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Like Our FaceBook Pages, Please – #RRBC

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB aims to be the one place to get all your literary needs (and more) met!  We want you recognized,  we want you supported and we definitely want you propelled to the highest of heights!  So, what did we do now to ADD to all the awesome support we already offer? We added the LIKE OUR “FACEBOOK” PAGES, PLEASE! forum.

Here is a listing of our member’s Facebook pages.  Please go through and LIKE each page.   Yes, this is the kind of support we offer to our members.  (You haven’t joined yet?)

(If you’d like your FB page listed here to be liked, click HERE and send us the name of your page and the link to your page.)


*Author, Nonnie Jules

*Rave Reviews Book Club


*Mystical Emona

*Yvette M. Calleiro


*Author, Bette A. Stevens

*Karen Black, Author

*Maureen Twomey Author

 ***Please note:  If your page is listed, yet not linked, that means that you DO NOT have an official business/author/brand page.  Your page, although it may state you are an author, is a personal page and they do not receive LIKES.  You will need to create an official business/author/brand page.  Your space in line will be held for 14 days.  If you have not created an official page and sent us the link within that time, it will be removed.  Thanks!***

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