses”

Figs, Vines and Roses by [Lilley, Joy M.]



To learn more about Phil, visit his RRBC AUTHOR PAGE!

“The Altar Boy”

The Altar Boy: A Dark Tale of Comedy Sorrow and the Catholic Church in the 1960's by [Stephens, Phil]

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