#RRBC #RRBCLetsTalkAboutIt w/co-hosts @1rburkey & @GuyWorthey!

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Co-hosts, Author, Rox Burkey & Author, Guy Worthey are ready to engage in deep conversation about events that are going on in our world, and somehow, we’re going to promote the books in our catalog that tie right into the conversations, at the same time.  This dynamic hosting team creates magic on air when they get started, and they’ll entice you, too, to share your thoughts and opinions on the topics of the day.  So, got something on your mind?  Well, tune in from our Zoom studio audience to  listen in and engage.  Are you ready?  Well, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!



Airs:  Every 4th Wednesday of each month

Air time:  Afternoon CST

Show length: 30-60-minute segment


Next Air Date:

(off-schedule) Wednesday, 9/16/20 @ 6:30 PM CT


Previously featured on/in:

Good Morning, America

People Magazine


NBC News

La Presse Canada

HuffPost UK 

The Kelly Clarkson Show

This segment’s feature read:

“OUR LADY OF VICTORY” by Author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Our Lady of Victory by Shirley Slaughter


If you have books in the RRBC Catalog that relate to issues that might be considered relevant to society, let us know about them.  We just might feature them and also create a show discussion surrounding them.  


Join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtags below to send in your comments and questions to the co-hosts (and guests) during the show.  Your comments or questions just might be read live on the air!

#RRBC #RRBCLetsTalkAboutIt

4 thoughts on “#RRBC #RRBCLetsTalkAboutIt w/co-hosts @1rburkey & @GuyWorthey!”

  1. I really enjoyed the replay of this show, Rox and Sam! What an interesting discussion about education and COVID. As a grandparent who has daily hands-on interaction with grandchildren, I can tell you that they want to go back to school. They didn’t learn anything through the last go-around of on-line class. I know there are lots of issues involved on a large scale, but I can see both sides. Thank you guys for a great discussion!

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