She’s an #RRBC #AwardWinning #Writer &amp #Grief expert. Have u met talented #RRBCAuthor #RWISAAuthor #HarrietHodgson? Drop by! @healthmn1 #RWISA #Grandparents @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA @RRBC_Org


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Twitter:  @HealthMN1


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RAVE WAVES Interview:

5/16/20 – “BUY THE BOOK”

You can find Harriet’s books listed under the following categories in the RRBC Catalog:

Children’s Books



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59 thoughts on “She’s an #RRBC #AwardWinning #Writer &amp #Grief expert. Have u met talented #RRBCAuthor #RWISAAuthor #HarrietHodgson? Drop by! @healthmn1 #RWISA #Grandparents @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA @RRBC_Org”

  1. Hi Harriet. I picked up a copy of your book from the tour, The Grandma Force, and looking forward to reading it. Congratulations!


  2. My dear Harriet, I am thinking about you this morning and sending you lots of love. I know it is not even close to the same, but John is still with you in spirit. Don’t hesitate to talk to him. Hugs!


  3. Happy Birthday and I wish you a great new year. That you experience much joy in your writing and accomplish those things that are the desires of your heart.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem


  4. Harriet, there is a lot going on here on your Author Page and I must say … I LOVE IT! CONGRATS on being our 2019 KCT INT’L LITERARY AWARD GRAND PRIZE WINNER! And before I go, Harriet … HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


  5. Congratulations, Harriet! As the GRAND PRIZE Winner of the #RRBC 2019 KCT INT’L LITERARY AWARDS Contest, this is a wonderful recognition for your inspiring book, “So You’re Raising Your Grandkids.”


    1. It was a journey, one I didn’t plan and one that required all the strength I could muster. Thanks for reading my book.


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